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Updated May 22, 2014 - 11:27 PM EDT
House Rejects Measure to End War on Terror
  Senate Confirms Drone Memo Author as Appeals Court Judge
  US Forced to Acknowledge Secret Tapes of Gitmo Force-Feedings
House Passes Gutted NSA 'Reform' Bill
  NBC Interviews Edward Snowden in Moscow
  Greenwald, Snowden, and Laura Poitras Reunite in Moscow
  FBI Chief: 'Be Suspicious' of Government Power
US Envoy to Libya Defends General's Takeover
  Clashes in Tripoli as Coup General Gains New Allies
  Libya Faction Urges Army Desertions, Slams 'Loser' General's Coup
16 Ukraine Soldiers Killed at Donetsk Checkpoint
  US Starts Spinning Credibility of Upcoming Ukraine Vote
  Latvia Demands Permanent NATO Bases
Taliban Kill 22 Afghan Police in Multiple Attacks
  Afghan Govt Split as Karzai Suspends Special Forces Chiefs
US Sends Troops to Chad for Nigerian Girl Hunt
  Boko Haram Kills 48 in Attacks on NE Nigerian Villages
Thailand Military Seizes Power in Coup
31 Killed, Scores Wounded in China Bombings
Russia and China Agree on $400 Billion Gas Deal
A History of the First World War in 100 Moments  by Patrick Cockburn
The Inherent Awfulness of the New 9/11 Museum  by Lucy Steigerwald
The Price of Whistleblowing: Manning, Greenwald, Assange, Kiriakou, and Snowden  by Jane Hamsher
The NSA Bill Now Shuts a Secret Database. Will That Fix Anything?  by Marcy Wheeler
Cambodia: US Training of Abusive Military Exposed  Human Rights Watch
Chris Christie Dives Into Foreign Policy – Too Deep  by Paul Mulshine

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The Imperial Presidency
by Jonathan Turley
VA Calculates War's True Cost, One Disabled Veteran at a Time
Obama's Revamp of Anti-Terror Policies Stalls
Pope Francis Eyes Religious Reconciliation on Trip to Holy Land
Bahrain Deal With Russia Upsets US
Darkcoin, the Shadowy Cousin of Bitcoin, Booming
FBI 'Could Hire Hackers on Cannabis' to Fight Cybercrime
Fighting the NSA
Illinois House Passes Bill to Ban Warrantless Cellphone Tracking, 111-0
California Lawmakers Make Modest Attempt to Halt NSA Data Collection
NSA Loves the Bahamas So Much It Records All Its Cellphone Calls
Snowden's First Move Against the NSA Was a Party in Hawaii
US: Russia May Be Moving Troops
Kiev Ready for 'Final Stage' of Military Op in East Ukraine
Russia Vows to Retaliate Against US Human Rights Sanctions
Patriotic Volunteers of the 'Black Army' Who Want to Save Their Land Only Make It More Dangerous
Solidarity Eludes Ukraine Separatist Groups as Presidential Election Nears
Diplomatic Row as Russia Demands 'Clarification' on Prince Charles 'Hitler' Comments
Labor MP: Prince Charles 'Should Abdicate' After Comparing Putin to Hitler
British RT Reporter Graham Phillips Released in Ukraine After Being Held for 36 Hours
China and Her Neighbors
China Calls for New Security Pact With Russia, Iran
Vietnam, Philippines Jointly Denounce China's Maritime Moves
Hacking Charges Threaten Further Damage to Chinese-American Relations
In Cyber Spying Row, Chinese Media Call US a 'Mincing Rascal'
China President Speaks Out on Security Ties in Asia
Vietnam PM Says Considering Legal Action Against China Over Disputed Waters
Pakistan: North Waziristan Strikes Kill 60 Militants
The Battle for Pakistan's Geo TV
Narendra Modi Inauguration: Pakistan PM Sharif Invited
Kashmir Revokes Ban on Text Messages
Afghan Election Body Sacks Thousands Over Fraud Ahead of Runoff
Japan: Atsugi Residents Awarded $70m Over Military Aircraft Noise
Two Killed in Clashes With Police in Tajikistan's East
US Firms Extend $2 Billion Oil Loan to Venezuela
Kerry Calls on Venezuela to Talk With Opposition
Ex-Egypt Leader Mubarak Sentenced to Three Years
Amid Egypt Rights Abuses, US Stalls Over More Military Aid
US-Egypt Military Ties Will Depend on Egypt's Actions: US General
Once Dominant, Decimated Muslim Brotherhood Puts Hope in Presidential Vote Boycott
Egyptian Teenage Scientist Plans to Seek Asylum in US
Libyan Capital Rocked by Gunfire, Explosions; Two Killed
Libyan Interior Minister Denies Joining Forces With Renegade General
War Crimes Court Wants Gadhafi Son for Trial
Nigerians Call for Talks With Boko Haram
Nigerian Blasts, Likely Intended to Foster Discord, Instead Promote Unity
Nigeria Asks UN to Blacklist Boko Haram as Violence, Fear Escalate
Major Attacks by Islamic Extremists in Nigeria
Tuareg Separatists Beat Back Mali Offensive in Flashpoint Town
How a Brief Campaign for the British Army's Secret X Platoon Mutated Into a Desperate, 16-Day Siege in Sierra Leone
Moroccan Film Follows the Path of Suicide Bombers
Israeli DM: David's Sling Defense System May Not Be Operational in Time Due to Lack of Budget
Israeli Air Force Chief Lauds 400% Firepower Increase in 2 Years
Family of Slain US Activist Appeals Israel Verdict
Abbas: Palestinians Not Seeking to Join More UN Agencies for Now
Palestinian Court Gives Jail Term to Exiled Fatah Official Dahlan
Seeking Balance on Mideast Visit, Pope Pleases Few
Israel Restricts Right-Wing Jewish Activists for Pope's Visit
ISIL Seeks Islamic State on Syria-Iraq Border
Russia Says It Will Veto UN Resolution on Syria
Syrian Troops Advance Toward Aleppo Prison
Food Distribution Under Way for 60,000 in Aleppo: Red Cross
Lebanon Sees Surge in Cannabis Crop as Army Is Forced to Focus on Border Security
Middle East
Fighting, Attacks Continue Across Iraq: 36 Killed, 33 Wounded
The Lobby Behind Turkey's Prime Minister
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The Inherent Awfulness of the New 9/11 Museum

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Public Hysteria Over Boko Haram Is Counterproductive

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Yugoslavia's Lessons Learned

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An Economist’s Case for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

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Targeting Iran

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Brother Karzai Leaves Election, Joins Another Ticket

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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