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Updated May 25, 2014 - 11:26 PM EDT
Chocolate Tycoon Claims Victory in Ukraine Vote
  Ukraine Chocolate King Who Would Be President
  Putin Expects No New Cold War Over Ukraine
  Members of US Congress to Spend Memorial Day in Ukraine
African Nations Where US Has Active Military Ops
  Obama to Detail a Broader Foreign Policy Agenda
  Pentagon to Close 21 Facilities in Europe
  Armed Services Panels Reject White House Blueprint for Military Cuts
Syria Rebels, Army Agree on Truce Near Key City
  US-Armed Rebels Shell Syrian Election Rally, Killing 39
Libyan Coup General Welcomes Protesters' Backing
Bombers, Anbar Clashes Continue: 146 Killed Across Iraq
Livni Will Be Fired if She Meets Abbas Again: Top Minister
Why USA Freedumber Is Worse Than the Status Quo  by Marcy Wheeler
A Trick Play to Close Guantánamo Bay  by David Firestone
Little Guys Don't Stand a Chance Against the National-Security State  by Conor Friedersdorf
A Response to Michael Kinsley  by Glenn Greenwald
Africa Has Had Enough of Our Help  by Scott McPherson
Why I Don't Want to See the Drone Memo  by David Swanson

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Pope's Holy Land Visit Casts Light on Plight of Palestinian Christians
Pope to Visit With Palestinian Refugees
Cat Litter Thought Behind New Mexico Nuclear Waste Accident
Al-Qaeda Gunmen Storm Yemeni City, 31 People Killed
Ukraine Says Fires Warning Shots at Russian Helicopters
Russia Says Has Not Received Gas Payments From Ukraine
Self-Proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk Republics Form 'Novorossiya' Union
Three Foreign Journalists Caught in Violence Near Slavyansk, Two Possibly Dead
Putin: West Ignores Russia's Interests in Ukraine
Putin Says Ukraine Has No Right to Demand Gas Price Discount
Putin Says Ukraine 'Radicals' Could Disrupt Gas Flows to Europe
Simple Switch to US Nuclear Fuel for Ukraine Plants Impossible: IAEA Official
Seven Militants Die in Battle With Russian Forces in North Caucasus
Leader of Terrorist Group Killed in Security Operation in Ingushetia
Putin Says Prince Charles's Hitler Remarks 'Unacceptable and Wrong'
Putin Says Russia Ready for Talks With Japan Over Disputed Islands
Sanctions Will Make Russia Use Ruble for Trade: PM Medvedev
3 Dead in Shooting at Jewish Museum of Belgium, Minister Says
UK Police Fail to Seize Terror Inmate Munir Farooqi's Home
Sisi Says Egypt Will Not Allow Threats to Security From Libya
Two Dead After Missiles Strike Homes in Libya's Benghazi
Egypt's El-Sissi Seeks Ties With US on His Terms
Egypt's New Autocrat, Sisi Knows Best
Egypt Sentences 20 Islamist Students for Rioting
Nigeria's Boko Haram Kills 28 in Three Village Attacks
Blast Rocks Central Nigerian City of Jos: Relief Agency
Nigeria's Opposition Seizing on Uproar Over Kidnaped Schoolgirls
Somali Parliament Attack Kills at Least 18
Mali Tuareg Rebels Agree Ceasefire in Kidal Talks
French Troops Battle Muslim Rebels in Central African Republic Town
Grenade Attacks Kill at Least Two in Djibouti: Police
Rwandan Peacekeeper Killed in Sudan's Darfur Region: UN
Dozens Arrested in Niger for Plotting 'Military Coup': Minister
Malawi President Orders Election Re-Run, but Decision Challenged
South America Rejects US Sanctions on Venezuela
Venezuela Protests Not Over, Vows Hardline Maduro Foe
Dissident Cuban Website, Once Blocked, Now Accessible
High-Stakes Colombian Presidential Race Marred by Scandals, Personal Feuds
Americans Still Dying
California Soldier Killed in Non-Combat Shooting in Jordan
US Cancels Exercises and Visits With Thailand in Response to Coup
Opposition to Thai Coup Simmers, Ex-PM in 'Safe Place'
Suspected Muslim Rebels Launch South Thailand Attacks, Three Dead
Junta Targets Scholars for New Detentions as Thai Forces Are Sent to Protests
Thai Army: Ex-PM, Protest Leaders Held 'To Think'
Thai Military Makes Paying Rice Farmers a Priority
Pakistan Says No Tension Between Government and Army
North Waziristan Offensive 'Not Full-Scale Operation'
Pakistan PM Sharif to Go to Modi Inauguration in India
Clash Leaves Eight Militants, Two Soldiers Dead in Khyber
11 Killed in Karachi Violence
Blasts Hit Heart of Pakistani Capital, One Killed: Police
High Tech Surveillance System to Be Launched in Islamabad
Two Policemen Among Three Gunned Down in Hyderabad
Pakistan, China Air Forces Begin Joint Drills
Political Parties Clash Leaves Three Injured in Karachi
Afghan Security Forces Poorly Equipped to Treat Wounded: Pentagon
Work on Afghanistan's Sole Rail Line Falls to Five Soldiers
China Identifies Suspects of Suicide Bombing Attack in Xinjiang
US May Act to Keep Chinese Hackers Out of Defcon Hacker Event
US Urges Israel, Palestinians to Refrain From Unilateral Steps
Majority of Palestinians Prefer Barghouti for PA President
Palestinian Journalists Criticize Abbas for Condemning Assault on Israeli Reporter
Bombers Strike in Northern Iraq, Anbar Clashes Continue: 146 Killed, 82 Wounded Across Iraq

Turkish Consul in Mosul Survived a Bomb Attack

Middle East
4 Syrians Killed in Car Blast in Damascus
Top Bahrain Activist Released From Prison
Lebanon Officially Enters Presidential Vacuum
Turkish PM's Aide Who Kicked Protester Sacked: Official
Weekend Reviews
No Place to Hide, by Glenn Greenwald
Baghdad's History Reveals It May Be Prone to Invaders, but They Never Claim It for Long
Elliott Colla's Noir Thriller Exposes the Moral and Strategic Failures of Israeli Military Occupation
Israeli Apartheid: a Beginner's Guide
The Idea of Israel – a History of Power and Knowledge
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Public Hysteria Over Boko Haram Is Counterproductive

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Targeting Iran

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Brother Karzai Leaves Election, Joins Another Ticket

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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