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Updated June 9, 2014 - 11:29 PM EDT
Bergdahl Was Tortured After Escape Attempt
  No Evidence Any Soldier Deaths Linked to Bergdahl Capture
  Taliban Swapped for Bergdahl Could Be Drone Targets, Kerry Says
Militants Attack Karachi Airport; 29 Dead
  Shi'ite Pilgrims Attacked on Pakistan-Iran Border, Killing 30
Major Fighting as al-Qaeda in Iraq Moves on Mosul
  82 Killed, 110 Wounded Across Iraq
  Bombing Attack on Iraqi Kurdish Party HQ Kills 30
Ukraine's New President Leads Old Team
  Bulgaria Halts Work on Russian-Backed Gas Pipeline After US Urging
  Canada May Expand Military in Eastern Europe: PM
Israeli Push to Annex West Bank May Topple Govt
Iran: Direct US Talks Essential for Nuclear Deal
War Gear Flows to Police Departments
Obama's Foreign Policy Rhetoric Does Not Match US Actions  by Ron Paul
Going After Bergdahl  by Ted Rall
Bergdahl, Afghanistan, and the Darkening of the American Soul  by Amy Goodman
Taliban Prisoner Swap: A Fact-Free Controversy  by Justin Raimondo
Leaving the USS Liberty Crew Behind  by Ray McGovern
The Spy Who Misspelled Me  by Barrett Brown

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Navy SEAL Says 'Frustrated' Soldiers Do Abuse Prisoners
Interpol Calls for Policing Aid to Yemen
Egypt Willing to Open Gaza Border Crossing Permanently, Official Says
Mexican President Hints May Be Open to Change in Marijuana Laws
Kramatorsk Stalemate; Rebels Hunker Down in Besieged Eastern City
Slovyansk Ceasefire Allows Families to Evacuate
Royal Navy Warship in Baltic Sea Exercise Amid Ukraine Tension
Ukraine Releases Two Russian Journalists Arrested for 'Spying'
Basques Form 123-Km Human Chain Calling for Independence Vote
Spanish Police Detain ETA Fugitive at Madrid Airport
Slovenes Hold Referendum on Secret Files
Kosovo Ex-Rebel Claims Third Term, Turnout Reflects Frustrations
UK Removes Legos From Scotland Independence Campaign
Stalingrad Name May Return to City in Wave of Second World War Patriotism
Syria Becoming Warlord-Run Failed State: Former Peace Envoy
Couple, Four Children Killed in Syria Air Raids: NGO
Israeli Ministers Okay Bill to Prohibit Pardon of Terrorists
Israel Denies Visa to Palestinian Soccer Official
Rocket Fire From Gaza Sets Off Sirens in South
Lapid to Netanyahu: Reveal Map of Israel's Future Borders
Pope Says Israelis, Palestinians Must Seek Peace 'Undaunted in Dialogue'
2 Suspects Arrested, Indicted for Massive 2013 Abu Ghosh Price-Tag Attack
82 Killed, 110 Wounded Across Iraq as Kurdish Party HQ Bombed
Kurdish Oil Puts Region at Political Crossroads
Mosul in ISIS Grip as Local Officials Call for Peshmarga
Two Kurds Die in Protest Over New Turkish Army Posts
Colombia Government, Rebels to Set Up Truth Commission
Colombia's FARC Declare Poll Ceasefire, Take a Swipe at Zuluaga
With Fire and Fear, Mapuche Rebellion Roils Chile
Venezuela Rally Supports Jailed Opposition Leader
US-Taliban POW Swap
Mattis: More Freedom to Operate After Swap
Parents of Bowe Bergdahl Receive Death Threats
Guantanamo Prisoners Set to Leave Amid Trade Furor
Rogers Charges Obama Empowered the Taliban
Foreign Intelligence Accused of Afghanistan Assassination Attempt
Death Toll Doubles in Attack on Afghanistan's Abdullah
Afghanistan Tightens Election Security After Abdullah Attack
Pakistan Defense Ministry 'Not Satisfied' With Geo Penalty
Bomb Blasts Kill Two Soldiers in Bajaur
Spratly Islands
China Plans Artificial Island in Disputed Spratlys Chain in South China Sea
Philippine, Vietnamese Troops Drink Beer, Play Volleyball on Disputed Isle
China Says Vietnamese Vessels Rammed Its Ships More Than 1,000 Times
Border Makes China and India Bristle, Even as They Seek Closer Ties in Trade
Thai Junta Security Forces Stay in Barracks as Protests Dwindle
US Backing of El-Sissi Reminiscent of Mubarak Era
Egypt's Al-Sissi Vows Tough Line Against Islamists
At Swearing-In, Sisi Vows to Lead an 'Inclusive' Egypt
Egypt's Sisi Takes Office to Cool Reception From West
Egypt's Sisi: From Army Chief to Civilian Strongman
Cameroon Security Forces Kill 2 Boko Haram Militants After Raid
Female Suicide Bomber Hits Nigerian Barracks
Nigeria's Ex-Central Bank Governor Takes Throne as Muslim Monarch
Somali National Army Clashes Over Clan Loyalty, 8 Killed
Sudan Arrests Second Opposition Leader in Under a Month
Lost Oil Revenues Have Cost Libya $30 Billion
Disarmament Drive Yields Limited Haul in Central African Republic
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