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Updated April 25, 2014 - 11:29 PM EDT
Militia Captures Ukraine Troops, OSCE Monitors
  Ukraine FM: Army 'Ready to Fight Russia'
  Ukraine Troops Attack Eastern City of Slovyansk, Killing Five
  Putin Slams Ukraine Attack on Slovyansk, Threatens 'Consequences'
  Sold Out: Ukraine's Leaders Swapped Best Military Weapons for Cash
US Threatens Russia With More Sanctions
  Israel Rejects Link of Ukraine Crisis to Anti-Semitism
  New York Times Retracts 'Russians in Ukraine' Photo Story
Afghan Hospital Guard Kills 3 American Doctors
  Afghan Presidential Election Set for Abdullah-Ghani Runoff
Israel Ends Peace Talks, Blames Palestinian Unity
  Report: Palestinian Unity Means Hamas Will Recognize Israel
  US, Israel Respond Hypocritically to Fatah-Hamas Political Agreement
  Israeli Air Strike Misses Target, Wounds 12 Civilians in Gaza
Up to 700 Jihadist Britons Fighting in Syria
  30 Killed in Air Strike Against Northern Syria Rebel Town
NATO 3 Get Prison Terms Ranging From 5-8 Years
73 Killed, 79 Wounded in Ongoing Iraq Bloodshed
Obama Says Pact Obliges US to Protect Japan in Islands Fight
On Treating Putin as Pariah  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Moral Crisis at the Heart of Obama's Peace  by Ramzy Baroud
Obama Is Still Hiding the Legal Cover He Used to Kill an American  by Conor Friedersdorf
Ukraine: Out of Control  by Justin Raimondo
Obama Plays With Fire in Ukraine  by Sheldon Richman
Deputizing Everyone Isn't Stopping Terrorism  by Gene Healy

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WikiLeaks Releases the Carter Cables
Putin Calls Internet 'CIA Project'
Costa Rica Is Demanding US Explain 'Cuban Twitter'
Malaysian Jet Search Has Cost US $11.4 Million: Pentagon
UN Names 21 Countries With Rape in Conflict
Tiny Pacific Nation Sues 9 Nuclear-Armed Powers
Fighting Kills 71 in Syria
Top al-Qaeda Commander Relocates to Syria
Syria Chemical Handover Nearly Complete
Chemical Weapons Watchdog Weighs Chlorine Attack Probe in Syria: Sources
Police Make Syria Plea to UK Muslim Women
Britain Moves to Prevent Young People From Joining Syrian War
Livni: Israel Had to Suspend Talks After Abbas-Hamas Deal
Israel Strikes Palestine After PLO, Hamas Announce Unity Agreement
US Unwilling to Give Up Mideast Peace Process Yet
Palestinians Seek Comprehensive Response as Israel Halts Peace Talks
Abbas Seeks Legitimacy in Palestinian Strategy Splurge
EU Welcomes Palestinian Unity, but Says Talks Still 'Top Priority'
Iranians Face Midnight Fuel Price Surge as Subsidies Cut
US Protests Iran's Election to UN NGO Committee
UN Yemen Envoy Says Rebel Group Agrees to Talks

Foreigner in Yemen Kills Would-Be Kidnappers

Encircled and Alone, Lebanese Village Braces for Syrian Assault
Hariri Court Summons Lebanon Journalists for Contempt
73 Killed, 79 Wounded in Ongoing Iraq Bloodshed
The Kurdish Fight for the Arab Vote
1,700 Families Flee Flood-Hit Area of Iraq's Fallujah
Jordan Amends Anti-Terror Law to Stem Local Jihadists
7 'Extremists' Killed, 20 Injured in Egypt's Sinai Raids
Egypt's Army Says Has 'Complete Control' Over Sinai Peninsula
Tilt Towards Military Unbalances Egypt's Ultra-Conservative Salafists
South Sudan
South Sudan President Fires Army Chief
South Sudan to Free Prisoners as Pressure Mounts for Peace Deal
Angry Muslims in Central African Republic Call for Partition
Libya Rebels Warn Tripoli Oil Ports to Stay Closed Unless Deal Implemented
Thousands Flee Fighting in Sudan's Kordofan
Explosion Targets Journalist's Car in Cameroon
Hundreds of Congolese M23 Rebels Stuck in Uganda
Attackers Among Dead in Nairobi Bombing
Mali Coup Leader Faces Possible Death Penalty
Turmoil in East Ukraine Reaches Across the Country to Odessa
Poles Living in Ukraine Demand Autonomy
Russia Says Sanctions Hurting, Warns Foreign Firms Not to Go
Separatists Surround 'Liberated' Ukraine City Hall
Gazprom Turns Up Heat on Kiev With $11 Billion Bill
Pro-Russia Militias Say They Know What They Want. but Do They?
Protesters in Ukraine Guard Biggest Weapons Cache in Eastern Europe
What Simon Ostrovsky's Detention Means for Ukraine's Information Wars
Ukraine, Russia, and the World
US Journalist Released in East Ukraine: Employer
US Troops Arriving in Eastern Europe. Is It More Than Symbolic?
Czech PM Says Czechs, Slovaks Skeptical About Russia Sanctions
3 NATO Warships Patrol Black Sea Near Ukraine
Soviet Yearnings: Hopes Rise in Transnistria of Russian Annexation
Germany Blocks $7 Million Worth of Defense Exports to Russia
France to Send Four Fighter Jets on Baltic Security Duty
France, Germany Show EU Support for Georgia
'Al-Qaeda's Librarian' Denies Recruiting Jihadists in Spain
Cornish People Granted Minority Status Within UK
Taliban Ready to Deal on Captive US Soldier?
Dostum, a Former Warlord Who Was Once America's Man in Afghanistan, May Be Back
Army: Airstrikes in Pakistan Tribal Region Kill 37
'In Pakistan, They Used to Censor Journalists – Now They Shoot Us'
Nine Killed as Poll Violence Hits Restive Indian Regions
US Confronts Consequences of Underestimating North Korean Leader
103 Words That Tie US Military to Barren Rocks in East China Sea
Wartime Claim Paid, China Releases a Japanese Vessel
Mexico Senate: Civilian Courts for Soldiers
Mexican Vigilantes Search Caves for Cartel Leader
Internet Governance Debated in Brazil
US Threatens to Pull Aid to Haiti Over Late Vote
US Military
Air Force Criticized for Mismanaging Drone Program
Fresh Reports of Sexual Misconduct Undercut Pentagon's Argument for Internal Fix
Marine's Family Blames Death From Cancer on Burn Pits
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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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