That's the kind of dialogue conjured by a recent poll which showed that those who have no idea where Ukraine is located are the most eager for the US to intervene and "do something." It's sad, but true, and it vividly dramatizes the essential importance of's core mission, which is to educate the American people about the realities of US foreign policy and the world we live in.

Very often, people who support the War Party's latest scheme do so because they simply do not have the right information. They just don't know the geography, the history, and the context of what's happening overseas – and that's where we come in.

Each and every day we give you the real lowdown on breaking news from the front lines of our endless "war on terror" – and now the new cold war with the Russians that is the War Party's latest project. If you want to get past the propaganda, the disinformation, and the partisan noise, then you've come to the right place. We've been speaking truth to power since 1998 – but we can't continue to do it without your financial support. Please make your tax-deductible donation today – so we can stop the wars of tomorrow.
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Updated May 13, 2014 - 11:26 PM EDT
Glenn Greenwald: How I Met Edward Snowden
  Glenn Greenwald on the NSA's Sweeping Efforts to 'Know It All'
  New Greenwald Book Reveals Wider Net of US Spying on Envoys
  The Man Who Knows Too Much
  How NSA Tampers With US-Made Internet Routers
7 Ukraine Soldiers Killed in Kramatorsk Attack
  Second Referendum Possible as East Ukraine Faces Post-Vote Divide
  US Won't Recognize 'Illegal' Ukraine Referendum
  After Referendum, Russia Pushes for Ukraine Negotiations
  CNN Poll Shows Ukraine as Split as Ever
Boko Haram Video of Girls Asks Prisoner Swap
  Nigeria Officials Say Boko Haram Chief Is Dead, as Nation Rolls Its Eyes
47 Killed, 80 Wounded in Fresh Iraq Attacks
Vienna Talks With Iran Seek 'Grand Compromise'
US Drone Strike Kills Six in Southeast Yemen
Indian Exit Poll Predicts Big Win for Nationalist Modi
Taliban Attacks Hit Afghanistan Is 'Spring Offensive' Begins
Burning Ukraine's Protesters Alive  by Robert Parry
The US Annexation of Guantanamo Bay  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Who Can Save 'Our Girls' and Nigeria? Only the Nigerian People, Not Washington  by Doug Bandow
How I Met Edward Snowden  by Glenn Greenwald
Step by Step to World War III?  by Arshad M. Khan
The Limits of Military Power  by Lawrence Wittner

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Pro-Russians Joyful in East Ukraine, Others Not So Much
Russia Ready for Gas Talks With Kiev Only if It Pays Debt
Ukraine and the World
OSCE Says Putin 'Supportive' of Ukraine Roadmap
EU Moves Toward Tougher Sanctions on Russia
Hackers Steal Ukraine Crisis Data From Belgian Foreign Ministry
Lavrov to Envoys: Watch Russian TV to Get Truth on Ukraine
Ukraine 'Round Table' Meeting to Be Held on Wednesday: German Government
Despite Pressure, France Won't Cancel Warship Deal With Russia
Putin Names General, New Minister to Insurgency-Ridden Caucasus Region
UK Troops Face 'Growing Mental Health Cost' of Afghan War
London Imam Claims at US Trial He Tried to Help Yemen Hostages
Iceland Postpones Withdrawal of EU Application
Spain Ruling Party Politician Shot Dead
Czech Defense Minister Sees No NATO Troops Stationed on Czech Soil

NATO Deputy Secretary General Stresses Value of Partnership in Visit to Moldova

Did CIA's Fake Polio Vaccination Program in Pakistan Help Fuel a Global Health Emergency?
Beware of 'Hands' Sowing Rift Between US: Iran to Pakistan
Taliban Kill 21 at Start of Afghan Spring Fighting
Afghanistan Signs Satellite Deal to Boost Booming Media
Vietnam, Chinese Ships Fire Water Cannons
China Says Vietnam Efforts to Rope in Others on Spat Will Fail
China's Defense Minister Urges Tighter Security on Southern Border
Insurgents Launch Multiple Attacks in Thai South, One Dead
Interim Thai PM Hopeful He Can Lead Country to New Election
US Would Welcome Modi as India Leader
European Rights Body Presses Georgia on Justice System, Tolerance
Colombia's Santos Says Opposition Poisoning Peace Talks
Mexican Troops 'Kill Zetas Cartel Founder Mellado'
The War at Home
Rand Paul Calls for Public Release of Extrajudicial-Killing Memos
Crypto for the Masses: Here's How You Can Resist the NSA
Liberal Jews Angry With NY Mayor for Secret AIPAC Talk
4 Defendants Back Together in Blackwater Case
Iraq Vet Accuses VA of Downgrading Injuries
NYPD Enlisting Muslim Informants From Minor Violators
California Senate to Consider 4th Amendment Protection Act
PA Calls on World to Recognize Hilltop Youth 'Price Tag' Offenders as Terrorists
Former Israeli Spy Chief Calls for Attack on Syria on 'Moral' Grounds
Orthodox Jews Protest at Disputed Jerusalem Site
47 Killed, 80 Wounded in Fresh Iraq Attacks
Iraqi Kurdistan Gambles on Oil and Baghdad's Benevolence
Turkish PM Signals to Intensify State Purge Ahead of Expected Presidential Bid
Turkey Ordered to Pay Cyprus $125 Million for 1974 Invasion
Middle East
Kuwait Minister 'Linked to Syria Jihad' Quits
Syrians Return to Homs to See What War Left Them
Iran's Nuclear Strategy Comes Under Questioning by President Rouhani's Critics
Bahrain Refugee Accused Prince of Torture
IMF Chief Draws Cautious Response From Arab Countries in Call to End Subsidies
North Africa
Algerian Army Kills 12 Islamists
Egypt Dismantles Three 'Terrorist Cells'
Canadian to Head UN Western Sahara Mission
White House Says US Team Is Helping in Nigeria
Nigeria Agrees to Security Summit on Boko Haram
The Road to Boko Haram's Heartland
South Sudan
South Sudan Ceasefire Broken as Rebels and Army Battle
South Sudan's 2015 Elections Postponed Amid Shaky Ceasefire
Central African Republic
Chad Closes Border With Central African Republic
LRA's Kony Hunted in Central African Republic
Car Bomb Kills at Least 12 People in Somalia: Police
Mali's Northern Rebels Hold General Meeting
Praying in Fear After Kenya Church Attacks
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