Is it just a coincidence that Gen. Khalifa Hifter launched his Libyan coup just four days after the US sent a "crisis response team" to Sicily at the State Departmentís request?

Is it just a coincidence Gen. Hifter lived in Washington, D.C. for decades, a few convenient miles from the CIAís Langley headquarters, where his US-backed exile group was based?

Is it just a coincidence that this is all playing out as the US backs coups from Ukraine to Egypt to Venezuela?

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Updated May 21, 2014 - 11:28 PM EDT
Tripoli Clashes as Coup General Gains New Allies
  State Dept: US Not Supporting General's Libya Takeover
  Libyan General Rules Out Negotiations and Vows to Fight
  Libya Announces June Election in Attempt to Preempt Civil War
  US Sees No Coup in Military Takeovers in Thailand, Libya
Ukraine Oligarch's Bid to Stop Separatists Fails
  State Dept: Russians Captured by Ukraine May Not Be Real Journalists
Both Sides Mum After Latest Iran-IAEA Talks
  Top Iran Terrorist Under CIA Protection in US, Book Says
Senate OKs Judge Pick Who Wrote Drone Memo
  Justice Dept to Release Redacted Drone Memo
  Appeals Court: CIA Can Keep Bay of Pigs History Secret
Restrictions on NSA Data Store Put Into Reform Bill
  WikiLeaks May Name Targeted Country Despite Greenwald Warnings
  US Indictment of Chinese Hackers Could Be Awkward for the NSA
100 Killed, 47 Wounded in Iraq Operations and Attacks
Car Bombings Kill at Least 118 in Central Nigeria
US-Armed Group Seeks 'All Syrian Land Occupied by Israel'
Israel Offers Excuses After Video Shows Troops Killing Teens
Let's End Congress's Blanket Authorization of Force  by Gene Healy
Public Hysteria Over Boko Haram Is Counterproductive  by Ivan Eland
Ukraine and International Law: Double Standard at the NY Times  by Howard Friel
The Libyan 'Coincidence'  by Justin Raimondo
Secretary of State John Kerry Once Was Everywhere  by Mac Deford
American Journalism Needs More Edward Snowdens  by David Sirota

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Congress Is Making Plans to Limit Use of Military Drones
Reid: Drone-Memo Author Is a Go
'House of Cards' Seeks NSA Director
6,000 US Troops Headed to Jordan for Military Exercise
Fine Line Seen in US Spying on Companies
Kiev Offers to Repay Gazprom Gas Debts 'in 10 Days' if Discount Price Granted
Gunfire Rattles East Ukraine Ahead of 2nd Round of European-Brokered Talks to Resolve Crisis
EU Pays Out First Loan Tranche to Ukraine
Russia Says Ukraine Election May Aggravate Crisis
Detained RT Reporter Could Be Taken to Kiev for Further Interrogation
US Sanctions 12 Russians for Human Rights Violations
Russia Conducts Test-Launch of Ballistic Missile
5 Found Guilty of Moscow Journalist's 2006 Killing
Wary of Russia, Norway Urges NATO Vigilance in Arctic
Russia Moves to Make Failure to Declare Dual Citizenship a Crime
NATO Sends Thousands of Troops to Estonia for War Games
EU Court Imposes Right to Be Forgotten on Google Search Results
High-Profile War Crimes Suspects Escape Kosovo Hospital
Balkan Floods May Have Undone Years of Landmine Detection
'Risks': Snowden's Lawyer Expresses Concerns About Germany Testimony
Libya Evacuation Decision 'Minute by Minute,' US Official Says
Libya Parliament Moves to Luxury Hotel After Militia Attack
Boko Haram Member Warns of More Kidnappings
Nigeria Asks UN al-Qaeda Committee to Blacklist Boko Haram
Bombings Sow Fear, Reveal Boko Haram's Increasing Reach Across Nigeria
Nigeria's Neglected Israeli Drones Won't Help Find Girls
France Delays Sahel Counter-Insurgency Plan After Mali Violence
Uganda Government Tells Opposition to 'Wait Until 2056'
Al Jazeera Warns Life of Its Journalist Jailed in Egypt Is at Risk
Central African Republic's Seleka Rebels Reorganize
Kenya Police Clash With Protesting Students in Nairobi
Soldiers Quell Voter Unrest After Delays, 'No Ink' in Chaotic Malawi Poll
Hunger in Somalia: Familiar Menace Could Return
After 50 Years of War, Colombian Rebels Look to Politics
Rights Groups: Palestinian Teens Killed With Live Ammo, Deaths 'Unlawful'
US Urges Restraint Amid Rage Over Deaths of Palestinian Teens
Israel Makes Animated Pitch Against Iran Diplomacy
Sisi: Israel in Danger Without Egypt's Army in Sinai
Hamas May Mellow on Israel, Ex-Turkish FM Predicts
Syrian Army Missile Kills 13, Including 8 Kids
Activists Say Chlorine Attack Kills Teenager in Central Syria
Pentagon: Syria Starts Moving Remaining Chemical Weapons
Iran Mulls Sending Observers to Monitor Syria Poll
Syrian Fighting Gives Hezbollah New but Diffuse Purpose
Syria Conflict: First Briton Convicted of Terrorist Offenses
100 Killed, 47 Wounded in Iraq Operations and Attacks
Some of the Competitors in the Way of Maliki's Third Term
Time to Embrace the Internet, Iran President Says
Iran Top General Urges Media to Back President
27 Killed as Shi'ite Rebels Attack Army in North Yemen
Eight Killed in Clashes Between Rival Yemeni Sects
Lebanon Army Arrests Iraqi Terror Suspect, Eight Soldiers Wounded
Angry China Retaliates Against US Over Cyberspying
China Summons US Envoy Over 'Hypocrisy' on Cyberspying
Pakistan Suspends 3 Geo TV Channels for Allegations Against ISI
Pakistan TV Station Accused of Blasphemy After Broadcasting Music During Interview
Thailand: Security Measure or Prelude to Coup?
Thailand Martial Law: Acting PM Issues Plea for Peace
Castles in the Air: Afghans Pay a Heavy Price for Uncertainty
Mediators Leave Venezuela, Apparently No Solution to Standoff by Govt, Opposition
Mother of American Held in Venezuela Says Son Not a Terrorist
Globovisiůn Owners Leave Socialism Behind on Visits to Miami
Venezuela Suspends International Mail Deliveries in Currency Row
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