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Updated May 7, 2014 - 11:27 PM EDT
Hagel Warns Americans of 'Risks of Isolationism'
  Antiwar Rep. Walter Jones Beats Neocon-Backed GOP Rival
Putin: Troops Pulled Back From Ukraine Border
  NATO Commander Wants Permanent Troops in Eastern Europe
  Talks Unlikely After Ukraine Bars Protester Involvement
  US Pacific Commander Hypes Russian Flights
Is Ukraine Headed Toward Civil War?
  Ukraine Govt: More Than 30 'Terrorists' Killed in Slovyansk Fighting
  Ukraine Raising Volunteer Force to Attack Eastern Protesters
  Don't Drink the Tea and Other Myths From the Ukraine Conflict
Intel Briefings: Israel Spying on US 'Goes Too Far'
  Israel Condemns NewsWeek: We Never Spy in US
UN Probe Chief Doubtful on Syria Sarin Claims
  Rebel Infighting Spreads to S. Syria After Commander's Kidnapping
  More Syrian Rebel Factions Showing Off US-Made Missiles
  Rebel Bombing Kills 30 Syrian Troops at Checkpoint
Pentagon Made Afghan Corruption Worse
Emails Reveal Close Google Relationship With NSA
67 Killed, 57 Wounded as Militants Fail Iraq Town Takeover
China Denies Preparing for Collapse of North Korea Regime
Why the Warfare State Must Be Dismantled  by David Stockman
Despite Crisis in Ukraine, America Will Likely Need Russia Soon  by Ivan Eland
The US Doesn't Need to Prove Itself in Ukraine  by Peter Beinart
North Korean Nightmare  by Justin Raimondo
Rand Paul Represents the Foreign Policy Mainstream  by Jack Hunter
Rand Paul Plays the Israel Card  by Philip Giraldi

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FAA Computer Vexed by U-2 Spy Plane Over Los Angeles
New Movement Aims to 'Reset the Net' Against Mass Surveillance
Destroying and Building Nukes Very Expensive
White House to Show Secret Drone Strike Memos to Senate

Syrian Rebels Say a Would-Be Election Candidate Is Captured

No Date Set for Rebel Pullout From Syria's Homs: Governor

Homs Agreement Calls for Syrian Rebels to Identify Booby Traps in Return for Evacuation

