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Updated June 27, 2014 - 11:21 PM EDT
Pentagon: Armed US Drones Flying Over Baghdad
  Pentagon Sets Up Iraq Command: 500 Troops in Iraq, More Coming
  CIA Let Iraq Spy Network Degrade After Occupation Ended
  Maliki Compromised CIA Spies in Iraq for Years
  Maliki Faults US, Announces Fighter Jet Purchases From Russia
Maliki 'Welcomes' Syrian Strikes on ISIS in Iraq
  Iraq: It May Be Too Late for a Unity Government
  Iraq's Shi'ite MPs Preparing to Replace Maliki
  Iraq Helicopter Downed in Airborne Commando Assault on Tikrit
  Israel Tells US Kurdish Independence Is 'Foregone Conclusion'
  260 Killed Across Iraq Thursday, but Military Claims Gains in Tikrit
Obama Seeks $500 Million More for Syria Rebels
  186 Kurdish Students Kidnapped by ISIS in Northern Syria
  Are Syrian Fighters 'Former Farmers or Teachers or Pharmacists'?
Panel: Drones for Killings Risk War Without End
  Pentagon Official: The Obama Drone Memo Shows It’s Murder
Germany Ends Verizon Contract Over NSA Access
CIA Whistleblower Goes Through Channels, Gets Nowhere
Preacher Ousted by UK Cleared of Jordan Terror Offenses
Ukraine Rebels Agree to More Talks, But Will Ceasefire Hold?
There Are No 'Good' Guys in Iraq Fight  by Mary Wakefield
Shredding the Fourth Amendment in Post-Constitutional America  by Peter Van Buren & Tom Engelhardt
Where's Saddam Hussein When the US Needs Him?  by Robert Scheer
Political Correctness and Imperialism  by Justin Raimondo
The Spies Who Bilked Us  by Michael German
Watching the World Destroy Itself  by Robert C. Koehler

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Panel Slams Effects of Drone War: Full Report
Barack Obama Seeks $65 Billion in War Funds
World Powers Plan Strategy to Rescue Iran Nuclear Deal
NATO Says Soldier Killed in Southern Afghanistan
North Korea Tests New Precision-Guided Missiles
Mapping Out Iraq's Fighting Groups
Iraq: The War Card
Thousands Flee Ukraine for Russia; Truce Nears End
Kerry Tells Russia to Disarm Ukraine Separatists 'in Hours'
Ukrainian Rebels Free Four OSCE Hostages, Four Still in Captivity
Abu Qatada Can't Return to Britain After Acquittal
Belgium Foreign Minister: Jewish Security Should Be Handled at 'European Level'
Libyan Activist Shot Dead in Benghazi, 3 Killed in Eastern Libya
Libya to Move New Parliament to Benghazi Despite Collapse of Security
Where Killings Are Common, Death of Activist Stuns Benghazi
Official: US Committed to Training Libyan Security Force
Cameroon Army Says Kills at Least 10 Suspected Boko Haram Militants
Living in 'Total Fear' of Boko Haram in Cameroon's North
Islamist Militants Raid Hotel in Central Somalia: Witnesses
Somalia's Al-Shabab Kill AU Peacekeepers in Bulo-Burde
Abuja Bomb Cuts Short Nigeria President's Trip to AU Summit
Nigeria Says Militant Camps Raided as Abuja Blast Suspect Killed
African Leaders' Summit Urges Action on Rising Militant Threat
Sudan Releases Christian Convert but Insists She Stay in the Country
German Troops to Stay in Mali
2 Dead in Clan Fighting in Southern Egypt
Kenya Arrests Governor Over Attacks That Killed 65
South Sudan 'Most Fragile State' in World
Little Relief for Families Who Fled Army Air Strikes in North Waziristan
Pakistan 'Unprepared' for Refugees Fleeing Operation Against Taliban
US: Pakistan 'Charity' Jud Front for Banned Militants
Shootings Rise After China Gives Its Police Guns
Uighur Scholar Will Fight Charges of Separatism in China: Lawyer
White House Ending Anti-Terror Task Force in Philippines
Thai Junta Sets Up Panels to Crack Down on Critical News Reports
Congressman: 6 US Men Freed From Honduras Prison
In Socialist Venezuela, a Threat From the Left
260 Killed Across Iraq Thursday, but Military Claims Gains in Tikrit
Iraq Is Spending $1 Billion on Huge New Parliament Complex
Shi'ite Violence Traps Baghdad's Sunnis, Haunted by a Grim Past
Mosul Archbishop Says 50,000 Christians Flee From ISIS Militants
Divergent Visions Could Split Iraq's Sunni Revolt
In the Shadows of Shrines, Shi'ite Forces Are Preparing to Fight ISIS
ISIS Deploys in Syria-Iraq Border Town
Iraq Grapples With One of Largest Number of Displaced People
Thousands of Indian Muslims Sign Up to Defend Iraq's Shrines
Russian Envoy Sees Prospect of Terrorist State
Iraqis Despair, Caught Between Government and Militants
Iraqi Kurdistan
Hanging Onto Oil-Rich Kirkuk May Prove a Challenge for Iraq's Kurds
Kurdish Peshmerga Reinforcements Sent to Kirkuk
Kurdistan Banking on Oil Sales
Kurdish Judge Who Ordered Saddam Hanged Is Alive and Well
Iraqi Kurdish President Makes First Visit to Kirkuk Since Kurdish Forces Took Control
US House Panel Approves Expanded Hezbollah Sanctions
Lebanon Suicide Bomber Was a Wanted Saudi Citizen: Source
Jihadist Group Urged Lebanon Attacks Against Hezbollah Before Wednesday Bombing
Israel Names 2 Suspects in Disappearance of Teens, Says They Also Are Missing
Hamas: Israel Named Suspects to Cover Up Failed Investigation
Poll: Most Palestinians Reject Two-State Solution – and Violence
Gaza Infiltration: Troops Were Sent to the Wrong Place
Sweden Launches Probe on Israel Boarding of Gaza Ships
Israeli Coalition Member: Jewish Home Has Same Goals as Hamas
Islamists Attack Yemeni Airport as Bomber Hits Army Base: Sources
Crackdown on Media in Yemen Intensifies
Middle East
UN Official Says Syrian Rules Are Preventing Aid Deliveries
Saudi King Orders Steps Against 'Terrorist Threats'
With Eye on Iraq, Kuwait Urges End to Political Games
Turkey's Pro-Kurdish Party Announces Presidential Candidate
The War at Home
World's Largest Maritime Exercises Begin in Hawaii
Lockheed's Vision: Autonomous Drones With Lasers
Poll: Most Want Military Commission Trial for Benghazi Suspect
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An Economist’s Case for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

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Targeting Iran

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Brother Karzai Leaves Election, Joins Another Ticket

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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