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Updated May 8, 2014 - 11:29 PM EDT
Putin: Troops Pulled Back From Ukraine Border
  Eastern Ukraine to Hold Sunday Referendum as Planned
  Has Putin Extended an Olive Branch to Kiev?
  Putin's Ukraine Move Shows Wariness of Overplaying Hand
Germany, EU Nations Resist NATO 'Rearmament'
  Pentagon Millions Subsidizing Ukraine's Border Guards
Syria Rebel Chief Blames Rout on 'Donor Countries'
  After Two Year Siege, Syrian Rebels Leave Homs
Boko Haram Kills 300 in Nigeria Border Town
  Unlike Boko Haram's Many Massacres, Girls' Kidnapping Brings It Home
House Panel Unanimously OKs USA Freedom Act
Security Ops Kill Dozens in Anbar; 91 Killed Across Iraq
Israel's New Demands on Iran Fueling a Dispute With US
Vietnam, China Warnings After Collision in Disputed Waters
Vietnam and China Ships 'Collide in South China Sea'
The 7 Most Awesome Things Walter Jones Has Ever Done
The Ukrainian Muddle: Lies, Manipulation, and Silence  by Murray Polner
A Real Risk of War  by William Pfaff
Navigating Syria: The Impossible, Indispensable Mission  by Ramzy Baroud
The Fight for Domestic News Drones  by Lucy Steigerwald
After Kerry's Failure  by Scott McConnell
Walter Jones' Primary Win Sends Neocons Packing  by David Stockman

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Leverett, Mass. Is Sixth City to Pass Anti-Drone Measure
Citing Terror Concerns, US Closes Embassy in Yemen to Public
Pussy Riot's Lost Weekend in Washington
House Dems Weigh Boycotting Benghazi Probe
US: 'No Evidence' of Russia Pulling Troops Back
Russia Could Station Missiles in Europe in Response to NATO Moves
White House to Remove Russia From Trade Benefits Program
After 10 Years as President, Putin's Ratings Fly High on Ukraine
Kiev Army Blocks Civilians From Leaving Slavyansk: Self-Defense
Ukraine's Poroshenko Urges More Sanctions if Russia Backs Referendum
Germany's Merkel Warns Russia Against 'Old Patterns of Thinking'
NATO Begins Military Drills With 6,000 Troops in Estonia
NATO Drills Being Held in Estonia Encourage Kyiv's Forceful Actions: Grushko
Israel Drops Probe Into Illegal Construction at Beit El Settlement
Hate Crimes in North Israel: 'Death to Arabs' Scrawled on Window, Car Tires Punctured
Lieberman: Arab Protesters Are Traitors
Hamas Executes Two Men in Gaza as Spies for Israel
Ya'alon: IDF in Financial Crisis, Training to Be Cut
Palestinian Camps Strained by Refugee Influx
Rohani Vows Victory Over Iran's Hawks as Nuclear Deadline Nears
Rohani Rejects Iranian Whatsapp Ban
Security Ops Kill Dozens in Anbar; 91 Killed, 86 Wounded Across Iraq
Sunni Leader Says Fallujah Under Complete ISIS Control
ISIL Is Operating 'Secret Prisons': Anbar Governor
US Renews Training of Elite Iraqi Forces in Jordan
Senior PKK Leader Says Group No Longer Seeks a Kurdish State
Mounting Dangers for Journalists in Iraq
Iraq Awards 2 Deals Worth Nearly $1 Billion for Oilfield
Syria Rebel Leader Says He'll Ask US for Anti-Aircraft Missiles
Mortar Fire Spares No Syrian, Even the Dead
Middle East
Video: Pundits on Jordanian TV Fight Over Syria, Wreck Set
Turkey Says 74 of Its Nationals Killed in Syria-Linked Incidents
Yemen Says Kills Militant Behind Attacks on Westerners
'Saudi Liberals' Website Founder Sentenced to 10 Years in Jail, 1,000 Lashes
Cameroon Denies Harboring Nigerian Girls
Boko Haram Terrorists, Kidnap Victims Believed Hiding in Vast and Treacherous Forest
Abduction Vaults Boko Haram Leader Into Headlines
Abduction of Girls an Act Not Even al-Qaeda Can Condone
France Sends Agents to Nigeria, Boosts Ties to Fight Boko Haram
Nigeria Abductions: UK Experts to Provide Advice
South Sudan
South Sudan Says It Will Suspend Attacks on Rebels for a Month
President Kiir Accepts Interim Government With Riek Machar
UN Chief in War-Torn South Sudan to Push for Peace
Somalia Rains Failing, Hunger Coming, Groups Say
Cost of Somali Piracy Slumps as Attacks Fall: Report
Central African Republic
Central African Republic Journalists Protest Murders of Colleagues
Sisi Won't Host Israeli PM if No Concessions to Palestinians
The Simpsons Used in Egypt TV Channel as Proof of US Conspiracy to Incite Syria's Civil War
North Africa
Libyan Rebels Occupying Oil Ports Refuse to Deal With New PM
Tunisia Offers Amnesty to Some Extremists
Bouteflika Says Militants Killed by Algerian Troops Were Foreign
Family of 9 Killed in Afghanistan Roadside Bombing
Canada Devoted 12 Years and Lost 158 Soldiers in Its Mission to Afghanistan
Lawyer of Pakistani Accused of Blasphemy Killed
Pakistan Arrests FBI Agent With Bullets at Karachi Airport
Thai Court Ousts Premier in Victory for Opposition
US Calls on China to Free Tiananmen Anniversary Activists
Italian Lawmakers Favor Halving Spending on F-35 Jet
Battle Droids Will Replace Soldiers on the Battlefield, Says UK Defense Expert
Guatemala Sees Opium Poppies as Potential Revenue-Spinners
Venezuela: Arrests in Shooting of Antigovernment Protester
Mexican Official Charged With Organized Crime
Cuba Arrests Four Miami-Based Exiles Suspected of Attack Plot
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