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Updated April 29, 2014 - 10:53 PM EDT
Senators Cave Over Drone Victims Disclosure
  Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to NDAA Detention Power
  Obama Defends Foreign Policy, Says Critics Would Start More Wars
Pro-Separatist Mayor Survives Shooting E. Ukraine
  US: New Sanctions to 'Change Russia's Behavior'
  Protester Militia Seizes Another Town in East Ukraine
Iraq Prepares for Bloody Wednesday Election
  Bombers Launch Election Attacks Across Iraq: 84 Killed, 164 Hurt
Israel Imposes Sanctions Against Palestinians
  AIPAC Livid Over 'Offensive' Kerry Warning on Israeli Apartheid
  Kerry Apologizes for Remark That Israel Risks Apartheid
Egypt Sentences Brotherhood Chief, 682 Others to Death
  Egypt Bans Pro-Democracy Group Involved in 2011 Revolution
Snowden Retained Expert in Espionage Act Defense
F-35 'Stealth' Fighter Can't Hide From Russian Radar
Obama Extracts Rent-Free Basing From the Philippines  by Walden Bello
How the US Supports Regimes That Support Terrorism  by John Glaser
Can Journalists Protect Their National Security Sources?  Dina Rasor talks to James Risen
Obama's Drone Wars Undermine American Values  by Ron Paul
Killing the Putin-Obama 'Trust'  by Ray McGovern
Bad Idea of the Day: Bomb Syria to Save Ukraine  by Robert Golan-Vilella

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Homeland Security: Don't Use Internet Explorer
Hersh: US Learned No Lessons From Abu Ghraib
Barrett Brown Lawyer: US Tried to 'Kill Fly With Sledgehammer'
Poll Shows Low Job Approval for Hagel
New Group, #cubanow, Tells Obama It's Time to Change Cuba Policy
Russia Assures Hagel It Won't Invade Ukraine
US Turns Down Ukraine's Plea for Weapons
Amid Crisis, Ukraine's Jews Say 'Leave Us Out of It'
Russia Says Concerned About Ukrainian Firepower in Southeast
Wounded Mayor Is Both Colorful and Powerful, Loved and Loathed
Several Wounded in Protest Clashes in Ukraine's Donetsk
Russian Envoy Says OSCE Was 'Irresponsible' to Send Monitors to East Ukraine
US Sanctions Will Have Little Effect on Economy: Kremlin Aide
US Imposes Sanctions Against 7 Russians, 17 Companies It Links to Putin
Canada to Put Sanctions on 2 Russian Companies, 9 Individuals
Exxon and Rosneft Continue Oil Exploration Despite Looming Sanctions
Russian Justice Ministry Shuts Down St. Pete Rights Group
Muslim Leaders Denounce Police Over Raids in Czech Capital
Macedonia's Disputed Elections Were Orderly: OSCE
Obama Hails Security Pact With Philippines, Says No Threat to China
Obama: US Not Reclaiming Old Bases, Not Building New Ones in Philippines
Aquino Agrees With Obama on Peaceful Territorial Dispute Settlement
Activists Protest US-Philippine Military Pact
US, Philippines Boost Military Ties. Why Now?
2 NATO Troops Die in Attack in Eastern Afghanistan
Mystery Surrounds Move of Afghan 'Torturer in Chief' to US Amid Allegations of Agency Abuse
Marine Corps 'Motorcycle Gangs' in Afghanistan
Meet the 3 Largest Recipients of State Dept. Afghan Aid
Two-Thirds of Reconstruction Money Has Gone to One Company: Dyncorp International
Two Bombings Kill Six in Pakistan
Three Karachi Pupils Killed at Seminary
Pakistan Accuses India of Ceasefire Violation on LoC
Obama's Asia Trip Yields Stronger Military Ties, but No Trade Concessions
Thai Opposition Leader Meets Military Head as Crisis Deepens
Rohingya Health Crisis in West Myanmar After Aid Groups Forced Out
Malaysia Detains Nine Suspected of Terrorist Links
China Says Paying Attention to Norwegian Change of Heart on Dalai Lama
US Military
Report: Pentagon to Destroy $1b in Ammunition
Defense Contractors Fight for Their Slice
Navy Orders 10 New Submarines for Record $17.6 Billion
Inside the US Nuclear Silos Where Floppy Disk Are Still High-Tech
Bombers Launch Election Attacks Across Iraq: 84 Killed, 164 Hurt
Iraq Gears Up for Bitter, Bloody Election Battle
Iraq Prepares for National Elections in the Shadow of Militant Threats
Allawi's Election Fear: 'No One Is Safe Anymore'
Iraq's Ailing President Talabani Is Shown Casting a Vote
Ahead of Iraq Polls, Oil Still Fueling Economic Hopes
Iraqi Forces Cast Ballots Ahead of Parliamentary Elections
Syrian Rebels Who Received First US Missiles of War See Shipment as 'an Important First Step'
Syrian Relief Work Hampered by UN Failings, Aid Groups Say
Syria's Assad Seeks Re-Election in Poll
War-Ravaged Syria May Face Worst Wheat Harvest in 40 Years
Israel Appears to Raise New Peace Talks Issue With US
Kerry's Apartheid Comments Provoke Political Storm
White House: Hamas-Fatah Reconciliation 'Isn't Necessarily a Bad Thing'
Former Israeli, PA Security Officers: Resume Talks or Risk Return to Violence
Arab League Pledges Financial Support for Palestinian Unity
Barbara Boxer: John Kerry Apartheid Critique 'Ridiculous'
Sen. Rand Paul: Make Palestinian Aid Contingent on Recognition of Israel
Former Israeli PM Barak Claims Former Military Chief Ashkenazi Threatened Him
Senior British Official Visits Iran to Discuss Upgrading Ties
Russia and Iran in Talks Over Energy Deal
German Diplomat Injured in Yemen Kidnapping Attempt
Donor Funds Hampered by Yemen Political Turmoil, Insecurity: Official
Middle East
Jordan Arrests Suspects After Unrest in Tribal Town
German President Warns Turkey Not to Stray From Democratic Path
White House Objects to Egypt Mass Conviction
UN Chief 'Alarmed' by New Mass Death Verdicts in Egypt
North Africa
Libyan PM Attacks Central Bank Governor as Political Turmoil Rages
Ethiopia Charges Nine Bloggers, Journalists With Inciting Violence
Somali PM Angry Over Diplomat's Arrest in Kenya
Mediators Want South Sudan Leaders to Meet to End Killings
Nigeria Can Handle Boko Haram, Part of 'Raw Democracy', Says Minister
Mexican Vigilantes Kill 5, Demobilization Begins
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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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