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Updated June 18, 2014 - 11:29 PM EDT
Iraq Formally Asks for US Airstrikes
  Poll: Most Americans Oppose New US War in Iraq
  Congress to Obama: No Consensus From Us on Iraq
  ISIS Secures US-Made Weapons, Ships Tanks to Syria Front
Over 500 Killed in Iraq Carnage
  Iraq's Largest Refinery Ablaze as Jihadists and Govt Fight for Control
  Top Iraq Commanders Fired After Fleeing Militants
  Iraqi Police Execute 44 Sunni Prisoners, Flee Baghdad Suburb
  Lip-Service to Unity, But Maliki Continues Centralizing Power
  Fears Grow That Baghdad Could Be Engulfed in Sectarian Violence
  Baghdad Fears Violence After Imam's Death
Islamists' Gains Pose Challenge to al-Qaeda Chief
  Anbar Tribal Chief: Sunni Tribes, Not ISIS, in Control of Mosul
  ISIL Car Bomb Kills Rival Rebels in Syria
Iraq Officials Claim Pledges of Support from Iran
  US Says Open to Further Talks With Iran About Iraq
Benghazi Suspect Nabbed by US, to Be Tried in Civilian Court
8 Killed, Dozens Hurt as Pakistan Police Attack Protesters
Post Kidnappings, Israel Cracks Down on Its Detainees
UK: Mass Surveillance on Social Networks Is Legal
US Can't Force Iran's Surrender  by Flynt & Hillary Leverett & S.M. Marandi
Stop Calling the Iraq War a 'Mistake'  by Dennis Kucinich
When Will Conservatives Stop Acting Like Liberals on Military Spending?  by Jack Hunter
Iraq: Will the Neocons Get Away With It Again?  by Justin Raimondo
The Worst Effect of the Afghan War  by Ivan Eland
A Tale of Torture and Forgiveness  by Ariel Dorfman & Tom Engelhardt

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Nabbed Libyan Militant Lived Openly in Benghazi
Explosion Hits World Cup Viewing Area in Northeast Nigeria
The War That Never Ends Between the Koreas
Gitmo Detainees' Lawyers Seek Further Delays
Defense Industry Rivals in 'Knife Fight' for Pentagon Cash
Ukrainian Forces, Rebels Clash Near Russian Border
Blast Hits Ukraine Pipeline, Terrorism Suspected
Two Russian Reporters Killed in Mortar Attack in Eastern Ukraine
Moment Ukraine Army Shell Hits Russian TV Crew Caught on Tape
Why Ukraine's Freeze on Arms Sales to Russia Will Hurt Kiev Too
As Ukraine Mulls Security, Some Say Build a Wall With Russia
Norway's Statoil Says Could Boost Gas to EU, but Cannot Replace Russia
France Arrests 2 Women, 2 Men in Terror Probe
Support for Britain Staying in EU at Highest Level in Four Years
Over 50 Militants Killed in North Waziristan Air Strikes
Pakistan Jets Hit Militant Bomb Factory: Military
Pakistan Army in for Long Haul in Offensive Against Taliban
Balochistan Land Links to Waziristan Sealed
2,558 Complaints Over Afghan Presidential Runoff
Forbidden Afghan Couple Are Reunited After Arrests
China/Vietnam/Hong Kong
Top Chinese Diplomat Visits Vietnam Amid Tensions
Concerns Rise Over China's Detention of Uighur Scholar
Hong Kong Referendum: Voting Website 'Attacked'
North Korea 'Develops Russian Cruise Missile'
Sri Lanka Riots: US Condemns Anti-Muslim Violence After Three Died and Almost 100 Injured
Thailand's War-Weary Southerners Fear Coup Will Erode New Freedoms
Egypt Cabinet Sworn In, With Most Ministers Retained
Egypt's Sisi Cracks the Whip on New Government
Al-Shabaab Militants Kill 10 in Second Raid Near Mpeketoni
Kenya Attacks: 'Women Abducted' Near Mpeketoni
President Says Kenyan Politics Not Islamists Behind Attacks
Decay of Libyan State Clears Desert Trail for Africans to Europe
Liberia Convicts 13 for Killing Peacekeepers in Ivorian Raids
Yemeni Forces Seek to Wrest Sanaa Mosque From Ousted President
Tension in Yemen Amid Coup Fears
UNICEF Says Qaeda Sexually Abused Yemen Children
Police Disperse Protesters Outside Brazil World Cup Match
Over 500 Killed in Iraq Carnage
Car Bomb Kills 12 After Ripping Through Baghdad Market
Humiliation at Rout Hits Iraqi Military Hard
Over 5,000 Iranians Sign Up to Defend Iraq Holy Sites
Nineveh Governor Blames Maliki for Ignoring Warnings About Threat to Mosul
As Sunnis Die in Iraq, a Cycle Is Restarting
Doubts Over Ability of Iraqi Forces to Tackle Militants
Social-Media Battle Augments Iraq Bloodshed
Iraq Orders Internet Shutdown in Five Provinces
Iraq's Kurds Link Kirkuk to Own Oil Pipeline
Kurdish Oil Exports Rise as Iraq Faces Off With Insurgents
Iraq and the US
Iraq War Boosters Get Second Chance in Media Spotlight
Feinstein Urges 'Direct Action' to Keep Rebels From Capturing Baghdad
Clinton: Maliki Shouldn't Lead Iraq
Would US Air Strikes Work Against Iraq Insurgents?
Biden Urges Iraqis to Pull Together to Fight Insurgents
Iraq and the World
German Jihadists on ISIS Terror Mission
Vatican Says Rebels in Mosul Have Not Harmed Christians, Churches
Turkey Evacuates Consulate in Iraq's Basra
Oil Majors Cut Staff in Iraq on Fears Violence Will Spread
Iraq Crisis Threatens Chinese Oil Investments
Iraq Accuses Saudi Arabia of Supporting ISIS 'Genocide'
UN Cites Destabilizing Risk of Mass Iraqi Refugee Exodus
Eight Siemens Workers Rescued From Iraq, Says Germany
Watchdog: Chlorine Gas-Like Chemicals Likely Used in Syrian Conflict
Palestinian Unity Government Confronts Divided Police Forces
Knesset Panel Okays Bill Allowing Force-Feeding Prisoners
IDF Tightens Grip on Hebron in Attempt to Locate Abducted Teens
Israeli MPs Push Bill to Retroactively Renege on Past Prisoner Releases
Israeli Military Detains 40 Hamas Members
Hamas Will 'Pay Very Heavy Price,' Israel DM Vows
Iran, Six Powers Seek to Salvage Momentum for Nuclear Deal
Britain Says It Is Ready to Reopen Embassy in Iran
Cameron Committed to 'Rebuilding' Relations With Iran
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The Worst Effect of the Afghan War

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Cops, Gun Control, and the Myth of the US as a Bloody Warzone

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Is This What D-Day Was For?

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An Economist’s Case for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

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Targeting Iran

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Brother Karzai Leaves Election, Joins Another Ticket

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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