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Updated May 11, 2014 - 11:16 PM EDT
Ukraine Guardsmen Halt Vote, Open Fire on Crowd
Ukraine Troops Seize Ballots Already Cast
  Ukraine President Decries Eastern Sovereignty
  Gunshots, Explosions Near Slavyansk as Checkpoint Attacked
  Chaos and Suspicion in a Ukrainian City Spinning Out of Control
Greenwald on the Day We Revealed Snowden
Yemen Shooting Focuses on US Clandestine Ops
  Yemen Braces for Qaeda Reprisals Over Army Offensive
Israel's Aggressive Spying in the US Hushed Up
  'An Israeli Spy Hid in Al Gore's Hotel Room'
  Israel Assails Latest Allegations of Brazen Spying on US
'Pilot Program': US Sends Missiles to Syria Rebels
  Nasrallah Criticized Syrian Intelligence: WikiLeaks
Deadly Bombings Sweep Iraq After Army Shelling in Fallujah
  Security Ops, Bombers Leave 111 Dead, 108 Wounded Across Iraq
DoJ Seeks Authority to Hack and Search Remote Computers
The Fear-Mongering and Hysteria Over Boko Haram  by John Glaser
Bill Clinton and the Bogus Iranian Threat  by Sheldon Richman
Tony Blair Should Be Prosecuted for War Crimes – Not Just Judged by History  by Twiggy Garcia
Hanging Up on the NSA's Phone Surveillance  by Matt Kibbe
Libya Lessons Go Beyond Benghazi  by Scott McPherson
Six Mistakes the West Has Made in Ukraine  by Nicolai N. Petro

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New Hampshire Legislature Passes Anti-Spying Bill
How a Whitehat Hacked a University and Became an FBI Target
US Passenger Jet Nearly Collided With Drone in March
Romania Queries Moscow After Deputy PM Sends Bomber Jet Tweets
Wailing at Separation Wall
US Military
Defense Secretary 'Not Pleased' That House Ignored Pentagon Cuts
Feds: Sailor Hacked Navy Network While Aboard Nuclear Aircraft Carrier
VA Nurse on Leave Over Email on How to 'Game' Treatment Delays
Delays in Care Threaten Health and Safety of Veterans, New VA Whistleblower Says
Unofficial Navy Retention Survey Aims to Head Off Manpower Problem
In Pakistan's Polio Epicenter, Workers Struggle Against Threats and Suspicion
Pakistan Taliban Chief Makes Last-Ditch Bid to Assert Authority
64 Pakistan Politicians Issued Notices Over Foreign Assets
Peshawar: 6 Injured in Kohati Gate Blast
NATO Container Torched in Jamrud
Lawyer for Pakistan Doctor Jailed Over bin Laden Hunt Quits Amid Threats
PTI Accuses Pakistan Government of Using Strong-Arm Tactics
China and Her Neighbors
US Lawmakers Slam China Over Standoff With Vietnam
Philippines Jails Chinese Fishermen for Infringing Wildlife Law in Disputed Shoal
Myanmar Diplomatic Debut Tested by China Sea Spats
China's Relations With Muslim Uighurs Worsen as Tensions Rise After Attacks
Hundreds of Vietnamese Take to the Streets to Protest Chinese Oil Rig Deployment
Protesters in East China Clash With Police Over Waste Incinerator Plan
Southeast Asia Group Calls on China to Speed Up Maritime Security Talks
Thai 'Red Shirts' Rally to Defend Wounded Government
Rival Protests Launched in Bangkok, Pressure Grows on Govt
Indonesia's Opposition Wins Parliamentary Election
Indonesia's Envoy to Australia to Return This Month as Tensions Ease
North Korea Renews Threat of Nuclear Test
Soldier Dies After Reported Street Fight in Seoul
5 Gunmen, 1 Soldier Killed in Mexican Border State
Mexico to Legalize Vigilantes Fighting Drug Cartel
Mexican Vigilantes Face Deadline to Join Police
Sanctions Against Venezuela Advance in House
Venezuela's Maduro Rails at 'Stupid' US Sanctions Calls
Why Did Uruguay Agree to Take in Guantánamo Bay Detainees?
Cuba Briefs US Officials on Detained Exiles
Brazil Deploys Troops to Secure Borders for World Cup
Dominican Agents Target Pakistani Trafficking Ring
Weekend Reviews
The Dirty History of Habeas Corpus
Manufactured Crisis: the Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare
The Burden of Atrocity
Jack Bauer Was Retired, So Why Is He Back?
Ukraine's Rebels Say They Are Seeking a Mandate, Not Independence, in Referendum
Separatists Urge Supporters in East Ukraine to Vote on Autonomy
Kiev Tells East Ukraine Rebels Vote for Self-Rule Would Be Catastrophe
Russia Ratchets Up Ukraine's Gas Bills in Shift to an Economic Battlefield
The Twitter War: Social Media's Role in Ukraine Unrest
Russia Threatened With Further Sanctions if It Derails Ukraine Elections
Ukraine's Poor Military Can Only Hope It Never Has to Fight Russia
100,000 Civilians Flee Jihadist Clashes in Syria
Syrians Return to Damaged Homes After Rebels Leave
Saudi Arabia Cancels Arab League Syria Talks
Lebanon, UN Mull Establishing Syrian Refugee Camps
Palestinian Unity Govt to Be Formed Before Deadline, Official Says
Pro-Hamas Newspaper Back on Sale in West Bank in New Unity Step
Israeli Author: 'Price Tag' Vandals Are 'Hebrew Neo-Nazis'
Computer Geeks Make Bad Soldiers, the Israeli Army Warns
Security Ops, Bombers Leave 111 Dead, 108 Wounded Across Iraq
Many Yezidis in Mosul Flee After Insurgent Killings, Death Threats
Middle East
Lebanon in Uproar Over Maronite Patriarch's Planned Visit to Jerusalem
Bahrain Slashes US Human Rights Report
Turkey's Erdogan Heckles Critic, Storms Out of Ceremony
Brotherhood Calls for Military 'To Return to Its Barracks'
Egypt to Try 200 for 'Terrorism'
North Africa
Clashes in Eastern Libya Kill 4 Protesters
Tunisia Ministers Escape Censure Over Israeli Tourists
Lawmakers Show Little Interest in Sending US Troops to Nigeria
Michelle Obama Praises Kidnapped Nigerian Girls as an Inspiration
Nigeria Insurgents Blow Up 2nd Bridge, Abduct Wife, 2 Kids
Pentagon: No Drones to Help Nigerian Girls, but US State Dept. Will Provide Experts
Nigeria Requested US Intel and Military Gear to Fight Terror, Docs Show
Nigerian Army Posts Two Divisions to Hunt for Missing Girls
South Sudan
UN Readies Aid in South Sudan After Ceasefire Deal
South Sudan Peace Deal Hailed, but Will It Hold?
Central African Republic
UN Blacklists Ex-Central African Republic President, Militia Leaders
Central African Republic's Seleka Rebels Pick New Commander, Say to Regroup
Somali President Wants Aid Airlift for Towns Retaken From Rebels
South African Army Dispatched to Quell Post-Election Protests
Americans Still Dying
Private Deployed to Afghanistan Dies From Noncombat-Related Illness
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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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