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Updated April 27, 2014 - 11:29 PM EDT
Russia Complains of Big Ukrainian Troop Buildup
  Moscow To Help Free European Observers
  Ukrainian Separatist Leader Defends Capture of 'NATO Spies'
US Troops Arrive in Lithuania Amid Ukraine Crisis
  G7 Leaders Agree to Swift New Sanctions on Russia Over Ukraine
  NYT Public Editor Slams Paper for Bogus 'Russians in Ukraine' Photos
Iraqi Helicopters Hit 'Jihadist Convoy' in Syria
  Iraq Braces for More Election Violence
  Revenge Killings in Baghdad Raise Casualties to 69 Killed, 37 Wounded
Afghan Panel Finds Secret Foreign Prisons
  Afghans Brace for Another Round of Voting; Bargaining Begins
'NATO 3' Sentenced to More Jail Time
Suspect in USS Cole Bombing Was Tortured, Expert Says
Five Ways the Myth That Iran Was Developing Nukes Was Hyped  by Russ Wellen
Obama Regime Wants Parents to be Snitches  by William Norman Grigg
Dynamic Asia Needs US to Reshape Anachronistic Policy  by Deng Yushan
The Kiev Gambit  by Nebojsa Malic
Aftermath of Ukraine Photo Story Shows Need for More Caution  by Margaret Sullivan
Clapper's Media Crackdown: Gone Too Far?  by Robert W. Merry

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Al-Qaeda Chief Urges Westerner Kidnappings
Odd Guantánamo Episode Derails Defense of Detainee Healthcare
US Says It Built Digital Programs Abroad With an Eye to Politics
Canada Military to Review Widespread Sex Assaults
Ukrainian PM Says Russian Jets Violated Airspace Overnight
EU Diplomats Set for Emergency Talks on Monday to Discuss Russia Sanctions
Ukraine Separatists Offer Prisoner Swap
EU to Add New Names to Russian Sanctions List in Coming Days
Ukraine Says One of Detained International Observers Needs Medical Care
Kerry Presses Russia to Help Free Team in Ukraine
Slovakia Agrees to Deliver Gas to Ukraine
Tymoshenko Calls for NATO Membership
Russia Fears Crimea Water Shortage as Supply Drops
Slovenia's Government Faces Collapse
Russian Forces Kill Up to Five Suspected Militants in Dagestan
Britain Has Spent £6m to Guard Julian Assange From Leaving Ecuador Embassy
Pentagon to Devise 3 Budget Plans on US Troops in Afghanistan
UK Helicopter in Fatal Afghanistan Crash: Five Troops Killed
Afghan Voters Signaling a Turn
Profile: Afghan Presidential Candidate Ashraf Ghani
Profile: Abdullah Abdullah
Foreigners Consider Fleeing Kabul as Attacks Against Them Rise
In Asia, Obama Carefully Calibrates China Message
On a Trip That Avoids Beijing, Obama's Eye Remains on China
China's President Warns Against Growing Threats to National Security
Rival Groups' Clash Leaves 17 Dead in North Waziristan
Attack on Journalist Starts Battle in Pakistani Press
Pakistan Journalist Hamid Mir Issues Defiant Statement
2014 Declared as 'Year of Religious Harmony, Tolerance' in Pakistan
Obama Reminds North Korea of US 'Military Might'
South Korean PM to Quit Over Ferry
2 Soldiers, 3 Rebels Killed in Kashmir Fighting
Thai Protest Leader Arrested on Several Charges
Obama Visits Malaysia With Economy and Security on Agenda
Brazil Ex-Colonel Who Admitted Torture Killed
Scores of Venezuelans March Against Government
Venezuela, Argentina Sign Military Cooperation Agreements
The War at Home
Inside the 'Darkmarket' Prototype, a Silk Road the FBI Can Never Seize
Feds Beg Supreme Court to Let Them Search Phones Without a Warrant
Miami Case Puts Law Enforcement Use of Cellphone Tower Data in Focus
Americans Still Dying
Family Mourns El Paso (TX) Soldier Killed in Guatemala
Chicago (IL) Doctor Killed by Afghan Guard in Kabul Hospital
Guest Lecturer at Kabul University and His Father Killed by Hospital Security Guard (IL)
Revenge Killings in Baghdad Raise Casualties to 69 Killed, 37 Wounded
Sectarian Divisions Cast Long Shadow Over Iraqi Elections
Shi'ite Rally Bombing Sparks Reprisals in Iraq
Maliki Calls for 'Majority' Government to Change Iraq
Christians Face Disaster in Iraq: Patriarch Sako
Iraq Police Struggle to Protect Oil Pipelines
Iraq's Deputy PM Against 3rd Term for Maliki
Iraqi PM Nouri Maliki Accuses Saudis of 'Interference' in Iraq and Syria
Iraq's Sunnis Increasingly Back Kurdish Independence
Coalition With Hamas Will Recognize Israel, Abbas Tells Kerry
Palestinians Signal Willingness to Continue Peace Talks
We Will Never Recognize Israel's Religious Identity: Palestinian President
Abbas Tries to Reassure Israel About Hamas Role
Israeli Push for Visa-Free Travel to US Faces Test
Analysis: if Mideast Peace Talks Collapse, Expect a Search for Out-of-the-Box Ideas
IDF Command Reshuffle Raises Questions
Air Raid Kills at Least 5 in Northwestern Syria
France Denies It Paid Ransom for Syria Reporters
After Weeks of Waiting, Relief Trickles in for Starving Damascus Suburb of Yarmouk
Iran Petrol Prices Surge as Subsidies Cut
Iran Bans Third Reformist Newspaper
Iranian Diplomat: Israel Sole Obstacle to Nuclear Weapons-Free Mideast
Mideast Conflicts Meet in Tiny Patch of Lebanon
Judge Charges 79 Over Tripoli Clashes
Turkey Expands Secret Service Powers
New Party Name Breaks 'Kurdistan' Taboo in Turkey
2 Killed in Pro-Morsi Protests in Egypt
Egypt Sentences 11 People to Up to 88 Years
Activists Rally in Cairo Against Law Curbing Demonstrations
Ethnic Clash in South Sudan Kills at Least 5
Central African Republic Clash Left Seven Dead: UN Toll
Nigeria Bogged Down in Fight Against Boko Haram
MDC Faction 'Suspends' Tsvangirai as Zimbabwe Opposition Splits
US Military
Money for Nothing? Boeing Says F-35 Isn't So Stealth After All
DoD Report: Many Troops Who Commit Suicide Have Seen Doctor
For Transgender Service Members, Honesty Can End Career
Gay Veteran Denied Right to Be Buried With Wife in Idaho Cemetery
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