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Updated April 30, 2014 - 9:59 PM EDT
Ukraine Protesters Seize East Capital of Luhansk
  Deputy FM: Russia Doesn't Want to Take Over East Ukraine
  Kerry: US Military Will Defend Every Inch of NATO Territory
  Russia Slams EU, Japan Over Sanctions , Plans Retaliation
Rebel Bombings Kill 54, Wound Over 200 in Syria
  New Data Raise Further Doubt on August 21 Syria Gas Attack Story
DNA Test: US Drone Didn't Kill Yemen Bombmaker
  Al-Qaeda Ambushes Yemeni Troops, 30 Killed in Fighting
US Deadline Passes, Ending Mideast Peace Talks
  Kerry Draws Israel Hawks' Ire Amid Failed Talks
  Palestinians Seeking UN Recognition, Talk Up Resuming Israel Talks
  Israel Approved 14,000 Settlement Homes During Peace Talks
67 Killed, 115 Wounded on Eve of Iraq Elections
Afghans: US, UK Still Run Illegal Detention Sites on Bases
New Bill Would Demand VOA Serve US Propaganda
Massachusetts Pays $177 Million in State Taxes to the Pentagon  by John V. Walsh
Accelerating the Counterproductive Drone War in Yemen  by Ivan Eland
John Kerry and Israeli Apartheid  by Ali Abunimah
A Neocon's Lament  by Justin Raimondo
Democrats Seek to Spin Drone Strike Info  by Kevin Gosztola
Malcolm Fraser: An Unlikely Radical  by Robert Manne

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How To Lose a War That Wasn't There
by Anand Gopal & Tom Engelhardt
Gitmo: Inside the Notorious US War-On-Terror Prison
Exxon's $900 Billion Arctic Prize at Risk After Ukraine
Snowden Retained Expert in Espionage Act Defense
NATO: European Border Concept Changed With Ukraine
Turks to Seek Extradition of Preacher Living in US
Sen. Leahy Blocks Egyptian Military Aid
Kerry Says Moscow Running Operations in Ukraine
No Sign of Russian Troops Withdrawing From Ukraine Border: NATO Official
In Phone Call, Hagel and Russia's Defense Chief Differed on Russian Role in Eastern Ukraine
Despite Trying to Present a United Front, US and Europe Still Diverge on Russia Policies
Ukraine's Acting President Demands Police Dismissals in East
German Government Distances Itself From Schroeder After His Putin Meeting
OSCE Says Recruiting More Ukraine Monitors Despite Detentions
Shot Ukrainian Mayor Hospitalized in Israel
Pro-Ukrainians Worry Their Views Are Being Lost in Focus on Pro-Russia Protests
Sanctions Against Russians
Visa Says Suspending Services to Sanctioned Russian Banks
Russia Disappointed by Japan's Sanctions, Says It Will Respond
EU Sanctions 15 Politicians and Military Leaders Over Ukraine
Ukraine Separatist Says No Talks on Detained Observers if Sanctions Remain
US High-Tech Export Curbs Threaten Space Work With Russia
Russia Condemns US 'Iron Curtain' Sanctions
Russia Diplomat Says US High-Tech Export Curbs Will Be a Blow
Russia Says EU Should Be 'Ashamed' Over Sanctions
US Attorney General Vows to Track Down Ukraine's Stolen Assets
Britain/Northern Ireland
Terrorists Have Changed Methods Since Snowden Leaks: UK Official

