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Updated July 3, 2014 - 10:48 PM EDT
Maliki Raids Shi'ite Rival in Karbala, 45 Dead
  Maliki Raises Hopes for New Iraqi Govt Deal by Next Week
  After Retreat, Iraqi Soldiers Fault Officers
  The Iraqi Army the US Spent Billions Building Is a Disaster
Saudis Mass 30,000 Troops on Border With Iraq
  Iranian Warplanes Deployed to Iraq to Fight ISIS
  Maliki Urges Neighbors to Join in Iraq's War Against ISIS
  Saudi Arabia: Sandwiched by Jihadists in Iraq and Yemen
If You Search Privacy Tools, You're an NSA Target
  NSA Reformers Dismayed After Privacy Board Supports Dragnet
  ISPs Take GCHQ to Court in UK Over Mass Surveillance
Clashes After Palestinian Teen's Body Found
Latest Escalation Into Iraq Adds to Pentagon Budget Woes
US Discloses Secret Somalia Military Presence: 120 Troops
Nuclear Deal Unlikely as US, Iran Both Stick to Demands
TSA Unveils 'Enhanced Security' at Overseas Airports
The Perfect Arrogance of the Warmongerer  by Lucy Steigerwald
Does America Really Need a Higher Purpose?  by Michael Brendan Dougherty
Empire's Age-Old Aim: Wealth and Power  by Col. (ret.) Lawrence B. Willkerson
Independence Day, 2014  by Andrew P. Napolitano
The Risk of a Ukraine Bloodbath  by Ray McGovern
Aid to Syrian Rebels: How Does It End?  by Paul R. Pillar

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IEDs Kill 53,000 Civilians in 3 Years, Death Toll Up 70%
Study: Muslims Hate Terrorism, Too
Colorado Woman Accused of Supporting Iraq Insurgents
New Pakistan Anti-Terror Law Raises Fears for Rights
Officials Prepare Inspection Order for All F-35s
Many Sharp Turns in Bergdahl's Path to Army
Old Iraq Rivalries Stirred Up, 138 Killed
Maliki Offers Amnesty to Fighters Who Haven't Killed Yet
Who Could Replace Iraq's Maliki?
Biden Coaches Iraq Toward New Government
Islamic State Demands Oath of Allegiance From Rival Sunni Militias
Chechen Fighter Emerges as Face of Iraq Militant Group
Jihadist Thinker Says Islamic Caliphate Will Cause Islamist Infighting
Iraq and the World
Battle-Hardened Libyan Soldiers Recruited to Help Jihadis in Syria and Iraq
From Prison to Jihad: Islamists Seek Supporters Among German Inmates
For Massachusetts Lawmakers, Deepening Misgivings About Growing US Role in Iraq
Oil Risk Flares in Iran Nuclear Talks Amid Unrest in Iraq
Son of Egypt's Ousted Leader Sentenced to 1 Year
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Biding Its Time
African Leaders Give Themselves Immunity From War Crimes
Red Cross Suspends Guinea Ebola Treatment After Staff Attacked
Unarmed Drones Aid UN Missions in Africa
UN Launches Inquiry Into Darfur Peacekeepers
South Sudan Stops UN Travel Based on Ethnicity: UN Officials
Libya Declares Oil Crisis Over After State Reclaims Ports
Four Tunisian Soldiers Killed in Landmine Blast
Russia's PM Sees 'Full-Scale' Gas Crisis With Kiev by Autumn
Kiev, Separatists Fret at Gun Law in Ukraine's Rebel Regions
Berlin Talks Bring Russia and Ukraine Closer to Resuming Ceasefire
Shells Devastate Entire Streets in Eastern Ukrainian Town
Ukraine May Seek State of Emergency on Energy Market: PM
How Bulgaria Fell Victim to the Tug of War Over Ukraine
Russia Seeks Closer Ties With Breakaway Region After Moldova's EU Move
British Authorities to Probe Facebook Over Psychological Experiment
Mexican Marines Capture Alleged Drug Gang Leader
Cuban Diplomat Promotes Trade Opportunities While in Pittsburgh
Venezuela Accused of Forging Maduro Assassination Plot Evidence
Israeli Teen's Family Condemns Killing of Palestinian
Sources: Revenge Most Likely Motive in Teen's Death
65 Palestinians Injured in East Jerusalem Clashes
Abbas Blames Israel for Murder of Arab Youth
White House: Death of Palestinian a 'Heinous Murder'
Israeli Official Slams Kerry After Condemnation of Arab Teen's Death
Several Injured in Clashes as Israeli Army Demolishes Home of Suspect
In Phone Call, Netanyahu Assured Kerry of Justice for Arab Teen Murder
'Revenge Is Unjustified,' Says Uncle of Murdered Israeli Teen
Grenade Attack Wounds 4 in Northern Lebanon
Lebanese MPs Fail to Elect President for Eighth Time
Urduni, Lebanon's Elusive New 'Emir'
29 Killed in Tribal Sectarian Clashes in Yemen
Yemen Security Forces Lost 374 Men in 6 Months
Middle East
Syria Chemical Weapons Moved to US Ship in Italy
Defiant Al Jazeera Faces Conservative Backlash After Arab Spring
Suicide Bomber Kills Eight, Wounds 13 in Afghan Capital: Police
Afghan Official Says Preliminary Results of Election Will Be Announced July 7
Afghan Candidate Abdullah Abdullah 'Would Accept' Defeat
India Summons US Envoy Over Snooping Charges
US Hopes NSA Surveillance on BJP Will Not Affect Ties
Chinese President's Visit to South Korea Could Nudge US Off Its Regional Perch
Secretive Agency Leads Most Intense Anti-Corruption Effort in Modern Chinese History
Purge Displays Chinese Leader's Ambition
China Bans Xinjiang Officials From Observing Ramadan Fast
China Urges US to Be More Objective Ahead of Key Meeting
Myanmar Police Fire Rubber Bullets to End Sectarian Trouble in Mandalay
Five Hurt, Shops and Mosque Damaged in Myanmar Violence
North Korea
North Korea Fires More Short-Range Rockets Ahead of Xi Visit to Seoul
North Korea Lists Names of Living Japanese Abuductees
Eleven North Korea Defectors Arrested by China, Face Deportation: Activist
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