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Updated June 7, 2014 - 10:33 PM EDT
Rice: US Offers Lethal Aid to Syrian Rebels
  Hillary Clinton: I Wanted to Arm Syrian Rebels, But Obama Refused
  Syrian al-Qaeda Kill Seven Children in Northeast Raid
Rebels Shoot Down Ukraine Military Plane
  Russian, Ukrainian Presidents Meet, Agree to Work Toward Ceasefire
Internet Giants Erect Barriers to Spy Agencies
  Judge Orders Feds to Preserve Surveillance Data for Lawsuits
  Vodafone Reveals Existence of Secret Wires for State Surveillance
  Deutsche Telekom to Follow Vodafone in Revealing Surveillance
Carnage Across Iraq Leaves 184 Killed, 183 Hurt
Hospital: Freed POW Improving, Conversing With Staff
Afghan Presidential Front-Runner Survives Attack on Convoy
Israel Med. Assoc. Tells Doctors Not to Force-Feed Detainees
State Dept Bankrolls Nigeria TV to 'Counter' Boko Haram
Leading Alarmist on Iran Ignored What He Knew Was True  by Gareth Porter
Iraq Everlasting  by Frank Rich
Reporting the Middle East: Please Go Back to the Streets  by Ramzy Baroud
Is This What D-Day Was For?
by Nebojsa Malic
How the Israel Lobby Works  by Philip Giraldi
The Disaster That Is US Foreign Policy  by Sheldon Richman

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Clapper: Snowden Files Might Be Smaller Than Expected
Graphic Novel Illustrates How Chelsea Manning Was Treated in Prison
Breaking the Silence About Israeli Occupation
White House: US 'Fully Capable' of Handling Released Taliban
US-Taliban POW Exchange
In First Statement Since Their Release, 5 Taliban Say They'll Adhere to Conditions
The Bergdahl Boomerang: GOP Lawmakers Who Long Urged a Rescue Now Sour on the Idea
Bergdahl's Home Town Bewildered by Backlash Against Its Hero
Americans Split on Prisoner Swap of Taliban for US Soldier: Poll
Bergdahl Treated Well in Afghan Captivity, Taliban Say
POW Deal Gives Qatar a Victory, and a New Test
Pakistan Suspends News Channel Geo Over Spy Agency Row
Facebook Under Fire for Blocking Pages in Pakistan
Eight Taliban Die in Fresh Infighting in North Waziristan
Afghanistan to Boycott Security Talks in Islamabad
China & Her Neighbors
China Says Still No Compensation From Vietnam for Riot Victims
China Uses D-Day Rites to Blast Japan's Stance on War History
China Denounces Tibet Exile Leader, Says Is a Separatist
Thai Junta Tracks Internet Posting to Capture Protest Leader
In Thailand, Growing Intolerance for Dissent Drives Many to More Authoritarian Nations
Sword Fight Erupts at Sikh Temple in India
Rising Seas Wash Japanese War Dead From Pacific Island Graves
Will Boko Haram Soon Occupy Parts of Nigeria?
Cameroon Villages Fear Boko Haram Infiltration
Nigerian Newspapers Accuse Army of Seizing Print-Runs
Intensified Search for Kidnapped Nigerian Girls
Paying for Terrorism: Where Does Boko Haram Gets Money From?
Nigeria's Emir of Kano Ado Bayero Buried After Palace Funeral
Central African Republic
UN: Central African Republic War Crimes Committed
New Plan to End the Conflict in Central African Republic
Officer Arrested for Suspected Plot Against Mali's President
Hunger Spreads in Somalia as Militants Block Towns
Sudanese Police Clear Protest Calling for Opposition Leader's Release
Ukraine's Poroshenko Hails 'Start of Russia Dialogue'
Anti-American Sentiment Growing in Russia
Russian Zvezda TV Journalists Missing Near Besieged Slovyansk
Brussels Jewish Museum Killings: Fourth Victim Dies
Serbia Indicts Four for Milosevic-Era Journalist Murder
Austria Arrests Top Kazakh Dissident Rakhat Aliyev
166 Killed, 101 Wounded Across Iraq as Militants Attack Mosul
Insurgents Fight Iraqi Forces in City of Mosul
Fighting in Iraq's Anbar Forces 500,000 to Flee: UNHCR
Under Pressure From Baghdad, Italy Warns Oil Traders Off Kurdish Tanker
Israeli Police Raid East Jerusalem TV Station Mid-Broadcast
UN Worried About Health of Hunger-Striking Palestinian Detainees
Netanyahu, Peres Congratulate Egypt's Sissi on Election Win
Netanyahu 'Loathes' Obama, Israel's Opposition Leader Charges
Germany 'Very Worried' About Israel's Plans to Advance Settlement Building
Middle East
Heavy Fighting in Yemen Leaves 20,000 More People Displaced: UN
Hezbollah Says Syria Vote Means Foes Can't Demand Assad Quit
Blast in Police Compound in Turkey's Southeast Injures Several
Egyptian Election Law Helps to Block Opposition
Egypt Turns to Western Advisers, Signaling Possible Reforms
Backers, Foes of Rogue General Clash in Libya
Libya's Former Security Head Survives Bombing
UN Says Violence, Abuses in Libya Getting Worse
Mexico Defends Decision to Prosecute US Marine
Guatemala Ex-Police Chief Jailed for Life by Swiss Court
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Is This What D-Day Was For?

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Game of Thrones Gets the Nastiness of Politics and War Right

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Imperialism and Nigerian Schoolgirls

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An Economist’s Case for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

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Targeting Iran

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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