UK Rejects New Probe Into 1971 Belfast Killings

Catalan Government Looks Abroad for Independence Support
Serious Tensions in German-Russian Relations
Belgium Should Avoid New World Record of Post-Election Crisis
European Human Rights Body Says Azerbaijan Must Stop Pressure on Activists
China's President Says Xinjiang Is Front Line on Terrorism, Hails Police
China Customs to Intensify Checks for Harmful Print Material: Report
Global Iraq Fallout
North Korea Lobs Shells Near Disputed Sea Border
Pakistan Cuts Prime Minister's Electricity for Not Paying Bills
US Removes Philippines From Piracy Watch List After 20 Years
Social Media in Afghanistan Takes on Life of Its Own
36 Thai Senators Indicted Over Charter Amendment
Investors Wary as Anti-Vietnamese Feeling Grows in Cambodia
Spotlight on Mexico State After Violent Eruption Near US Border
Mexican Government Takes Drug Cartel's Last Stronghold in Michoacán
1 Officer Dead, 2 Missing in Northern Mexico
Mexico Prepping to Buy More Black Hawks: Settling in for a Lengthy Fight in Drug War?
Venezuelan Students Protest New Bid to Limit Demonstrations
Cuba, EU Talks Aim to Reset Stalled Relations
Ecuador's President Warns Indigenous Community for Harboring Opponents
Colombia Farmer Protests a Headache for Santos' Re-Election Bid
The War at Home
Canary Wharf al-Qaeda Target After 9/11, US Trial Hears
Department of Homeland Security Ignoring Requests for Data, Complaint Records: ACLU
Judicial Watch: Email Ensuring 'Obama Looked Good' Was Post-Benghazi Priority
Blast Strikes Gaza Protest Boat, Activists Say Israel to Blame
Like Kerry, Senior Israeli Officials Have Warned of Israel Becoming 'an Apartheid State'
As Talks' Deadline Expires, Bennett Declares Oslo Era Over
No Peace With Israel Without Defining Borders: Abbas
With Peace Talks Off, Netanyahu Looks at Unilateral Moves
Hamas Could Field PA Presidential Candidate
Vandals Spray Graffiti on Northern Israel Mosque
Mass Protest Against 'Price Tag' in Northern Arab Town
Erekat: Israel Actively Sabotaged Peace Talks, Trying to Consolidate Apartheid Regime
Survey: Palestinians Say Nepotism Still Widespread
67 Killed, 115 Wounded on Eve of Iraq Elections
No Letup in Bloodshed as Iraq Prepares to Vote
Maliki Faces Struggle to Secure Third Term as Iraqi PM
Secularist Underdogs Fight to Be Heard in Iraq Election
Sunnis Feel Victimized as Iraq Goes to Polls
Kurds Fight Out Internal Rivalries in Iraq Vote
Kurdistan Parliament Elects Leaders, Paving Way for Delayed Cabinet
High Stakes for Investors in Iraq Election
International Mission to Look Into Syria Chlorine Attack Claims
Lawyers Urge UN to Deliver Syria Aid Even 'Without Consent'
Watchdog: Bulgaria Prevents Syrians From Entering
Bosnia Introduces Jail Terms to Curb Recruitment for Syria
Iran Cancels $2.5 Billion Deal With Chinese Oil Company
Man Who Sold Missile Parts to Iran Faces New Charges
US Offers $5 Million Reward for Chinese Businessman Accused of Iran Dealings
70% of al-Qaeda Militants in Yemen Are Foreigners: Hadi Says
Four Soldiers, Five 'Qaeda' Killed in Yemen Ambush
Yemeni Army Mounts Offensive Against al-Qaeda
Middle East
Bahrain Jails Five for Plotting to Bomb 2013 F1 Race
Turkish Deputy PM Denies Blaming 'Jewish Diaspora' for Gezi Protests
Brotherhood Leader Says Mass Death Sentences Will Bring Down Government
With Mass Sentences, Egyptians Seek Justice, but Come Away Empty-Handed
Gunmen Storm Libyan Parliament, Stop Lawmakers' Vote on Next PM
Benghazi Barracks Hit by Car Bomb, Killing 2, Wounding 2
Power Struggle Blights Libya's Chaotic Main Airport
Tunisia Takes Fight to Militants in Mountain Hideout
Tunisian PM Says Economic Reforms Will Be Paced to Avoid Unrest
North Africa
Ethiopia Says Journalists Arrested in Crackdown
UN Renews Western Sahara Mission, but No Rights Monitors
Central African Republic
As Muslims Flee CAR Fury, Fears of Radicalization
Militants Decapitate Muslim
Chibok Abductions: Nigeria Girls' Taken Abroad'
Mali PM, Northern Armed Groups Prepare for Peace Talks
UN Security Council Lifts Ban on Ivory Coast Diamond Exports
Angolan Leader Visits France After Years of Frosty Ties
Uganda to Begin Repatriating 184,000 Congolese Refugees
Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Tsvangirai Expels Party Challenger
Arrests After 4,000 Rampage in South Africa Platinum Belt
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