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Updated June 26, 2014 - 11:22 PM EDT
Panel: Drones for Killings Risk War Without End
  Pentagon Official: The Obama Drone Memo Shows It’s Murder
Syria, Iran Stepping Up Involvement in Iraq
  Obama Asks Congress for Another $500 Million for Syria Rebels
  Officials: Syrian Airstrikes Killed 90 Iraqi Civilians
  The Jihad Next Door: Syrian Roots of the Iraq's Newest Civil War
  Syrian Airstrikes on ISIS Mark New Strategy in Civil War
  Kerry 'Warns' Syria Over Airstrikes on ISIS-Controlled Iraq
Al-Qaeda Fighters Merge With ISIS at Iraq Border
  ISIS Supporters: US Airstrikes Would Make Americans a Target
  Official: ISIS Suicide Bomber Blows Up Part of Beirut Hotel
Maliki Slams Calls for Unity Govt as 'Rebellion'
  Iraq Helicopter Downed in Airborne Commando Assault on Tikrit
  ISIS Seizes Oilfields, Moves on Former US Air Base
  In Iraq, Former Militia Program Eyed for New Fight
Judge Upholds Order to Release CIA Torture Accounts
  Supreme Court Says Police Must Get Warrants for Cellphone Searches
Over 150 Killed in Week of Fighting in Southern Afghanistan
Bowe Bergdahl Cleared of Misconduct During Captivity
Taking Out Our Friends So We Can Install Our Enemies. What?  by Ted Snider
The US Should Stay Out of Iraq  by Bruce Fein
Reverting to the Ummah: Who Is the 'Angry Muslim' and Why  by Ramzy Baroud
ACLU Knocks Militarized Police  by Lucy Steigerwald
World Needs to Take a Dose of Realism About Iraq  by Pankaj Mishra
Americans Need to See the Rest of the Secret Kill Memos  by Jameel Jaffer

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After NSA Scandal, US May Grant EU Citizens Data Privacy
UK Envoy: Snowden Leaks Would Have Helped Hitler
Obama Moves to Fill Some Key Military Commands
In US Court, Iraqis Accuse Blackwater of 2007 Killings
N. Korea Threatens War on US Over Kim Jong-Un Movie
William F. Buckley Predicted the Legacy of Bush-Cheney
Iraq and the US
US Shrugs Off Maliki Blast on 'National Salvation' Govt
US Now Wrestling With Intelligence Gaps in Iraq
Dem Senator Insists Obama Needs Approval for Intervention in Iraq
US Officials Say Iran Secretly Sending Drones and Supplies Into Iraq
Kerry to Visit Saudi Arabia for Iraq Talks
Ex-CIA Official: Iraq's Sunnis Will Kick Out ISIS After Dumping Maliki
Iraq and the World
Britain Won't Intervene This Time in Iraq, Senior Official Says
Southeast Asia Fears Militant Fallout as Mideast Conflict Widens
Facebook Looks to Block ISIS Clothing Sales
World Cup: ISIS Lauds Messi for Beating Iran, Invites Him to Become Sunni Jihadist
UN Triples Appeal for Aid Funding in Iraq
UN Endorses Iraq Military Force Against Advancing Islamist Rebels
Syrian Warplanes Strike Eastern City, Killing 12
Palestinians Unable to Return to Syria Camp Despite Truce
Report UK Syria Fighters, Detective Urges Families
Britain Bans Saudi Cleric Who Supports Jihad in Syria
3 Iranian Patrolmen Shot to Death Near Iraq Border
Iranian Artillery Shells Border's Villages in Kurdistan Region
Turkey Sells 200 Tons of Secret Gold to Iran
Israeli Security Cabinet Votes to Continue West Bank Searches
Report: Obama to Ask Attorney-General to Mull Pollard Release
Israel Stages 12 Air Strikes on Gaza After Rocket Fire
Naftali Bennett Calls to Sieze Funds Used to Pay Palestinian 'Terrorists'
Palestinian Landowners Win Wildcat Settlement Payout
Palestinian Prisoners Halt Hunger Strike for Ramadan Fast
Bennett Slams Netanyahu After Minister Booted From Cabinet Meeting
France Warns Citizens: Don't Invest in Israeli Settlements, Golan Heights
