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Updated May 26, 2014 - 11:17 PM EDT
Ukraine Army, Rebels Battle Over Donetsk Airport
  Chocolate Tycoon Claims Victory in Ukraine Vote
  Russia Ready for Talks With New Ukrainian President
  The Ukraine Chocolate King Who Will Be President
  In Eastern Ukraine, Disruptions Leave Many Unable to Vote
Memorial Day Nightmare: VA Scandal Explodes
  Cold Calculations: Backlogged VA Determines the True Cost of War
Euroskeptics Win Big in EU Parliament Votes
  After EU Vote Win, Le Pen Urges Dissolution of French Parliament
  UK Independence Party Tops EU Vote in Britain
White House Mistakenly Outs CIA's Kabul Chief
  Obama: Afghan Troop Deal Will Be Finalized With Karzai Successor
  Afghan Election Commission Fires Half Its Staff Over Fraud
Attacks Continue in Iraq: 84 Killed, 67 Wounded
House Approves Another $600 Million in Israel Military Aid
Libyan Parliament Backs PM Amid Ongoing Coup Attempt
Obama to Detail a Broader Foreign Policy Agenda
The VA Scandal Is Just the Tip of the Military Abuse Iceberg  by Ron Paul
Washington Post Seeks US-Patrolled 'Safe Zone' in Syria  by Ray McGovern
US Intelligence? Not Even Close  by Steve Weissman
Memorial Day Nightmare  by Kelley Vlahos
More US Intervention in Libya?  by Sheldon Richman
US Continues to Surreptitiously Supplies Arms to Egypt Junta  by Paul Gottinger & Ken Klippenstein

More Viewpoints

Flemish Separatists Are Big Winners in Belgian Election
Sisi Is Torture and Suffering, Confirms Sisi
VA OKs More Private Health Care for Veterans
Kurdish Independence From Iraq: The Ball Is Rolling
NSA Reform to Be 'Fight of the Summer'
EU Elections
EU Parliament: Conservatives Top Vote, Euroskeptics Gain
Euroskeptic 'Earthquake' Rocks EU Elections
France's Far-Right 'Earthquake' Rocks EU Camp
Conservatives Win EU Vote in Germany, While Euroskeptics Make Major Gains
After Vote Gains, Leftist Parties Slam Spain's Political Status Quo
Turkish Cypriots Angry Over EU Vote in Cyprus
Centrist Ano Narrowly Wins Czech EU Election, PM's Party Third
Greek Radical Leftists Score Clear Victory in EU Vote
Slovak PM's Party Wins Euro Election, Turnout a Record Low
In Russia, Tune Changes About Leader in Ukraine
Italian Journalist Andrea Ronchelli Killed in Ukraine
Obama: Ukrainian Vote an 'Important Step'
Sen. Ayotte: Putin Stoking Unrest in Ukraine Elections
Police Hunt Brussels Jewish Museum Gunman, France Tightens Security
US Sending Landmine Team to Serbia and Bosnia
Thailand Coup Gets King Adulyadej Approval as Junta Dissolves Senate
Thai Junta Warns Protesters Patience Is Ebbing
Protests Continue Despite Army Warning
Thai Army Warns on Dissent in Government's Northern Stronghold
China and Her Neighbors
China, Japan Exchange Barbs Over Action by Warplanes in East China Sea
Vietnamese Stage Small Anti-China Protest in Hong Kong
23 Terror, Religious Extremism Groups Busted in Xinjiang
As Taiwan Beefs Up Prized South China Sea Outpost, Barely a Peep From China
Gunmen Kill 6 Police Officers in Pakistan
Press Battle in Pakistan Feeds Into Larger Conflict: Government vs. Military
Pakistan Sees Hope and Fear in Modi Win
Pakistan Frees Indian Fishermen Ahead of Modi Inauguration
Mexico's Zapatista Rebel Leader Marcos Steps Down
Mexico Captured Alleged Cartel Capo Near Border
Wives of Ousted Mayors Win Venezuela Elections
Colombia's President Santos to Face Zuluaga in Runoff Vote
Pope Francis Says Ongoing Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 'Increasingly Unacceptable'
Israeli and Palestinian Leaders to Meet With Pope at Vatican
Ex-Israeli, Saudi Intel Chiefs to Hold Public Debate
Israel Uses Photo of Korean Missiles in Scare Tweet About Hezbollah Threat
Religious Observance Ends in Iraq but Not Attacks: 84 Killed, 67 Wounded
Car Bomb at Liquor Store in Northern Iraq Kills 12
Iraqi Kurdistan Makes First Oil Sale Amid Exports Row
Kurds Say Iraqi Bid to Thwart Oil Exports Via Turkey Will Fail
Car Bomb Kills at Least 10 in Central Syria
Hezbollah Chief Warns of Foreign Fighters in Syria
Lebanon's Political Standoff Leaves Leadership Vacancy
Lebanese Cardinal Makes Rare Jerusalem Visit
Lebanon Arrests Radical Cleric Who Backed Militants
Yemen Forces Kill Five al-Qaeda Militants in Raid
Yemen Says Security Forces Kill Senior al-Qaeda Leader
Middle East
Former US Marine Imprisoned in Iran Seeks Retrial
Bahrain Says No Plans to Return Ambassador to Qatar Soon
Egypt's New Strongman, Sisi Knows Best
In Egyptian Town, Cheers for Sisi but Murmurs of Discontent
Journalists Take Care of the Censorship as Sisi Poised to Rule
Boko Haram Kill 24 in Nigeria Village Raid
Nigeria Girl Abduction 'Contrary to Islam Principles': AU Chief
North Africa
Tunisia: 3 Arrested in Alleged Terror Plot
Morocco Demo Demands Release of Jailed Reform Activists
Around 50 Soldiers Killed in Recent Fighting in Mali's North
Muslim Youths Mutilated in Central African Republic
Niger Arrests Opposition Members It Says Trying to Incite Coup
The War at Home
Family of Iraq Veteran Forms Nonprofit Center in DC to Research Unexplained Illnesses
Woman Who Lost Husband to PTSD Now Fighting for Survivors' Benefits
Opportunities to Identify War Dead Abound as DoD Overhauls Troubled Recovery Efforts
B-52 Bomber Gets Its First New Communications System Since the 1960s
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An Economist’s Case for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

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Targeting Iran

Kelley B. Vlahos
Brother Karzai Leaves Election, Joins Another Ticket

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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