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Updated May 3, 2014 - 11:23 PM EDT
Odessa: 46 Killed as Ukraine Protests Spread West
  'Many Dead' As Ukraine Invades Eastern Protest Cities
US Announces New Subsidies for Ukraine Media
  Romania Wants 'Long Term' US Military Presence
  Hagel Pushes Europe to Increase Military Spending, Citing Ukraine
FBI: More Foreign Fighters Heading to Syria
  Homs Ceasefire Deal Will Allow Rebels to Leave
  Rebel Offensive Threatens Syria's Remaining Chemical Stockpile
Report Set to Reveal Djibouti as CIA 'Black Site'
  US and Germany Fail to Reach a Deal on Spying
Palestinians Officially Join Five UN Treaties
US Seeks Legal Immunity for Firms That Hand Over Data
Ahead of Election, Tribal Rebels Kill 31 Muslims in NE India
Deja Russia All Over Again  by Richard Morchoe
Supreme Court Needs to Keep Up With Our Cellphones – and the NSA  by Yochai Benkler
Clueless Bush Takes Bike Ride With Injured Vets on 'Mission Accomplished Day'  by Greg Mitchell
The New York Times's Dereliction of Duty  by Patrick L. Smith
Who Is Using Spies and Lies to Grab Power in Kiev? We Are  by Peter Hitchens
Rand Paul Should Go on Offense  by Leon Hadar

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Edward Snowden Appears Via Video at Toronto Debate
Venezuela: Alleged Plan to Provoke Protests
British Citizen in Syria 'War Crime' as Video of Prisoner Shooting Appears
Sinn Fein Demands Adams Go Free in Belfast Killing
Josh Rogin Comes Clean on Taping Kerry
Former US Officials Detect Shift in Israel on Iran Nuclear Deal
Netanyahu's 'Jewish State' Law Angers Arab Israelis
Inside the Talks' Failure: US Officials Open Up
Palestinian Prisoners Are Smuggling Sperm Out of Israeli Jails So Wives Can Have Babies
Vandals Deface Muslim Grave in Northern Israel
Rand Paul Takes on AIPAC for Opposing Palestinian Aid Cut
Fresh Attacks, Clashes Leave 26 Dead, 32 Wounded Across Iraq
Iraqi Kurds Face Uncertainty Over Presidency
PKK Releases 2 Kidnapped Turkish Soldiers
Turkish Party Keeps Term Limit, Hinting at Erdogan Presidency
Yemen: Al-Bayda Governor Assassination Attempt Thwarted
UK Afghan Detention Policy Ruled Unlawful by High Court
Hundreds Feared Dead, Thousands Trapped Under Afghan Landslide
Philippines to Offer Renewed US Military Use of Subic
Renewed Philippine Basing Deal Faces Challenges
North Korea
North Korea Military Official Choe Ryong-Hae Replaced
Death Stalks Muslims as Myanmar Cuts Off Aid
UN: Torture of Detainees Common in Mexico
Venezuela's Latest Military Defector Puts the Focus on Civilian Deaths
Uruguay Leader Calls Colorado Pot Law 'A Fiction'
A Dutch Guerillera: the Foreign Face of FARC's Civil War
Weekend Reviews
In 1971, an Analog Precursor to NSA, Snowden
Let's Break Into the FBI! Before Snowden and Manning, There Was 1971
Anand Gopal Book Excerpt: No Good Men Among the Living
Russia Denies Saboteurs Tried to Cross Ukraine Border
Russia to Cut Gas to Ukraine in June if No Prepayment Received
Obama, Merkel Pledge Tougher Steps if Russia Disrupts Ukraine Elections
US and Germany Remain Frosty Amid Awkward Visit From Merkel
Obama and Merkel: US and Germany Still at Odds Over Spying
German Government Warns Against Inviting Snowden to Testify in Parliamentary Inquiry
The Death of Justice in Egypt
Egypt Attack Kills 3, Including Police, Soldier
Bombs, Protests Hit Egypt in Run-Up to Presidential Election
Nine Soldiers Killed as Islamist Militants Attack Security HQ in Libya
Libya Blames Ansar Al-Shariya Islamists for Benghazi Violence
Nigeria Police: 276 Abducted Girls Still Missing
Abuja Blast: Car Bomb Attack Rocks Nigerian Capital
Nigeria Girls' Abduction: Parents Asked for Photographs
Nigeria Says Gathering of Rich and Powerful Will Not Be Cowed by Bombings
South Sudan
South Sudan's Foreign Minister Says 'Genocide Is Not the Issue'
South Sudan Crisis: US Push for Kiir and Machar Direct Talks
Nine Killed in Clashes Between Separatists and Islamists in Mali
Ethiopia Protest: Ambo Students Killed in Oromia State
New EU Force in Central African Republic Sets Stability as Top Priority
Republic of Congo Deports Nearly 60,000
Friends of Algerian 'Jihadist' Deported From France Stupefied
Chinese Oil Engineers Kidnapped in Sudan Freed
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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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