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Updated June 30, 2014 - 11:04 PM EDT
US Sending 300 More Combat Troops to Iraq
ISIS Announces New State in Iraq, Syria
  Jihadist Group Claiming World Leadership of Muslims
  Obama: EU Jihadists a 'Serious Threat' to US
  ISIS Risks Everything to Declare a Caliphate
Sectarian Genie Out of the Bottle in Syria and Iraq
  ISIS Crucifies Eight Fighters From Rival Syrian Rebel Factions
  Iran Hopes to Use 'Winning Strategy' of Syria in Iraq
  ISIS: Netanyahu's New Excuse for Keeping West Bank Border Zone
  Iraq's Christians See Putin as Savior
ISIS Mortars Hit Near Shi'ite Shrine in Samarra
  Key Question in Iraq: Who Controls Tikrit?
  Tikrit a 'Town of Ghosts' as ISIS Occupation Leaves Maliki on the Edge
  ISIS or Shi'ite Militias: For Central Iraq, It's a Lose-Lose
  Russian Warplanes, Experts Arrive in Iraq
  Netanyahu Calls for Kurdish Independence From Iraq
3 Bodies Found Believed to Be Missing Israelis
  No Evidence, Netanyahu Blames Hamas Over Teens, Vows Revenge
Pew Poll: Opposition to NSA Unites Right and Left
  US Army Funded Facebook's Secret Mood Manipulation Experiment
Blackwater Threatened To Kill State Dept Investigator
Taliban Fights Off Afghan Forces, Retains Key S. District
Why the War Party Loves the Export-Import Bank  by Justin Raimondo
Pentagon Is Arming a War Zone on Main Street  by Sadhbh Walshe
'Drone Memo' Ruling a Model of Judicial Skepticism  by David McCraw
Maliki's Assad Moment  by Michael Patrick Brill
War of the Rising Sun  by Eric Margolis
Who Violated Ukraine's Sovereignty?  by Ray McGovern

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Syria Threat Could Prompt Changes at Airports
ISIS Weapons Windfall May Alter Balance in Iraq, Syria Conflicts
Rep. Rogers: Jailed Benghazi Suspect 'Not Cooperative'
Obama Seeks $2 Billion to Respond to Flood of Central American Immigrants
Turkey: Secularists Endorse Pious Rival to Erdogan
Fighting Flares in Eastern Ukraine Despite Extended Ceasefire
EU Leaders Join Ukraine-Russia Talks Amid New Clashes
Cameraman for Russia's Top Broadcaster Killed in East Ukraine
Ukrainians Crowdfund to Raise Cash for 'People's Drone' to Help Outgunned Armye
Ukraine's Poroshenko: Bustle and Brio, but Is He a Match for Putin?
Amid Claims of Fraud, Afghan Presidential Candidate Vows More Deadlock
Germany Sends Envoy to Mediate Afghanistan Election Dispute
Eyes on Defense Deals, Western Powers Rush to Court India's Modi
India Probes Plot to Attack Israeli, US Consulates
4 Die as Passenger Van Comes Under Armed Attack in Kohat
Chinese-American 'Was Target' of Pakistan Mountain Massacre
Thai Army Promises Elections in October 2015
Thai Court Issues Arrest Warrant for Anti-Coup Group Spokesman
China Jails 113 in Ethnic Xinjiang Region
Xi Jinping Promises Neighbors China Soft Power
Man Sets Himself on Fire in Japan in Protest of Military Policy
Philippine Security Forces in South on Alert Over Terror Threat
Islamist Rebels in Somalia Kill Three as Ramadan Starts
Somalia's Shebab Warn of Mogadishu Attacks During Ramadan
North Africa
Kidnapped Tunisian Embassy Workers Freed in Libya
Egypt Presses Ahead With Ridiculed Medical Device
Nigerian Islamists Attack Villages, Churches Near Chibok, Dozens Killed
Sudan Darfur Rebel Chief 'Killed in Action'
Badr Brigades Begin to Fight as 45 Are Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Christians Return to Villages
Iraq Takes Delivery of Russian Fighter Jets, but US Missiles Are Incompatible
New Alliances Bring Old Enemies Together as ISIS Advances in Iraq
Clashes Kill 20 Iraqi Security Personnel
Iraq Says Russian Experts Have Arrived to Help Prepare Jets for Fighting
With New US Planes Slow to Arrive, Iraq Seeks Remnants of Saddam's Air Force
In One Iraqi Soldier's Death, a Portrait of an Army in Disarray
Iraqi Kurdistan
Kurdish Independence Referendum Hinted
Kurdistan Seeks UN Help for Kirkuk Referendum
Iraq and the US
US Rushes Hellfires to Iraq, Trying to Rebuild Arsenal
ABC News Guest Tells Bill Kristol to 'Enlist in the Iraqi Army'
Marine Who Disappeared in Iraq in 2004 Back in US
Israel Cranks Up Media Campaign Ahead of Iran Nuclear Deal Deadline
Israel Bombs Multiple Targets in Gaza After Rocket Attacks
Netanyahu: Israel Ready to Expand Gaza Operations
Israel Tightens Grip on East Jerusalem With $90m Plan
Tens of Thousands Rally in Tel Aviv for Kidnapped Teens
Lieberman: Only Full Occupation of Gaza Will Stop Rockets
Israeli Police Forcibly End African Migrant Protest
Former Military Intel Chief: Israel Beat Terror, Can Now Afford Unilateral Withdrawal From West Bank
Middle East
Shia Rebels Clash With Pro-Army Tribesmen Near Yemen Capital
Activists: 7,000 Killed in Syrian Rebel Infighting
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Justin Raimondo
Why the War Party Loves the Export-Import Bank

Lucy Steigerwald
The ACLU Knocks Militarized Police

Ivan Eland
In Iraq, Obama Needs To Have an Eisenhower Moment

Nebojsa Malic
US-Russia Forum Seeks Way Out of New Cold War

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An Economist’s Case for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

Philip Giraldi
Targeting Iran

Kelley B. Vlahos
Brother Karzai Leaves Election, Joins Another Ticket

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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