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Updated June 21, 2014 - 9:59 PM EDT
US, ISIS, and Shi'ite Clergy Agree: Maliki Must Go
  Maliki's Days in Power Numbered as Iran and US Lose Faith
  Iraq PM Berated as US Mulls Air Strikes on Advancing Militants
  Putin Offers Iraq's Maliki 'Complete Support' Against Jihadists
US 'Advisers' Waiting for Iraq Legal Cover
  In Iraq, 'Ghost Soldiers' Are No Match for ISIS Fighters
  Iraq Insurgents Reaping Wealth as They Advance
  Iraq Militants Seize Old Chemical Arms Facility
US: ISIS Airstrikes Won't Be Confined to Iraq
  What Happens if US Troops Run Into the Iranian Military in Iraq?
  Officials Turn Attention to Alarming Rise in Western ISIS Recruits
ISIS Takes Syria-Border Post in Drive for Caliphate
  ISIS Overruns Key Towns in East Syria
  35 Killed, 50 Wounded by Rebel Truck Bomb in Syria's Hama
  Sen. Levin: ISIS Offensive Will Increase US Aid to Syria Rebels
  ISIS Assassination Plots Reflect Expansion Into Lebanon
Ukraine Army Claims 300 Rebels Killed in 24 Hours
  Russia Slams Failed Ukraine Ceasefire, Border Post Under Fire
Iran Nuclear Talks Stall Over 'Excessive Demands'
  Iran's Atomic Chief Decries IAEA Failure to Close Detonator Probe
Court Renews NSA Phone Program
Is Obama's New Iraq Strategy a Cover for Expanding Secret War?  by Ali Gharib
The Bookends of Generation War: Bergdahl and Lindh  by Guy Somerset
Reviving the 'Successful Surge' Myth  by Robert Parry
In Praise of Michael Hastings  by John R. MacArthur
Government's Closed-Source Intelligence  by Philip Giraldi
How Obama Whoops Up Democracy  by James Bovard

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Deal Likely to Bring More US Military Assets to Australia
Microsoft: NSA Security Fallout 'Getting Worse'
More Than 400 US Military Drones Lost in Crashes
Fmr. NSA Chief Alexander Wants Millions From Bankers for Protection
Flood of PTSD Cases Coming, Scientists Warn
UN: Global Refugee Figures Highest Since WW2
Western Jihadists
NYPD Terror Chief: New Yorkers Among American Islamists in Middle East
Tracking British Syria Fighters Now Main Task for MI5
Foreign Islamist Fighters Urge Muslims to Join Jihad in Syria and Iraq
British Student Identified as Recruiting ISIS Jihadists
Syria Conflict: Father of UK Jihadi Nasser Muthana Speaks
Egypt Court Calls for Death Sentence for Brotherhood Leader
Two Killed in Cairo Clashes After Friday Prayers: Interior Ministry
Boko Haram Kill 10 in Raids on Nigerian Villages
Nigeria Wraps Up Kidnap Investigation With 200 Girls Still Missing
Brother of Benghazi Suspect Thinks Libyans Assisted US Capture
US to Move Some Embassy Staff From Kenya Over Security Concerns
Swaziland Jails and Tries 2 Government Critics
Zimbabwe Arrests Newspaper Editor Over Articles
Officials: Roadside Bomb Kills 3 US Troops in Afghanistan
Karzai Asks UN to Help Solve Election Crisis
Blast Leaves Scores Injured in Islamabad
Pakistan Woman Lawmaker Succumbs to Bullet Wounds
Pakistani Woman Raped, Killed and Hanged From Tree: Police
Pakistan Military Chief Quietly Meets With Pentagon Brass to Smooth Relations
China Launches Campaign to Cleanse Web of Terror Content
Review Confirms Basis of Japan's Sex Slave Apology
Russia Denies Troop Buildup at Ukraine Border
Seven Ukraine Troops Killed Before Week-Long Ceasefire Declared
US Adds Seven Ukrainians, Russians to Sanctions List
Talks 'Intensifying' on New Russia Sanctions, Administration Says
Ukraine Peace Plan to Call for 10-Km Buffer Zone on Russia Border
In Parts of East Ukraine, a Daily Struggle to Survive
Estonia PM Calls for Permanent NATO Presence as Bulwark to Russia
Edward Snowden Rejects German Plans for Meeting in Moscow
NATO Unlikely to Grant Georgia Step to Membership: Diplomats
Poland Leaked Tapes: Raid on Wprost Magazine Criticised
The War at Home
80 Percent of VA Execs Got Bonuses in 2013
Army Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair Accused of Sexual Assault Demoted
Air Force Begins 25-Year Plan for Next-Generation Drone Fleet; Stealth Capabilities Stressed
Unidentified Bodies Dumped Riverside Among 123 Killed Across Iraq
Top Shi'ite Cleric Ali Al-Sistani Calls for New Government in Iraq
Baghdad's Sunni Fighters: We Are Ready for Zero Hour
Iraq's Hold on Border Crossings Weakening as at Least 34 Are Killed in Battle
Iraqi Army Increasingly Bolstered by Shi'ite Militias as ISIS Advances
Founder of Islamic Army of Iraq Promises to Storm Baghdad if Maliki Does Not Resign
Kurdish Peshmerga Fight Endless Stream of ISIS Militants in Iraq
ISIS, Opponents Wage Hashtag War on Twitter
Militants Destroy Philosopher's Tomb, Poets' Statues in Iraq
Iraq and the US
US Encouraging Iraqi Politicians to Replace Maliki
300 US Advisers Heading for Iraq; What Will They Do?
Secret US Plan to Aid Iraq Fizzled Amid Mutual Distrust
US Spy Agencies Warned Maliki Was 'Alienating' Iraq's Sunnis
No Danger Pay for Special Forces Headed to Iraq
Sen. Rand Paul: What's Happening in Iraq Is Not Obama's Fault
AAA Iraq Turmoil Likely to Keep US Gas Prices High
Iraq and the World
Iran Says Obama Remarks Show US Not Serious in Fighting Terrorism
Israel Accepts First Delivery of Disputed Kurdish Pipeline Oil
More Than 1 Million Iraqis Displaced, UNHCR Says
Iran Acts to Eliminate Sensitive Uranium Stockpile Under Nuclear Deal
Iran Ready to Prove Not Pursuing Nuclear Weapons: FM
Palestinian Village Wins UNESCO Listing Against Israel Barrier Plan
IDF Surrounds Villages Near Hebron, Increases Troop Presence
Israel Kills Palestinian Teen in Escalating West Bank Arrest Raids
The Strong Female Voice of Hamas
Missing Israeli Teenagers: Jenin Clashes Follow Arrests
Palestinian FM: if Hamas Was Behind Kidnapping, It Would Be a Blow to Reconciliation
PM Meets With Teens' Families as West Bank Tensions Simmer
Security Chief Escapes Suicide Bomb Attack in Lebanon
Lebanon Holds 17 in Assassination Plot; Possible Link to Iraq Rebels
Middle East
Yemen Clashes Between Rebels, Tribesmen Kill 85 in a Week
UN Chief Urges Security Council to Impose Arms Embargo on Syria
General Jailed in Turkey's 'Coup Plot' Case Says He Was Victim of Conspiracy
Venezuela Bars Ex-Lawmaker From Leaving Country
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The Worst Effect of the Afghan War

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An Economist’s Case for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

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Targeting Iran

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Brother Karzai Leaves Election, Joins Another Ticket

Ran HaCohen
Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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