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Updated April 26, 2014 - 10:50 PM EDT
Putin Halts Talks With White House After Threats
  Latvia Accuses Russia of Trying to Stir Unrest With 'Provocateurs'
  US, EU Seen Imposing Sanctions on Russia on Monday
Ukraine Vows to Kill Russian 'Attackers'
  Militia Captures Ukraine Troops, OSCE Monitors in East Ukraine
  Pentagon Claims Russia Violating Ukrainian Airspace
  Ukraine Helicopter Gunship Blown Up on Airfield Near Slovyansk
Al-Qaeda Seizes Syria Army Post on Israel Frontier
  Western Intel: Syria Could Still Make Chemical Weapons
Al-Qaeda Bombers Kill 31 at Iraqi Shi'ite Rally
  More US Advisers Head to Iraq as Pentagon Pushes for Increased Role
  85 Killed, 108 Wounded Across Iraq
US Chides Palestinians, Downplays Talk Collapse
  Abbas, Hamas Leader Plan Quick Moves on Unity Implementation
NATO 3 Get Prison Terms Ranging From 5 to 8 Years
Dozens Killed in Clashes Between Nigeria Troops, Islamists
FISA Court Rejected Verizon Challenge to NSA Calls Program
Five Ways the Myth That Iran Was Developing Nukes Was Hyped  by Russ Wellen
Obama Regime Wants Parents to be Snitches  by William Norman Grigg
Dynamic Asia Needs US to Reshape Anachronistic Policy  by Deng Yushan
The Kiev Gambit  by Nebojsa Malic
Aftermath of Ukraine Photo Story Shows Need for More Caution  by Margaret Sullivan
Clapper's Media Crackdown: Gone Too Far?  by Robert W. Merry

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House Members Denied Look at CIA Report
War-Years Military Suicide Rate Higher Than Believed
Accused Navy Pilot Resigns as Tailhook Assoc. President
Hagel Eyes Value, Danger of Military Goodwill
Hillary Clinton: Snowden's Leaks Helped Terrorists
Ukraine PM: Russia 'Wants to Start World War III'
Russia's Lavrov: West Plotting to Seize Ukraine
Ukraine Says It Will 'Blockade' Pro-Russian Militants
Separatist Leader in Ukraine City Says Kiev 'Spy' Is in Detained OSCE Group
Ukraine Will Treat Any Russian Incursion an Invasion: Presidential Aide
Ukraine Dismisses Russian Threats to Intervene, Continues 'Anti-Terrorist' Campaign
Explosion Injures Several at Pro-Ukraine Checkpoint Near Odessa
Meet the Pro-Russian Separatists of Eastern Ukraine
Russia Says Kiev Will Face Justice for 'Bloody Crime' in Ukraine
Crimea Faces Motor Fuel Shortages as Ukrainian Supplies Dry Up
Ukraine, Russia, and the World
Georgia Leader Warns West Not to Alienate Russia
US Troops Land in Latvia Amid Ukraine Crisis
European Firms Seek to Minimize Russia Sanctions
US Forces Take Lead in NATO's Response to Ukraine Crisis
Top Russian General Voices Concern to US Counterpart Over Ukraine
Obama Calls Allies About Russia/Ukraine
US Starts Issuing Ten-Year Visas to Ukrainians
Standard & Poor's Cuts Russia's Credit Rating
International Criminal Court Looking Into Alleged Ukraine Crimes
Ex-Soviet States and EU Partners Call for Ukraine De-Escalation
Guerrilla Group Says It Carried Out Greek Central Bank Bombing
Pakistan Interior Ministry Demands End to Critical Media Reports on Military
Four Killed in Pakistan by Bomb Aimed at Shi'ites, Say Police
North Korea Detains a 24-Year-Old American Tourist: KCNA
South Korea, US Pledge Firm Response to North Korea
Obama: 'Further Isolation' for Nuclear North Korea
Obama Aims to Reassure Asia Allies
Four Decades After Agent Orange: Babies in Vietnam Still Being Born With Horrific Defects
Three Killed After Kashmir Election Attack: Police
Bombing at Southern Thai Beach Kills 3 Policemen
Americans Killed in Kabul: What It May Signal About Afghanistan's Future
US Lawmakers Vow to Defund PA Over Pact With Hamas
Israel Was Ready to Allow Wide-Scale Palestinian Building in Key West Bank Areas
HRW Calls on Israel to Stop Shooting at Gaza Civilians
Palestinian PM Offers to Quit, Easing Way for Unity Govt
Obama Says Abbas Unity Push With Hamas 'Unhelpful'
Left-Wing MPs Call Peace Talks Suspension 'Cowardly'
Russia Says Syria Not Using Chemical Arms, Claims 'Fabricated'
Kuwait, US Ally on Syria, Is Also the Leading Funder of Extremist Rebels
Three Years Into Civil War, Syria Seeks Investment in Tourism
Jordan Releases Libyan as Ambassador Still Held
Worried About Terror Attacks at Home, Jordan Steps Up Arrests of Suspected Syria Jihadists
Reports: Al-Qaeda Gunmen in Yemen Seize Hospitals to Treat Their Wounded
US Panel Urges Guantanamo Inmate Be Transferred to Yemen
Middle East
85 Killed, 108 Wounded Across Iraq as Political Rally Attacked
Saudi Arabia Joins the Killer Drone Arms Race
Turkish President Approves Law Widening Secret Service's Powers
Woman Killed in Clash Between Egypt's Brotherhood, Security Forces: Sources
Vow of Freedom of Religion Goes Unkept in Egypt
North Africa
Spain to Boost Border Security in North African Territories
Algerian Offensive 'Kills 2 Militants'
Central African Republic
New Fighting Breaks Out in Central African Republic, 4 Killed
UN:: Only Evacuate Threatened Central Africans as Last Resort
Censors Delay Nigeria Release of Biafran War Film
South Sudan Frees Leaders Accused of Plotting Coup
UN Set to Lift Ivory Coast Diamond Ban, Tweak Arms Embargo
Gambia Reopens Borders With Senegal
Mugabe Says No Plans to Seize Foreign Firms
Canada Military Probing Rampant Sexual Assaults
Mexican Gang Leader Gets Life Term for US Consulate Killings
Official: Salvadoran Gangs Buying Automatic Rifles
Bolivia's Military Leaders Dismiss Hundreds of Soldiers for 'Sedition'
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