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Updated July 4, 2014 - 11:28 PM EDT
US Sends Green Berets to Northern Iraq
  Hagel: US Combat Troops, But No Combat Missions in Iraq
  Gen. Dempsey: Iraq Forces Likely Need Help to Regain Territory
  US Afraid Maliki Will Use F-16s to Kill Political Rivals
  Worried Who Else Might Hear It, US Weighs What It Can Tell Iraq
Saudis Mass 30,000 Troops on Border With Iraq
  ISIS Seizes Largest Syria Oil Field, Key Nearby Towns
As ISIS Assault Looms, Baghdad Hunts Suspects
  Kurds Call for Independence Vote as Islamists Solidify Position
  ISIS Rebels 'Hunt Opponents', Say Refugees
New Ukraine DM Vows Army Will Retake Crimea
  Eastern Ukraine: Plan 'B,' as in 'Bombs'
If You Search Privacy Tools, You're an NSA Target
  Report: NSA Targeted German Privacy Activist
  ACLU Chief: Greenwald Will Reveal Spying on US Muslims
  Facebook Experiment Tied to DoD 'Emotional Contagion' Research
Deal Unlikely as Iran Talks Deadline Approaches
Netanyahu Threatens Gaza Attack as Troops Build Up
Japan’s Constitutional Revisionism – Bowing Low to Washington  by Justin Raimondo
I Grew Up During Saddam's Worst Days — Here's What Life Was Like  by Wael Al-Sallami
Congress Should Scale Back the War Budget  by William D. Hartung
The War To End All Comparisons  by Guy Somerset
Six US Presidents Have Destroyed Iraq  by Chris Ernesto
Privacy Oversight Board Should Have Listened to Sen. Obama  by Alex Abdo

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Threat of Nonmetallic Bomb Comes From al-Qaeda in Yemen
UN States Overcome Impasse to Pass Peacekeeping Budget
Saudis: Sandwiched by Jihadists in Iraq and Yemen
Swedish Court Sets Hearing Date for Assange Rape Case
The War at Home
Former Blackwater Guard Testifies Against Friends
11 Shocking Facts About America's Militarized Police Forces
Phones, Shoes to Face Scrutiny as Airport Security Tightened: US
NSA Man Says Agency Can Track You Through Power Lines
Veteran Finally Gets VA Appointment, Two Years After His Death
Mushroom Cloud of Inaction: Nuclear Agency Slow to Fix Security Lapses
Science Journal Expresses 'Concern' Over Facebook Study
Man Dressed as Star Wars Stormtrooper Prompts Lock Down in Kansas
Rocket Strikes Afghan President's Helicopter
Bomb Explodes Among Children Playing in Afghanistan, 2 Killed
Romania Ends Afghan Combat Mission
EU Urges Wider Fraud Probe in Afghan Elections
What Did $7 Billion Spent on Opium Eradication in Afghanistan Buy? More Opium.
545 Afghan Children Killed, Over 1000 Injured During the Year 2013
Karachi Leader Asks Pakistan Cable Operators to Open Geo News
Pakistan, Afghan Armies Vow to Join Hands Against Terrorism
Presidents of China and South Korea Reaffirm Push for North Korean Denuclearization
Japan Lifts Some North Korea Sanctions Amid Report of Surviving Abductees
With One Eye on Washington, China Plots Its Own Asia 'Pivot'
Two Killed in Sectarian Violence in Myanmar's Second City
Five Dead in Cairo on Anniversary of Mursi Ouster
Tony Blair Denies He Signed on as Egyptian President's Adviser
Egypt 'Failing at Every Level' on Human Rights
Parents of Jailed Al Jazeera Journalist Have 'Somber' Meeting With Son
DR Congo
African Nations Give Rebels in Congo Six Months to Disarm
Head of UN Congo Peacekeepers Regrets Failing to Stop Massacre
Gunmen Kill Somali Lawmaker and His Bodyguard
150 Killed in Sudan Clan Battle Near Oil Field: Media
Libya Rebels Return Ras Lanuf and Sidra Oil Terminals
UK Terror Alert: Body Searches at British Airports
Lights in Norway's Sky Were US Spy Planes
Georgia Opposition Leader Detained
European Court Condemns Russia for 2006 Expulsion of Georgians
Security Forces Kill Scores of Militants Across Iraq
Iraq Desperate for US Planes It Can't Fly
White House Talks Down Kurdish Independence
A Rogue State Along Two Rivers
Iraq Denies Withdrawal of Forces From Saudi Border
Shi'ite Najaf's Power Brokers Find Many Faults With Maliki, but Sectarianism Isn't Among Them
Iraq: 1,200 Years of Turbulent History in Five Maps
Water Supply Key to Outcome of Conflicts in Iraq and Syria, Experts Warn
Iraq and the World
Imams Urge British Muslims Not to Travel to Syria and Iraq
As Their Leaders Support Kurdish State, Israel's Kurds Are Smiling
Militants Free 32 Turkish Truck Drivers in Iraq
Nurses Held by ISIS Moved to Mosul, Indian Official Says
Fresh Gains and New Enemies for Islamic State in Syria
Tribe in Syria Border Town Allies With Jihadis
UK Planned to Train and Equip 100,000 Syrian Rebels
Syria Aid Access Talks Widen to Full UN Security Council
US Warship Downed Iran Airliner, Killed 290, Today 1988
Iran Eases Demands in Vienna Nuclear Talks: Western Diplomats
US Wants Sharp Reduction of Iran's Enrichment Capacity: Official
US, Iran Not Seen Discussing Iraq at Vienna Nuclear Talks
Hamas Trade Violence Over Teen Killings
Thousands Protest 'Wave of Hate' in Tel Aviv
Palestinian Teenager's Funeral Delayed by Post-Mortem
Arab Youth: I Was Beaten and Stabbed by Jewish Attackers
IDF Twitter Account Hacked, Posts False Warning of Nuclear Leak
Israeli Soldiers Jailed for Online Images Urging PM to Let Them 'Annihilate Terrorists'
Indyk: Peace Talks Failed Due to 'Deep Loathing' Between Abbas, Netanyahu
Turkey's Erdogan Asks Parliament to Approve Talks With Kurds
Police Purge Undermines Turkish Security Operations, Sacked Officers Say
Families Caught in Crossfire in Eastern Ukraine
Angry Crowd Pummels Ukrainian Politician
Ukraine's Poroshenko Names New Defense Chiefs in Shake-Up
Russian Burger Chain Replaces McDonald's in Crimea
Biden Pledges 'Further Costs on Russia' if It Undermines Ukraine
Hollande, Merkel Urge Putin to Broker Ukraine Ceasefire
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Japan’s Constitutional Revisionism – Bowing Low to Washington

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The Perfect Arrogance of the Warmongerer

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Dick Cheney's Outrageous Statements

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US-Russia Forum Seeks Way Out of New Cold War

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An Economist’s Case for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

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Targeting Iran

Kelley B. Vlahos
Brother Karzai Leaves Election, Joins Another Ticket

Ran HaCohen
Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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