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Updated June 3, 2014 - 11:26 PM EDT
Freed US POW Bergdahl, Family Vilified by Hawks
  13 Things You Need to Know About Bowe Bergdahl
  Hospital: Released Soldier Bergdahl Is Stable
Poll: Most in US Think Snowden Did Right Thing
  Snowden Seeks Asylum in Sunny Brazil
OSCE: Luhansk Deaths Caused by Airstrikes
  Ukraine Army Targets Separatists in New Offensive in East
  NATO, Russia Trade Blame Over Ukraine Fighting
  Russia Extends Ukraine's Gas Payment Deadline
Syrian Rebels Kill 50 in Aleppo Rocket Fire

France Arrests Syria Jihad Suspects as Museum Attacker Held

Israel Slams US for Accepting Palestinian Govt
  Palestinian Unity Govt Sworn In, But Will Anything Change?
Can the F-35 Be Hacked?
At Least 18 Killed in Overnight Benghazi Fighting
Supreme Court Rejects Risen Appeal on Identity of Source
Reddit, Imgur, and Boing Boing Launch Anti-NSA Campaign
Bombers Strike in Southern Iraq; 85 Killed, 189 Wounded
Edward Snowden, the World's 'Most Wanted Criminal'  by Noam Chomsky
Imperialism and Nigerian Schoolgirls  by Ivan Eland
Guantanamo: A Perverse Incentive to Keep Troops in Afghanistan  by Conor Friedersdorf
UK Covers Up Iraq While Making Syria Worse  by Patrick Cockburn
NSA Wants a Good Look at Your Photos (Aren't You Flattered?)  by J.D. Tuccille
War on Terror Is One Fine Scam  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Oliver Stone to Direct Snowden Thriller
Silk Road Reduced Violence in the Drug Trade: Study
Chemical Weapons Treaty Does Not Apply to Domestic Dispute, Justices Rule
New Yorker From Yemen Accused of Plotting to Kill US Troops
Russia Calls UN Meeting to Seek Ukraine Ceasefire
Russia Signals Opposition to Western-Backed Syria Aid Plan
Russia Grants Gas Respite but Seeks UN Vote on Ukraine
For Sale: Heavily Subsidized, Unprofitable State-Owned Ukrainian Coal Mines
Russia to 'Restrict' US-Run GPS Satellites
David Cameron to Have Talks With President Putin
King Addresses Spaniards Via Television Message to Announce His Abdication
The King Who Replaced a Dictator Now Hands Power to His Son
The Failed Coup That Was the Making of Spain's King
Juan Carlos Guided Spain to Democracy, Recent Years Clouded by Graft Scandal
Afghan President Fumes at Prisoner Deal Made Behind His Back
Prisoner Trade Yields Rare View Into the Taliban
Taliban Recruit Young Fighters as Attacks Rise Ahead of Afghan Vote
US Says Troop Plan Only Guarantees NATO Afghan Mission Until End-2015
3 Turkish Engineers Killed in Afghanistan Suicide Attack
With US Leaving, Is Afghanistan Turning to India?
Why US Coast Guard Is in Land-Locked Afghanistan
Australia Gives Visas to 500 Afghans Who Helped in War
Pakistan Taliban Splits Over 'Un-Islamic' Practices
Taliban Shrinks in Waziristan as 'Sajna Factor' Brings Split, Desertions
Jang Multan Resident Editor Injured in Brutal Attack
Pakistan Lost $83 Billion in 'War on Terror'
Suspected Robbers in Pakistan Say Police Hacked Off Their Hands
Thai Army Rulers Prepare Emergency Economic Measures
Ex-Sex Slaves Demand Japan PM Acknowledge Past
Australian PM to Meet Indonesian President as Tensions Ease
Jailed Venezuelan Activist Awaits Judge's Ruling
In Tampico, Mexico, Where the Drug War Rages, 'The Walls Have Ears'
West Will Continue to Fund Fatah-Hamas Government
US Lawmakers Question Aid to New Palestinian Unity Government
Tacit Cooperation With Palestinian Government Will Go On, Expert Says
Israel Renews Restrictions on Nuclear Whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu
Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Who Shot at Them
Health of Hunger-Striking Palestinian Detainees in Israel Worsens
Bennett: Annexation of Area C Is the Best Response to Fatah-Hamas Government
American Suicide Bomber in Syria Raises Fears for US
On Election Eve, Ruined Homs Shows Cost of Syria's War
David Cameron: Syria Terror Threat 'More Dangerous' Than Afghanistan
US Disputes Mulling Extension on Iran Talks
IAEA Says It Has Gained a 'Better Understanding' of Iran's Nuclear Program
Bombers Strike in Southern Iraq; 85 Killed, 189 Wounded
Erbil Says Tanker Carrying Kurdish Oil 'Reached Its Destination'
Clashes in Northern Yemen Kill, Wound Dozens
Islamists Torch Christians' Shops in South Egypt
Egypt Sentences 43 Islamists to Prison for Attacks
Egypt, Citing Security, Wants Foreign Companies to Help Monitor Social Media
Egyptian Satirist Bassem Youssef Ends His Show
Nigeria Bans Rallies by Bring Back Our Girls Group
Gunmen Kill Nine in Northeast Nigeria Church Attack
Central African Republic
African Union Peacekeepers Accused of Abuses in Central African Republic: HRW
Girl Left in Forest in Central African Republic Chaos
Two Suspected 'Terrorists' Killed by Kenya Police
Dozens of East African Migrants Bodies Found Along Yemen Shores
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Justin Raimondo
Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl: Prisoner of the War Party

Ivan Eland
Imperialism and Nigerian Schoolgirls

Lucy Steigerwald
Our Pathological Fear of Cutting Federal Budgets and Agencies

Nebojsa Malic
Deluge in Serbia and Bosnia

David R. Henderson
An Economist’s Case for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

Philip Giraldi
Targeting Iran

Kelley B. Vlahos
Brother Karzai Leaves Election, Joins Another Ticket

Ran HaCohen
Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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