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Updated May 29, 2014 - 11:27 PM EDT
Obama Speech Touts American Interventionism
  Obama's West Point Speech Reads Like a Takedown of Rand Paul
NBC Interview: Inside the Mind of Ed Snowden
  NSA Releases Single Snowden Email to General Counsel
  Snowden: 'No Relationship' With Russian Government
  Aide: Snowden Unlikely to Return to US Without a Deal
Ukraine General, 11 Troops Die in Downed Chopper
  Ukraine Forces Suffer New Losses in Donetsk
  The Reality of Ukraine's Conflict in a Donetsk Morgue
Libya Coup General Launches Airstrikes on East
  Libya Standoff Emerges as Premier Refuses to Yield to Successor
US: Reports of American Bomber in Syria 'Likely Accurate'
  Obama’s $5 Billion ‘Counter-Terrorism’ Fund Has Syria in Crosshairs
Scary Iranian 'Plot' Centers on News Website, Facebook
Bombers Strike in Baghdad and Mosul; 94 Killed Across Iraq
Pakistani Taliban Splits in Two Over Peace Talks
Low Turnout Robs Egypt Junta Leader of Election Credibility
No Place To Hide  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Heads Up – The US Is Losing in Ukraine  by Chris Ernesto
Obama Gives 10,000 Men Chance to Be Last Man to Die for Our Afghan Mistake  by Nick Gillespie
The Pathological Terror of Cutting Federal Budgets and Agencies  by Lucy Steigerwald
Pope Francis in Palestine  by Phyllis Bennis
Beyond 'Benghazi'  by W. James Antle III

More Viewpoints

Rocket With 3-Man Crew Lifts Off for Space Station
Libyan Islamist Militia Warns US Against Intervention
Former Counterterrorism Czar Richard Clarke: Bush Committed War Crimes
Army Drill Sergeant Accused of Numerous Sex Assaults
The War at Home
Obama Snaps at Reporter for Asking About Syria at a Science Fair
Snowden to Critics: 'Ask the State Department' Why I'm in Russia
Snowden Says if He Could Go Anywhere, It Would 'Be Home'
'Troubling' Report Sparks New Wave of Calls for VA Chief's Resignation
US Veterans Waited 115 Days for Care
1,700 Vets Not on Official Wait List at Phoenix Va Facility, Preliminary Report Finds
Soldier Missing From Korean War Accounted For
Chemical Weapons Investigators in Syria Were Attacked Twice
UN: Syria Won't Meet Deadline to Destroy Chemicals
Hezbollah Commander Wanted by FBI Killed in Syria
Assad's Supporters Abroad Vote in Syrian Election
Right-Wing Israeli MPs Introduce Legislation to Annex West Bank
Palestinians Villagers Fear Encroaching Settlement Bloc
Israel Soldier Present at Nakba Day Clash Suspended for Illegally Firing Rubber Bullets
In Rare Israel Visit, Lebanese Church Head Hears Exiled Christians
Ex-Israeli Military Intel Chief Says Tough Iran Sanctions 'Are Still Holding'
Turkey's Erdogan Says Foes May Leak Video in Bid to Smear Him
Courting Kurdish Vote, Turkey's Erdogan Warns Against Sabotaging Peace
Middle East
Bombers Strike in Baghdad and Mosul; 94 Killed, 116 Wounded Across Iraq
Shi'ite Activists Sentenced to Death in Saudi Arabia
UN Concern at Malaysia's Expulsion of Tamil Tiger Suspects
Venezuela Implicates US Envoy in Opposition Plot
Mexico Vigilantes Urge More 'Self-Defense' Groups
Colombia Conservative Party Divided Over Runoff Support
World Cup Visitors Will Be Safe, Vows Brazil
Chechen Leader Denies Sending Troops to Ukraine
Russia's Lavrov Warns of 'Fratricidal War' in Ukraine
East Ukraine City Largely Calm After Battle, Rebels Seek Russian Help
Ukraine PM Yatsenyuk in Russia Border Demand
Russia's Gazprom Says Ukraine Will Owe $5.2 Billion as of June 7
Ukraine's President Says Ready to Sign EU Trade Deal Soon
Abkhazia: Leader 'Flees' Protesters in Sukhumi
Presidential Building Is Stormed in Restless Abkhazia
Russia Expresses Concern About Abkhazia Unrest
Boko Haram Still Holding 219 Girls, After Escape of Four More Reported
Nigerian Oil Activists: Israel Pushing for Showdown With Boko Haram
Boko Haram Too Extreme for 'al-Qaeda in West Africa' Brand
Nigerian Government Accuses Opposition Governors of Inciting Protest
At Least 30 Killed at Church in Central African Republic
UN Security Council Urges Mali to Implement Ceasefire
Female Soldiers Join the Army Ranks in Somalia
Angolan Police Detain, Beat Protesters: Activist
Two Foreigners Injured in Attack on US Consulate in Afghanistan
Top US Commander: Obama Ended Afghan Uncertainty
Mehsud Group's Separation Termed Big Blow to Pakistani Taliban
India's Modi to Visit Pakistan
Anglican Leader Says Minorities in Pakistan 'Under Siege'
Thai Military Rulers Appoint Anti-Thaksin Advisers
Thailand Coup: Military Says Many Detainees Freed
Beijing: China Holds Mass Sentencing of 55 People at Football Stadium
Japan PM Says Will Take Time to Provide Patrol Ships to Vietnam
Japan and Australia Consider Submarine Deal That Could Rattle China
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Euroskepticism and Its Discontents

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Our Pathological Fear of Cutting Federal Budgets and Agencies

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US Alliances Lead Asian Allies to Be More Antagonistic Toward China

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Deluge in Serbia and Bosnia

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An Economist’s Case for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

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Targeting Iran

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Brother Karzai Leaves Election, Joins Another Ticket

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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