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Updated May 24, 2014 - 11:19 PM EDT
Ukraine Chocolate King Who Would Be President
  Putin: Russia Will Respect Ukraine Vote
  'Maidan' Looms Large Over Ukraine's Presidential Vote
Obama's Drone War Shows No Signs of Ending
  Most US Drone Strikes in Pakistan Attack Houses
  White House Meetings Don't Sell Senators on Obama's Foreign Policy
Judge Lifts Ban on Guantanamo Force-Feeding
  Gitmo Inmate Vomited Blood After Force-Feeding, Documents Show
  Cleared Gitmo Prisoners Continue to Be Punished for Being Yemeni
IAEA: Iran Sharply Reducing Uranium Stockpile
  How Gold Helped Iran Withstand US Financial Fury
WikiLeaks: NSA Records All Calls in Afghanistan
  Fusion Centers Tracked Activists With Tools Like Google News Alerts
US-Armed Rebels Shell Syrian Rally, Killing 39
US Cuts Military Aid After Thailand Coup
69 Killed Across Iraq as Pilgrims Are Attacked
Kerry’s Nigeria Comments Reflect Administration’s Conceit
Why USA Freedumber Is Worse Than the Status Quo  by Marcy Wheeler
A Trick Play to Close Guantánamo Bay  by David Firestone
Little Guys Don't Stand a Chance Against the National-Security State  by Conor Friedersdorf
A Response to Michael Kinsley  by Glenn Greenwald
Africa Has Had Enough of Our Help  by Scott McPherson
Why I Don't Want to See the Drone Memo  by David Swanson

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Twitter Agrees to Block 'Blasphemous' Tweets in Pakistan
Kerry Will Testify at House Benghazi Hearing
Issa: WH Warned YouTube Over Anti-Islam Video During Benghazi Attack
Poland's Walesa Says the US No Longer World Leader
Infographic: Ukraine's 2014 Presidential Election
Armed Clashes in East as Ukraine Counts Down to Election
Russia Says Will Take 20 Days to Move Back From Ukraine Border
Putin Says US Backed a Coup D'état in Ukraine
Calm Streets Mask Deep Divisions in Donetsk
Ukraine Faces Struggle to Gain Control of Militias, Including Those on Its Side
Russia Will Respond to Increased NATO Activity Near Border: Top General
Russia Has Secret Document Spelling Out Reaction to Sanctions
Russian Journalists Being Banned Entry to Ukraine to Cover Presidential Election
Russian FM: West's Expansion to the East Ruins Historic Chance at Unification
France's Total in Shale Deal With Russia's Lukoil
Thai Military Tightens Grip, Bans More Than 150 From Leaving Country
Thai Media Chafe Under Post-Coup Blackout
Thailand's Coup Leaders Detain Former PM Yingluck
Witnesses Give Account of How Thai Coup Unfolded
US Army Chief of Staff Calls Thailand General, Urges Restoration of Democratic Rule
Business as Usual for Wealthy Thais After 'Inevitable' Coup
China and Her Neighbors
China Says Xinjiang Attackers Influenced by Foreign Organizations
China Urumqi Attackers 'Blew Themselves Up'
In China's Far West, a City Struggles to Move On
Xinjiang Blast: Five 'Suicide Attackers' Behind Attack
China Warns Japan, Philippines Accuses China in Maritime Spat
Vietnamese Woman Denouncing China Dies After Self-Immolation
Pakistan Military Pounds Taliban Hideouts for Third Day
Pakistani Government Feels Weight of Army's Heavy Hand
Two Blasts Rock Islamabad, One Killed
Protesting Sikhs Push Into Pakistan Parliament
Philippines and Indonesia Resolve 20-Year Border Dispute
Indian Consulate in Afghanistan Attacked, 4 Gunmen Killed
Weekend Reviews
No Place to Hide, by Glenn Greenwald
Baghdad's History Reveals It May Be Prone to Invaders, but They Never Claim It for Long
Elliott Colla's Noir Thriller Exposes the Moral and Strategic Failures of Israeli Military Occupation
Israeli Apartheid: a Beginner's Guide
The Idea of Israel – a History of Power and Knowledge
Mexico Recalculates Number of Missing to 8,000
Gunmen Open Fire Inside Bus, Kill 6 in El Salvador
Netanyahu: We Are Considering Unilateral Moves in West Bank
US to Netanyahu: 'We Oppose Unilateral Steps'
Poll: Marwan Barghouti Would Win Palestinian Presidential Election
Israel Denies Abbas Claim That He Gave Warning Before Joining International Treaties
Assad Forces Break Aleppo Prison Siege, Find Weary Soldiers, Prisoners
UN Chief Urges Aid Delivery Without Syria's Consent
Fleeing Syrians Find a Hard Sanctuary in Camps at Turkish Border
69 Killed, 38 Wounded Across Iraq as Pilgrims Are Attacked
Iraq Seeks Arbitration Against Turkey on Kurdish Oil Sale
Iraq Reaches Pipeline to Fix It After Offensive Against Insurgents
Iran Is Providing Information on Its Detonators, Atomic Agency Says

US Sanctions Iranian Official for Limiting Free Speech

Turkey Protests: Two Killed in Istanbul Clashes
Column Row Sparks Debate Over Turkey's Press Censorship
Erdogan Visit Brings Turkey's Divisions to Streets of Cologne
At Least Three Killed in Suicide Attack on Shi'ites in Yemen
Khalifa Haftar: 'Renegade' General Causing Upheaval in Libya
US, European Allies Express Concern Over Libya Violence
Sinai Islamist Leader Shadi Al-Menei Shot Dead
2 Killed in Pro-Morsi Protests in Egypt
Egyptian Vote Set to Revive Strongman Rule
Sen. Levin Warns Against 'Boots on the Ground' in Search for Nigerian Girls
Nigeria's Army Holding Up Hunt for Taken Girls
US Alone in Helping Nigeria Find Kidnapped Girls Says Kerry
Twenty Malian Soldiers Killed in Failed Assault on Rebel Town: Minister
Mali Tuareg Separatists Accept Ceasefire Agreement
UN: 29 Children Starve, Freeze to Death Fleeing Central African Republic
Tunisian Soldier Killed in Landmine Explosion Near Algerian Border
Anxiety Grips Malawi as Vote Count Delays Drag On
ICC Gives Congo Warlord Germain Katanga 12-Year Jail Term
US Military
DoD to Save $60m by Dropping Recreational, Excess Bases in Europe
2 Guard Soldiers in Casket Photo Flap Removed
Sharing a Washington Prairie: Military Bullets and Rare Butterflies
House Passes New Recruit Mental Health Screening
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Deluge in Serbia and Bosnia

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The Inherent Awfulness of the New 9/11 Museum

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Public Hysteria Over Boko Haram Is Counterproductive

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An Economist’s Case for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

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Targeting Iran

Kelley B. Vlahos
Brother Karzai Leaves Election, Joins Another Ticket

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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