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Updated May 23, 2014 - 11:26 PM EDT
Pentagon Claims Snowden Leaks 'Staggering'
  House Passes Gutted NSA 'Reform' Bill
  DIA Report on Assessment of Damage Done by Snowden Leaks
House Rejects Measure to End War on Terror
  Senate Confirms Drone Memo Author as Appeals Court Judge
  CIA Secrecy Over Program Threatens Prosecutions, Senators Warn
  Lt. Gen. Bolger: Why We Lost Iraq, Afghanistan
  FBI Closes Investigation Into Guantánamo Defense Aide
Libya Coup General Urges 'War on Terror' Govt
  Islamist Militias Arrive in Libyan Capital, Aim to Oust Coup General
  US Ambassador to Libya Defends General's Takeover
IAEA Report to Confirm Iran Abiding by Deal
  Russia, Iran Near Deal on Building Eight Nuclear Power Plants
16 Ukraine Soldiers Killed at Donetsk Checkpoint
  US Army Postpones Summer Exercise in Ukraine
Syrian al-Qaeda Moving Deeper Into Golan Hts.
  Watchdog: Last of Syria's Chemicals 'Packed and Ready'
Bombers Return to Baghdad; 150 Killed Across Iraq
Israeli Bill Aims to Expand Jerusalem Border for Settlements
31 Killed, Scores Wounded in Eastern China Bombings
Pakistan Launches Ground Offensive Against N. Waziristan
Why Are Russia and China (and Iran) Paramount Enemies for the US Ruling Elite?  by John V. Walsh
From the Bay of Pigs to the 'Bay of Tweets'  by Sarah Stephens
Syria: How Britain's Moral Crusade Inflames Islamists  by Brendan O’Neill
George Packer Is Good at Fellatio  by Justin Raimondo
Deluge in Serbia and Bosnia  by Nebojsa Malic
Pentagon Report on Snowden's 'Grave' Threat Gravely Overblown  by Julian Sanchez

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Chris Christie's Attempts at Wooing Sheldon Adelson Are Not Going Well
Minnesota Governor Signs Bill to Ban Warrantless Cellphone Tracking
California Senate Votes to Ban 'Material Support' to NSA
Russia and China Veto UN Move to Refer Syria to ICC
Aleppo Prison Siege 'Broken by Syrian Troops'
Damascenes Fear Assad Election Will Provoke Rebel Onslaught
Golan Heights Druze Want to Vote for Assad: 'We're Syrians'
UN Chief Demands Urgent Action on Inadequate Syria Aid Access
Bombers Return to Baghdad; 150 Killed, 127 Wounded Across Iraq
Iraq's Kurds Start Exporting Oil Unilaterally
Five Civilians Killed as Yemen Battles 'Qaeda'
Yemen President Urges Southern Leaders to Join Talks
Turkish Aid Group Opposes Dropping Legal Action Over Israeli Raid
Turkish Man Dies After Shooting During Protest
Israel Police Arrests Three Youths Over Hate Crimes in Arab Town
Ukraine Dangerously Interfering With Press Freedom: Human Rights Watch
Slovakia Nurtures Special Ties to Russia, Despite EU Sanctions
US Cruiser Vella Gulf Heads to Black Sea Amid Unrest in Ukraine
Prince Charles's Putin-Hitler Comparison Is Outrageous, Says Russia
MPs Slam 'Hypocritical' German Weapons Deals
German University Rector Faults Snowden Doctorate
Britain/Northern Ireland
Belfast Police to Sue for All Boston College Tapes
UK Launches Massive, Nuclear-Powered Submarine
Jailed UK Ex-Marine Loses Appeal Against Afghan Murder Conviction
Two Alleged 'Anonymous' Hackers Arrested by Australian Police
Colombian President Santos: 'Waging War Is More Popular Than Negotiating'
Guatemala Extradites Accused Drug Trafficker to US
US Criticizes Cuba Over Blocking of Dissident Website
Thai Military Declares a Coup, Detains Key Political Leaders
Kerry Formally Declares Thai Military Takeover a 'Coup'
Thailand Under Curfew Amid Army Coup
Thai Army Chief Summons Ousted PM for Talks a Day After Coup
Tourists Confined to Hotels and City Streets Deserted After Curfew Announced
Coup Needed for Thailand 'To Love and Be at Peace Again': Army Chief
Deadly Attack in Western China Suggests New Tactics for Separatists
The Power Struggle Behind China's Corruption Crackdown
Taliban Capture 27 People as Afghan Siege Continues
Attack on Indian Consulate in Herat
Koreas Exchange Fire Into Water Near Disputed Sea Boundary
Nigeria: 'Boko Haram' Destroy Village
Nigerians Protest Government Failure to Free Girls
UN Security Council Committee Blacklists Nigeria's Boko Haram
Will Egypt Intervene in Libya Crisis?
AP Interview: Rogue Libya General Vows to Fight On
Egyptian Teen Defects to US After Science Fair in Los Angeles
Sisi's Economic Vision for Egypt: Back to the Future

Tuareg Separatists Seize Several Towns in Northern Mali

Malawi Poll Marred by Rigging, Says President Joyce Banda
Grenade Attack on Police Vehicle Wounds Two in Kenya's Mombasa
Man Killed as French Troops Clash With Crowds in Central African Republic
The War at Home
Lt. Gen. William Boykin, Past Delta Force Commander, Hit With Army Reprimand
House Members to Edward Snowden: No Mercy
Doctor: Phoenix VA Ignores Mandate to Prioritize Iraq, Afghanistan Vets
Marine Falls From Osprey Aircraft During Training
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Justin Raimondo
George Packer Is Good at Fellatio

Nebojsa Malic
Deluge in Serbia and Bosnia

Lucy Steigerwald
The Inherent Awfulness of the New 9/11 Museum

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Public Hysteria Over Boko Haram Is Counterproductive

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An Economist’s Case for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

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Targeting Iran

Kelley B. Vlahos
Brother Karzai Leaves Election, Joins Another Ticket

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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