Middle East
Yemeni Judge Orders That 'Disappeared' US Citizen Be Produced
Lebanese Security Forces Thwart Third Attack in a Week
Turkey to Present Bill Soon to Advance Kurdish Peace Process
Bahrain Opposition Leader Cleared of Terrorism Charges
Russia and Others Seek Extended Ukraine Truce, but Separatists Balk
Russian Lawmakers Revoke Right to Send Troops Into Ukraine
Ukraine Seeks Putin Help to Save Crumbling Truce
Ukraine Fighting: West Warns Russia of Sanctions
Obama Mindful of US Companies on Russia Sanctions: White House
Ukrainian City Stays Quiet Amid War
NATO Will Not Offer Georgia Membership Step, Avoiding Russia Clash
74% of Germans Oppose Permanent NATO Bases in Poland and Baltics
Flemish Separatist Ends Bid to Form Belgian Government
Venezuela Ruling Party Suspends Leader for Echoing Criticism: Media
Jailed American in Cuba Is Suicidal, Wife and Lawyer Say
Bolivia Rebels at Rightist Timepieces, Flips Clock
135 More Killed in Iraq, Maliki Still Rejects Unity Government
Iraqi Defense Official: Army Lost 7 Divisions; Losses at $10 Billion
Iraq Sunnis Flee Violence, Not ISIS
Shi'ite Violence Traps Sunnis in Baghdad
Baghdad Fears Battle, Prays for Peace
Iraq's Sadr Warns Will 'Shake the Ground' Against Militants
Iraq Insurgents Seize Oilfields, Hit Air Base as US Advisers Arrive
Iraq's 'Exorcist' Temple Falls Into ISIS Jihadist Hands
Sunni Militants Advance Toward Large Iraqi Dam
As Euphoria Fades, Mosul Wonders What ISIS Rule Will Bring
In Face of ISIS Advance, Many Iraqi Christians Want to Stay Put
Mosul Residents Prevent ISIS From Destroying Sacred Shrine
Questions Rebels Use to Tell Sunni From Shi'ite
Samarra, Site of Shi'ite Shrines, Could Hold Key to 'Unity or Chaos'
Iraqi Kurdistan
Erbil's 'No' to the Americans
Will Kurds Use Oil to Break Free From Iraq?
With New Grip on Oil Fields, Kurds Unveil Plan to Ramp Up Exports
As Iraq Burns, Tolerance and Tensions in Kurdish Kirkuk
Egypt Defends Itself at UN Amid Outcry Over Jailing of Journalists
String of Small Morning Explosions in Cairo Hurt Eight
Libyan Human Rights Activist Shot Dead in Benghazi
Libyan Elections: Low Turnout Marks Bid to End Political Crisis
Huge Blast at Nigerian Shopping Mall Leaves at Least 21 Dead
Nigeria Denies Latest Mass Abduction Claims
Did Boko Haram Really Abduct 91 More People? No One Knows.
Nigeria Atheist Bala 'Deemed Mentally Ill' in Kano State
Swathes of NE Nigeria 'No-Go Areas Because of Boko Haram'
UN Security Council Blacklists Boko Haram Leader, Splinter Group
Mali Arrest Suspected Islamist Fugitive Linked to Jail Break
Mali Urges Aggressive Overhaul of UN Peacekeeping Mission
Sudan Death Row Woman 'Faked Papers'
Khartoum Summons South Sudanese and US Ambassadors Over Meriam Ibrahim
DR Congo/Rwanda
Congo Autopsies Reveal 'Executions' in Rwanda Clash
Bombing in Northern Afghanistan Kills Four Civilians
Afghan Election Contender Ghani Dismisses Fraud Claims
Top Green Beret Officer Forced to Resign Over Affair With WaPo Reporter in Afghanistan
North Waziristan Suicide Blast Kills Three
US Names Two Lashkar Leaders 'Global Terrorists'
Foreign Diplomats Advised to Restrict Movement in Karachi
East Asia
China Says Philippines Stirring Tensions After Aquino Supports Japan
New Chinese Map Gives Greater Play to South China Sea Claims
US Push to Rename Chinese Embassy Street After Dissident
Japan, N. Korea Set Talks Next Week on Probe of Abductions
Thai General Denies Military Coup Was Planned
Sri Lanka Charges Moderate Monk Critical of Anti-Muslim Violence
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