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Updated May 28, 2014 - 9:30 PM EDT
Obama Speech Touts American Interventionism
  Obama's West Point Speech Reads Like a Takedown of Rand Paul
100 Rebels Killed in Ukraine's Airport Offensive
  Ukraine Accuses Russia Over Border Gunbattle
Obama to Announce Training of Syria Rebels
  Syrian Rebels Describe US-Backed Training in Qatar in Documentary
Maliki Seeks Kurdistan Support for Majority Govt
  HRW Says Iraq Govt Targeting Civilians; 78 Killed, 83 Wounded
Greenwald's Finale: List of Names NSA Spied On
Obama Wants to Keep 9,800 GIs in Afghanistan
Boko Haram Kills 54 in Northern Nigeria Attacks
Yemen's Military Works Hard to Hide Civilian Casualties
Egypt Extends Vote In Desperate Attempt to Raise Turnout
How About a Three-Front War in Syria?  by David Stockman
Kinsley, Greenwald, and Govt Secrets  by Margaret Sullivan
Secret Laws Are a Threat to American Democracy  by Jeremy Carp
Euroskepticism and Its Discontents  by Justin Raimondo
Libya's Slow-Motion Coup  by Patrick Cockburn
The Case for Abolishing the TSA  by Dylan Matthews

More Viewpoints

White House to Probe Outing of CIA Station Chief
FBI Files on Pete Seeger to Be Released Online
Army Ousts Commander of Hospital After Deaths
Demonstrators Storm President's HQ in Abkhazia
Spying on Everyone
Microsoft Challenged a National Security Letter – and Won
Technology Companies Are Pressing Congress to Bolster Privacy Protections
Snowden Says Would Have Much to Tell German Inquiry: Magazine
Snowden, Greenwald, Appelbaum, WikiLeaks 'Blacklisted' From Stockholm Internet Forum
Despair and Dread Grip Syrian Refugees on Election's Eve
6 Chemical Weapons Inspectors Reported Kidnapped in Syria Now Safe
Canadian Hezbollah Commander Killed Fighting Rebels in Syria: Sources
2 British Men Plead Guilty for Planning to Attend Syria Rebel Training Camp
No One Is in Charge of Helping Millions of Syrians Displaced by War
Iran Readies Plant Needed to Fulfill Nuclear Pact With Powers
Prison Terms in Iran Hint of New Reins on Internet
HRW Says Iraq Govt Targeting Civilians; 78 Killed, 83 Wounded
Iraq Using Barrel Bombs, Hitting Fallujah Hospital: HRW
Suicide Bomber Kills 19 in Baghdad Shi'ite Mosque
Hosptial Authorities: 461 Civilians Killed, 1466 Wounded in Fallujah During 5 Months of Military Ops
Tony Blair: I Am Not to Blame for Iraq Inquiry Delays
Hamas and Fatah Say Agree on Palestinian National Unity Government
Israel Hospitalizes 40 Hunger-Striking Detainees
Defense Minister: Signing UN Arms-Control Treaty Puts Israel at Risk
Lapid: Unilateral Annexations Will Lead Coalition to Collapse
Ya'alon: Turkey Not Yet Ready to Normalize Relations With Israel
Ex-Foreign Minister Levy Decides Against Joining Race for Israel President
Israel's Presidential Frontrunner Doesn't Back Palestinian State, but Says It's Not His Call
Turkish Activists Call for Protests on Anniversary of 'Gezi' Unrest
New Libya PM's Home Attacked as Unrest Over His Rule Grows
Extremist Group Vows to Fight Libyan General
USS Bataan Moves Into Mediterranean for Possible Libya Evacuation
State Department Tells US Citizens to Leave Libya Immediately
Vote or Else, Egyptian Media Warns Public
Dissenters in Egypt Mock Election Turmoil
Sisi Reign Begins With a Whimper in Egypt
Ukraine, Russia Near Deal to Avoid Gas Cutoff
OSCE Loses Contact With Monitoring Team in Donetsk
Denmark Says Believes OSCE Monitors Held by Separatists
Israel Rescues Ukrainian Jews Stranded by Fighting
Ukraine's Arms Firms Walk Tightrope Between Kiev and Moscow
Study: Iraq and Afghan Wars Cost UK Taxpayers £30bn
Cameron and Hollande Urge EU Reform at Brussels Summit
Scottish Nationalists Get New Weapon in Battle for Independence: Europe
Netherlands to Deploy More Police at Jewish Sites After Belgium Attack

Norway: 3 Arrested for Links to Terror Group

Swedish Spy Chief Warns of Rise of Islamist Threat
UK Troops 'To Leave Afghanistan as Planned'
CIA Afghan Station Chief Whose Cover Was Blown by White House Will Have to Leave Country
Rebelling Against Abuse, Afghan Women See Signs of Change
Geo TV Owners Print Front-Page Apology to Pakistan's ISI Spy Chief
Leaders of India and Pakistan Hold Rare Meeting
India PM Narendra Modi Presses Pakistan's Sharif on Militants
Imran Khan Urges Army Chief to Revive Taliban Talks
Vietnam, China Trade Barbs After Vietnamese Fishing Boat Sinks
China Accuses US of Internet Surveillance on Its Leaders
China Hits Activists With Common-Crime Charges
Thai Troops Detain Govt Minister Who Blasted Coup
Thai Farmers Get Rice Payments as Military Steps Up Propaganda
From Beaches to Bangkok, Tourists Ask 'What Coup?'
Myanmar Seeks Views on Religious Conversion Bill
After Fleeing Myanmar, Rohingya Lead Clandestine Lives in Thailand
Nigeria Denies Formal Talks on Captive Schoolgirls
US Says Cannot Corroborate Nigerian Claim It Has Located Girls
Djibouti-Based US Troops Restricted to Base
UN to Focus on Protecting Civilians in South Sudan
Sudan Bans Media From Reporting on Detained Leader
Gunmen Kill Turkish Man in Attack in Mogadishu
Eritreans Fleeing From Forced Labor Draft: UN Report
Brazil's Indigenous, Police Clash in Protest
Jailed Venezuela Police Chief Starts Hunger Strike
Arrest Warrant Issued for Former Ecuador President
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The Inherent Awfulness of the New 9/11 Museum

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Targeting Iran

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Brother Karzai Leaves Election, Joins Another Ticket

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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