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Updated May 16, 2014 - 11:05 PM EDT
NSA Bill Looks Like Change, but Isn't Really
  How NSA and FBI Made Facebook the Perfect Mass Surveillance Tool
US Admits It Recorded Gitmo Force-Feedings
  White House Gitmo Report Downplays Chances of Anyone's Release
  DoJ: Summer Release 'Likely' for CIA Torture Report
  US Braces for Torture Report Blowback
Ukraine: Who Is in Control of Mariupol?
  NATO Mulls New Bases Along Ukraine Frontier
  Ukraine Troops Destroy Two Checkpoints Near Slovyansk
  Russia: Ukraine Must Pay in Advance for Gas
  Kerry: US Will Sanction Russia if Protests Disrupt Ukraine Vote
Iraq Army, Bombers Kill 210, Wound 120
Ultranationalist Modi Wins India Vote
US 'Political' Demand Could Derail Iran Talks
Al-Qaeda Bomb Kills 43 at Syria Border Crossing
Hagel 'Not Aware' of Israeli Spying on US
21 Dead in Anti-Chinese Riots in Central Vietnam
Greenwald Against the Establishment  by Justin Raimondo
The FBI, the NSA, and the Daunting Task of True Reform  by Lucy Steigerwald
Feds Explain Away 4th Amendment Protection by Andrew Crocker & Hanni Fakhoury
How NATO Jabs Russia on Ukraine  by Ray McGovern
The Myth of America's Global Peacekeeping Past  by Leon Hadar
The CIA Aided Polio's Comeback – but Media Have Forgotten the Story  by Julie Hollar

More Viewpoints

Uruguay Agrees to Take Six Guantanamo Detainees
CIA Wants More Time to Review CIA Torture Report
Japan Moves to Scale Back Postwar Restrictions on the Use of Military Power
Senate to Vote on Lawyer Who Authored Drone Memos
Greenwald's Partner Allowed to Appeal Detention Ruling
Poll: Ukraine Tycoon Set for First Round Win in Presidential Vote
Rebel Commander Warns of Onslaught on Ukrainian Forces
Russia Says Received No Formal Annexation Request by Ukrainian Region
Ukraine Wants Russian Troop Withdrawal to Cement OSCE Road Map
Shaky Quiet Over Eastern Ukraine in Wake of First Day of Talks
Ukraine Strengthens Gas Pipeline Security After Tamper Attempts
Ukrainian APCs Open Fire at RT's Video Agency Crew Near Kramatorsk
Resist or Cooperate? Crimean Tatars Split Over Russian Rule
Slovak PM: Russia Says Gas to Europe Will Stop if Kiev Does Not Pay
Time to Stop Defense Cuts, NATO Tells East Europeans
Russia May Have Won a Battle as Propaganda War Comes to Germany's Capital
Afghan Poll: Runoff for Afghan Election Confirmed
Afghan Candidates Differ in Style Not Substance
US Releases 10 Pakistanis From Afghanistan's Bagram Prison
Dempsey Clashes With Chinese General on Pacific
Vietnam Arrests Hundreds After Anti-China Protests
Philippines Releases Photos of Chinese Reclamation
Deadly Attack on Thai Protest Camp in Bangkok
Pakistan: Motorcycle Bomb Injures 19 in Rawalpindi
US Officials Question Ability of Nigeria to Rescue Hostages
Nigerian President to Visit Town Where Girls Were Seized
South Sudan
South Sudan Cease-Fire Blows Up, Days After the Ink Dries
South Sudan Wants US, UN to Verify Who Is Attacking
Red Cross Boosts South Sudan Aid, Plans First Airdrops in Years
At Least 31 People Killed in Central African Republic Fighting
Sudan Woman Faces Death for Apostasy
Algeria's Bouteflika Offers Reforms to Skeptical Opposition
Kenya Angry at Western Travel Warnings as Tourists Leave
The War at Home
White House May Not Cooperate With Benghazi Select Panel
Pentagon Issues Report on Sexual Harrassment
Attorneys for Gitmo Prisoner Want Newly-Discovered Videos of Force-Feedings to Be Preserved
'Friends of Syria' Vow to Step Up Aid to Rebels
British Journalists Beaten During Capture by Syrian Rebels
US Seeks to Bypass Assad So More Aid Can Reach Syrian Civilians
Five Medecins Sans Frontieres Stafff Freed After Being Held Captive for Months in Syria
US Calls for Probe of Possible Weapons Deal Between Former Bitter Foes Iran, Iraq
Hagel Says Iran Nuclear Deal Won't Weaken Security of Persian Gulf Allies
Iran Ends Free Vasectomies With 'Maximum-Baby' Push
Bennett to Push Proposal to Annex West Bank Region
PA Official: Security Ties With Israel in Jeopardy
Israeli Border Police Kill Two West Bank Protesters
Pakistani Christians Protest Travel Ban to Israel
Israel's David's Sling Will Not Win Polish Missile Tender, Official Says
Germany Nixes Gunboat Subsidy to Israel, Citing Breakdown of Peace Talks
Iraq Army, Bombers Kill 210, Wound 120
ISIL Uses Mentally Ill in Suicide Attacks: Iraqi Officials
Middle East
Yemen President Says Country in Open War Against al-Qaeda
Lebanon's Iraqi Refugees Are Going Hungry
Al-Jazeera Reporter Detained in Egypt Appears in Video
Egypt Tells 3 They Must Pay to See Evidence
Costa Rica Waits for US to Explain 'Cuban Twitter'
In Colombia, an Election May Turn on a Dirty War
Why Did Venezuela's Opposition Freeze Talks With Maduro?
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Greenwald Against the Establishment

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The FBI, the NSA, and the Daunting Task of True Reform

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Obama's Cautious Approach to Foreign Policy

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Yugoslavia's Lessons Learned

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An Economist’s Case for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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