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Updated June 24, 2014 - 8:54 PM EDT
US Troops Head to Baghdad to Assess Iraq Forces
  Obama Won't Insist on Legal Immunity for Troops in Iraq
  Pentagon Won't Use I-Word for Protection of Advisers Deployed in Iraq
  Most Americans Say Iraq War Wasn't Worth the Costs: Poll
  Vets Say Obama's Promise of No Combat for Advisers Hard to Keep
ISIS Captures Key Refinery, Will Let Tribes Run It
  Maliki Resists Growing Calls to Step Down as Iraqi PM
  Iraqi Police Accused of Killing 70 More Sunni Prisoners
  Over 300 Killed Across Iraq on Monday
Israeli Airstrikes Kill 10 Syrian Soldiers
  Last of Syria's Chemical Arsenal Shipped Abroad
  Jordan Beefs Up Iraq Border Defense, Fearing ISIS Incursion
  Kurdish President: Time to Determine Kurdistan's Future
Court Discloses Memo Approving Drone Strike on American
  When Can the Federal Government Kill Its Citizens?
Egypt Court Jails Al Jazeera Journalists for 7-10 Years
Rebels, Ukraine Agree to Ceasefire, Peace Talks Set
US Blocks UN Vote Criticizing Israel for West Bank Killings
Greenwald: New NSA Disclosure 'Imminent'
In Iraq, Obama Needs To Have an Eisenhower Moment  by Ivan Eland
You Can't Force-Feed Occupation to Those Who Crave Freedom  by Jonathan Cook
10 Reasons Airstrikes in Iraq Are a Terrible Idea  by Peter Van Buren
Make Congress Vote On War  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Death of the Masked Men  by Grant Smith
Iraq Delivers Bloody Lesson on Blowback  by Stephen Kinzer

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Memo Approving Targeted Killing of Anwar Al-Awlaki
The Faceless Men: War Art Censorship
Russian Rocket Engines to Be Replaced Under US House Measure
F-35 Upgrades Cost $920 Million Less, US Says
WikiLeaks Publishes Secret Int'l Trade Agreement
Syria: Israeli Strike Flagrant Violation of Sovereignty
US Ship to Start Loading Syrian Chemical Agents Next Week
Israel Maintains Gag Order in Missing Teens' Case, Leading to Charge of Media 'Manipulation'
Israel Detains 37 More Palestinians in West Bank Crackdown
UN Urges Israeli Restraint in Hunt for Teens, Warns of Violence
Government Bill Seeks to Harshen Sentences for Rock Throwers
Israel Police Urge Indictment of Arab MP for Saying Kidnapping Isn't Terrorism
Senior IDF Officer: Palestinians Understand We're Against Hamas, Not Them
Middle East
Suicide Car Bombing Near Army Checkpoint in Beirut
Yemeni Intelligence Officer Killed by Suspected al-Qaeda Gunmen
Suspected Insider Attack Injures 2 NATO Troops
Top Afghan Election Official Quits Over Fraud Claims
Thousands Flee Tribal Region as Pakistan Gears Up for Offensive
Islamabad Police Clash With Qadri Supporters
32 Terrorist Groups Smashed in Xinjiang, China Says
China Detains 380 in Month-Long Xinjiang Terror Sweep
South Korea's 'Friendly Fire' Rampage Soldier Captured After Failed Suicide Attempt: Officials
Atrocities Court Declines to Probe North Korea
India to Open Civilian Nuclear Program to Greater Scrutiny
Bangladesh Attacks: 8 Members of Huji Sentenced to Death
Ukraine Nationalists Clash With Police Outside Kiev Orthodox Monastery
German Fighter Jet and Learjet Collide – Two Feared Dead
Security Forces Accused Again of Killing Prisoners; Over 300 Killed Across Iraq
Kerry Says ISIS Threat Could Hasten Military Action
Shi'ite Villagers Recount 'Savage Massacre' in Iraq
Shared US-Iran Worry: ISIS Targeting Samarra's Shi'ite Shrines
Fearing ISIS, Iraqi Christians Flee
ISIS Joins Forces With Saddam Loyalists in Bid to Take Baghdad
Scenes of Carnage and Chaos in Kirkuk as Shi'ite Residents Flee Sunni Insurgents
In Looted Kirkuk Armory, Hints of the Iraqi Crisis Endgame
As Clash With ISIS Looms, Kurds Look to Capitalize on Iraq Unrest
Influential Cleric Calls for Sunni-Shi'ite Dialogue in Iraq
Fighting at Iraq's Baiji Refinery Fuels Acute Shortages
Iraqi Soldier Who Fled Post Wants to Return to Baghdad to Fight
Iraq/Syria and the World
Iraq's Neighbors Alarmed by Jihadists' Rapid Gains
Turkish FM Urges Iraqi Turkmens to Avoid Sectarian Division
ISIS Hoodies and T-Shirts for Sale Online as Islamist 'Brand' Goes Global
Third British Jihadist in ISIS Video Is From Aberdeen
ISIS 'Has Recruited at Least 1,500 Britons' to Fight Abroad, Warns Birmingham MP
Militia Reportedly Kills 18 Muslims in Central African Republic
Nigeria Blast at Kano Health College Kills 8
Kenya Bombs Al-Shabab Bases in Somalia
Christian Woman Freed After Death Sentence in Sudan
Rebels Boycott South Sudan Peace Talks Over Who Attends
UN Security Council Appeals for Peaceful Vote in Libya
The War at Home
Historians Reveal Secrets of UK Gun-Running During US Civil War
Close Encounters With Small Drones on Rise
Some Lawmakers Worry About Troops Smoking, but Defense Officials Warn Them to Go Easy
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In Iraq, Obama Needs To Have an Eisenhower Moment

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US-Russia Forum Seeks Way Out of New Cold War

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An Economist’s Case for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

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Targeting Iran

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Brother Karzai Leaves Election, Joins Another Ticket

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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