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Updated June 17, 2014 - 11:25 PM EDT
Obama Poised to Send Special Forces to Iraq
  US Marines, Warships Head Toward Iraq
  Qatari: US Intervention in Iraq Would Be Seen as War on Sunni Arabs
  Westerners in ISIS a Long-Term Security Threat
Pentagon Denies Plan for Iraq Strikes With Iran
  Pentagon, State Dept. at Odds Over Coordinating With Iran on Iraq
  Israel Warns US Against Cooperating With Iran on Iraq
Iraq Police Kill 44 Sunni Prisoners, Flee Baqubah
  Over 300 Killed Across Iraq as US Sends Troops
  Iraqi Helicopter Shot Down in Clash With Militants, Officials Say
  Who Are ISIS? The Rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant
  In Baghdad, the Fear Index Is the Price of a Bullet and It Has Tripled
  ISIS Proposes Truce With Iraqi Kurds
Russia Halts Ukraine Gas Shipments
  Ukraine President to Propose Ceasefire With Separatists
FBI Captures Benghazi Suspect in Secret Raid
Investigation Into Bergdahl's Capture Begins This Week
Senate Approves Intelligence Whistleblower Rights
Somali Militants Kill 49 in Raid on Kenyan Coastal Town
Yemeni Troops Fight Shi'ite Rebels in North, 33 Killed
The Neo-Con Travel Agency Is Open for Business  by JP Sottile
Why America Can Never Win in Iraq  by Peter Van Buren
The Western-Imposed Partition of the Middle East Is Dead  by Robert Fisk
Their War, Not Ours  by Patrick J. Buchanan
America's Middle East Delusions  by Flynt & Hillary Mann Leverett
No More US Intervention in Iraq  by Ivan Eland

More Viewpoints

Designer of F-15 Explains How Stupid the F-35 Is
Congress Ups Budget for Refugees
John McCain, Lindsey Graham Split on Iran
'Pakistan, India, China Expanding Nuclear Arsenals'
Report: Israel Has 80 of the World's 16,300 Nukes
Israeli MPs Blame Kerry for Kidnappings
Over 300 Killed Across Iraq as US Sends Troops
Iraqi Forces Struggle to Retake Northern Territories From ISIS
Kurdish Taxis Shuttling to Baghdad Report Abuse by Iraq Army and Iran Militia
Iraq Deputy PM: Maliki Didn't Want to Work With Kurds on Security
Iraqi Christians Flee Homes Amid Militant Push
Maliki Urges Iraqis to Join Security Forces
Iraq Court Ratifies Parliamentary Polls Results
Iraq and the US
Obama Is Sending 275 US Forces to Iraq for Embassy Security
US, Iran Discuss Iraq on Sidelines of Nuclear Talks: Sources
State Dept's Aircraft Fleet in Spotlight as Iraq Violence Flares
Conducting US Airstrikes in Iraq Would Be Complicated, Former Military Officers Say
Iraqi Kurdistan
Despite Pressure, Kurds Not Rushing in to Take on Insurgents
Kurdish Premier and Iran Discuss Iraq as Rebels Advance on Baghdad
Iraq UN Team Visits Mosul Refugee Camp in Kurdistan Region
Iraq and the World
UN Calls Iraq Reports Almost Certain War Crimes
Spain Arrests Eight in 'ISIS Cell'
Saudi Rejects Foreign Interference in Iraq, Blames 'Sectarian' Maliki
Boris Johnson: Tony Blair's Iraq Comments 'Unhinged'
LibDem Leader Clegg: Britain May Let US Planes Use Its Bases to Target Extremist Forces in Iraq
UN Relocates 58 International Staff From Baghdad
Oil Topping $116 Possible as Iraq Conflict Widens
Bahrain Withdraws Diplomats From Iraq
Saudi Arabia Calls for National Consensus Government in Iraq
Netanyahu Demands Palestinian Help in Search for Missing Teens
Hamas Condemns Israel for 'Cowardly' West Bank Crackdown
Middle East
Barrel Bomb Attacks in Syria's Aleppo Kill 25: Monitoring Group
Yemen Removes Sanaa Artillery Over Coup Fears
Turkish Opposition Picks Presidential Candidate
Guantánamo Bay Tribunal to Hear Arguments Over Suspected FBI Probe
FBI Questions Disrupt 9/11 Case Again at Guantánamo
White House Wants EU, Russia Gas Talks to Continue
A Look at the Russian-Ukrainian Gas Dispute
Taliban Infighting Kills Seven in North Waziristan
Pakistan Jets Strike Insurgents in Full-Scale Offensive
North Waziristan to Remain Under Curfew on Tuesday
Taliban Fighters Warn Foreign Investors to Leave Pakistan
Pakistan and Afghanistan Discuss Security Amid Strikes
Pakistan's Parallel Justice System Proves Taliban Are 'Out-Governing' the State
Afghan Candidate Alleges Voting Fraud by Karzai and Aides
Afghan Police Kill Militants Accused of Chopping Voters' Fingers
Buddhist-Muslim Unrest Boils Over in Sri Lanka
China Executes 13 Over Terrorism, Violent Crimes
More Than 120,000 Cambodians Leave Thailand
Egypt to Free Al Jazeera Journalist on Hunger Strike
Egypt Policeman Killed in Shootout With Morsi Backers
New Clashes in Benghazi Kill at Least Eight
Libya Bans Car Traffic at Night in Benghazi to Stem Violence
Nigeria: 15 Killed in Fresh Borno Village Market Attack
Rights Group: Nigeria Should Not Look to Sri Lanka
The War at Home
Va. Court Convicts Activist Adam Kokesh
US Appeals Court Reverses Ruling That Granted Defense Access to Fisa Court Records
Feds: NYC Man Threatened Muslim Advocate in Emails
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