Local al-Qaeda Leader in Syria Killed in Blast
How Saudi Aid Made a Construction Worker a Top Syrian Rebel Commander
Syria Struggling to Fill Food Import Needs
Crac Des Chevaliers: Priceless Castle Battered by Syria's Civil War
Report: Heavy Explosion, Many Casualties in North Iran
Russia Expects Progress in Iran Nuclear Talks Next Week
Iranian Diplomat Says 'Dark Forces' Trying to Stymie Nuclear Agreement
Iran's Parliament Votes Against Censuring Zarif Over Holocaust Stance
Israel Transfers Palestinian Funds as Threat of Sanctions Wanes
Peres: Netanyahu Nixed Deal With Palestinians That Reached Final Stages Three Years Ago
Senior US Officials to Visit Israel This Week
Lost Citadel or Just Another Attempt to Extend Control in East Jerusalem?
67 Killed, 57 Wounded as Militants Fail Iraq Town Takeover
Iraqi Forces to Launch Major Offensive to Retake Fallujah
Boris Johnson: 'Eel-Like' Tony Blair Will Avoid Being Imprisoned Over Iraq War
Yemen Says Army Captures Key Militant Stronghold
Yemeni Authorities Were Warned Ahead of AQAP Prison Raid: Documents
Lebanon Braces for Unsuccessful Third Election Round
Lebanon 'Expels' Palestinian Refugees Fleeing Syria
Whose Water Is It Anyways? Resentment Pools on Israel-Lebanon Border
Middle East
Saudi Arabia Says Uncovers al-Qaeda Cell Plotting Attacks
Jordanian Jihadists Call for Jihad Against Regime
North Africa
Algerian Troops Kill 10 Militants in South: State Media
Egypt Court Bans Mubarak-Era Leaders From Running in Elections
New Libyan PM Eyes 'Crisis' Govt, More Powers for Regions
Nigeria Extremists Kidnap 8 More Girls, Vow to Sell Others
US Forming 'Coordination Cell' in Nigeria to Find Abducted Girls
Nigerian Girl Describes Kidnap, 276 Still Missing
UN Warns Nigeria's Boko Haram Over Selling Schoolgirls as Slaves
UK's Hague Offers Nigeria Help on Schoolgirl Kidnap
Central African Republic
French Troops Kill Gunmen in Heavy CAR Clashes
Central African Republic President Says to Make New Govt Inclusive
Armed Islamist Unit Targets 'Collaborators' in Mali: Military
Kenya Detains Two Somalis in Mombasa Attack Investigation
South Sudan Rebel Leader 'Will Do Best' to Attend Peace Talks: UN Chief
Both Sides Bury Dead as Ukraine Slides Toward War
Ukraine Tightens Cordon Around Rebellious City
New Subs, Warships, Sams, Troops to Be Deployed in Crimea
Russia Questions 'Unusual' Ukraine Election if Troops Deployed
Russia Quietly Tightens Reins on Web With 'Bloggers Law'
Cycle of Violence in Ukraine Dims Hope of Resolution
Ukraine Relocates Football Matches After Odessa Deaths
Global Ukraine Blowback
Defense Panel Chair: Russia's Actions Mean US Should Keep War-Funding Budget
Senate Pushes More Russia Sanctions
Germany Says Ukraine Is Close to War, Widens Travel Warning
Russia to Abide by Arms Reduction Treaty With US: Deputy Minister
Merkel Criticizes Russia Over Planned Military Parade in Crimea
Ukrainian Mayor Recovering From Assassination Attempt in Haifa Hospital
Public Activists to Sue Kiev Regime in European Rights Court
US, Canadian, and Polish Troops Train in Southern Poland
Moldova Borders on Alert: Troops to 'Take All Necessary Actions' to Keep the Peace

Kosovo Leaders Agree Early Election After Vote on Army Nixed

Adams Detention and Release Aggravate Both Sides of Northern Irish Divide
Afghan Forces Kill 50 Taliban Militants
Bomb Kills 3 Policemen in Western Afghanistan
Afghan Police Fire Shots in Air as Landslide Aid Truck Attacked
Afghanistan Helicopter Crash Victims Repatriated to UK
Security Forces Kill Seven Taliban in Swat Gunfight
Pakistan Likely to Lift Ban on YouTube
Knife Attack at South China Station
China Detains Five Activists Before 25th Anniversary of Tiananmen Crackdown
China to Step Up Crackdown on Military Corruption
US Investigates Chinese Oil Rig Move Amid Vietnam Complaints
Two Explosions Rock Southern Thai Tourist Town, Five Wounded
Thai Court Almost Certain to Rule Against PM, Force Her From Office
Thai PM Denies Abuse of Power in Key Legal Challenge
Malaysian Politician's Video Leads to Sedition Charge
Azerbaijan Sentences Eight Opposition Youth Activists to Jail
Colombia: Hacker Tried to Sabotage Peace Talks
US Delegation Urges Talks to Free American Jailed in Cuba
The War at Home
John Kerry: I'll Comply With House GOP's Benghazi Request
US Army Base Broken Into, Covered in Pot Seeds
Lt. Gen. Legere, Candidate to Be Military's Spy Chief, Supported Army's Failed Intel System
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Justin Raimondo
North Korean Nightmare

Ivan Eland
Despite the Crisis Over Ukraine, America Will Likely Need Russia Soon

Lucy Steigerwald
The Death Penalty Is as Flawed and Heartless as War

David R. Henderson
An Economist’s Case for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

Nebojsa Malic
The Kiev Gambit

Philip Giraldi
Targeting Iran

Kelley B. Vlahos
Brother Karzai Leaves Election, Joins Another Ticket

Ran HaCohen
Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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