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Updated July 9, 2014 - 11:29 PM EDT
54 Die, 450 Wounded as Israel Preps Gaza Invasion
  Netanyahu Govt Knew Teens Were Dead Two Weeks Ago
  Hamas Overreaches: Rockets Hit Israel, But Group Not Ready for War
Pentagon Mulls Drone Strike Against ISIS Leader
  Iraq Parliament Reversal: Will Meet Sunday
  Exiled Iraq VP to US: This Is a Full-On Sunni Revolt
  Clashes Between Army, Shi'ite Cleric Imperil Stability in Iraq's South
  ISIS Rounds Up Ex-Ba'athists to Eliminate Rivals in Iraq's Mosul
  Mortar Bombs Land in Saudi Arabia Near Iraq Border
1,000-Strong Syrian Rebel Brigade Defects to ISIS
  Syrian Commandos, Hezbollah Move on Rebel-Held Aleppo
Both Sides Claim Victory in Disputed Afghan Vote
  Six NATO Troops, Ten Civilians Killed in Afghan Suicide Bombing
FBI and NSA Spied on Muslim-American Leaders
  Senate Panel OKs NSA Bill Opposed by Critics
  US Military Studied How to Influence Twitter Users
  Latest US Spying Allegations in Germany Could Force Merkel to Act
Shi'ite Fighters Seize North Yemen City; 200 Killed
Ukraine Threatens Rebels With 'Nasty Surprise' in New Push
Far Apart: Iran Wants 19 Times Capacity of US Proposal
Bahrain Expels US Official for Meeting Shia Opposition Group
Who Started 'the Cycle of Violence' in Palestine?  by Justin Raimondo
Clinton, Kerry Call On Snowden To Submit to Security State Trial  by Kevin B. Zeese
Israelis Have the Upper Hand When It Comes to Vengeance  by Jonathan Cook
The Israeli-Palestinian Revenge Cycle, Take Two  by Dan Murphy
Twenty-First-Century Energy Wars  by Michael T. Klare
Collateral Damage From the Security State's Dragnet  by Kevin Gosztola

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Forgotten Vials of Smallpox Found in Storage Room
Senate Shrugs Off F-35 Grounding
ISIS Is Eclipsing al-Qaeda, Especially With Young Jihadists
Joe Biden's World Cup Gift to Brazil: A Chilling Torture Memo
Spying Case Left Obama in Dark, US Officials Say
Another Iranian Killed in Iraq; 107 Others Killed in Battles, Attacks
Iran Sends 3 Attack Planes to Iraqi Government
Senators Want More on US Iraq Plans
Women Train With Ak-47s to Defend the Streets of Baghdad
High-Tech Guns From Iraq Ending Up at Sulaimani Market
In Iraq's Most Sacred City, a Governor From Michigan Holds Sway
Iraq Tells UN 'Terrorist Groups' Seized Former Chemical Weapons Depot
Syrian Opposition Coalition Elects New President
Syrian Kurds Demobilize 149 Child Soldiers, Says Rights Group
Iraq/Syria and the World
Fewer Than 100 Americans Probed for Fighting in Syria, Iraq: US Attorney General
UN Highlights Hardships for Lone Female Syrian Refugees
France Set to Prevent Jihadists Going to Fight or Train Abroad
Syria: Key Sarin Ingredients Sold by UK Firms
France Says Russia, Other Powers Have Differences Over Iran Talks
Iranian Journalist Sentenced to Two Years and 50 Lashes
Middle East
Jihadis Tug at Edges of a Staunch American Ally
Thousands Flee Fighting in North Yemeni City
Expelled US Diplomat Tom Malinowski Condemns Bahrain
Turkey Seeks to Boost Peace Talks With Kurds
For Specialists in Middle East Affairs, No Consensus on What the Future Holds
Ukraine Says Rebels Must Disarm Before Talks
Ukraine Rebels Are Retreating for Last Stand
EU's United Front on Russia Falling Amid Gas Needs
Europe's Looming Gas Crisis: The Winners and Losers
NATO Chief Warns of Duplicity by Putin on Ukraine
Ukraine's Poroshenko Names New Head of Anti-Rebel Operations
IMF Package for Ukraine 'Not Enough', Minister Says
Ukraine Demands Russia Return Its Combat Dolphins
Moscow Accuses US of 'Kidnapping' Accused Russian Hacker
Germany Increases Airport Security After US Warning
British Men Admit Preparing Terrorist Attacks
Georgian Court Refuses to Release Ex-Mayor Before Vote
The War at Home
VA Denied 80 Percent of Disability Claims Filed by Gulf Var Veterans
New TSA Rules for Electronics on Flights Bound for US
Obama Requests $3.7 Billion to Fix Border Crisis
Prosecutor Expects to File New Charges Against Suspect in Benghazi Attacks
Israel Strikes 150 Gaza Targets by Air, Sea in Operation to Halt Rockets
Netanyahu: Hamas Deliberately Hiding Behind Palestinian Civilians
Poll Finds Likud Beytenu Breakup Has Little Impact
Three Suspects Confess to Murdering Palestinian Teen
Gaza Hospitals Struggle to Treat Injured in Latest Israeli Airstrikes
Egypt's Sisi Pledges to Seek Gaza Ceasefire
Bennett Physically Attacked at Ha'aretz Peace Conference
Mad as Hell: When the Arab News Anchor Couldn't Take It Anymore
Israel Stocks Sink to 4-Month Low as Military Strikes Gaza Strip
New Zealand Soldier Was Killed by US Friendly Fire in Afghanistan
Afghan Poll Result Rejection May Lead to Bloody Ethnic Standoff
Kerry Warns Against Illegal Power Grab in Afghanistan
US Warns Afghans Not to Form 'Parallel Government'
Abdullah Abdullah Stops Short of Declaring an Afghan Government
Obama Tells Afghanistan's Abdullah Fraud Charges Merit Review
Report: Chinese Cyberspies Hacked Middle East Experts at Major US Think Tanks
Kerry Says US Not Seeking to Contain China
US, China Vow to Improve Cooperation
Japan Upset as Chinese Paper Prints Mushroom Clouds on Map
Pakistan Airstrikes Kill 13 Militants in Tribal Area
India Asks UN Team on Kashmir to Leave Delhi Premises
UN Rules in Favor of Bangladesh in Sea Border Dispute With India
North Korea Again Fires Projectiles Into the Sea
Indonesians Vote in Tight Presidential Race
Ex-Libyan General Battling Islamist Militias Faces Dwindling Support Amid Stalemate
Libya's El Sharara Oilfield Restart Another Breakthrough for Tripoli
Nigeria: 'Good News' Soon on Kidnapped Girls
UN: Nigeria's Boko Haram Blamed for 18 Attacks in Past Two Weeks
Biafran War Film Approved by Nigeria Censors
Armed Men Burn Police Camp, Homes and Vehicles Along Kenya Coast
Kenyans Fear Fresh Cycle of Violence as Ethnic Reconciliation Falters
Somalia Troops Retake Stormed Presidential Palace
Mali to Meet Northern Tuareg Rebels in Algiers on July 16: Fabius
Arusha Blast: Tanzania Restaurant Hit by Bomb
Senate Leader Backs Venezuela Sanctions Bill
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Justin Raimondo
Who Started 'the Cycle of Violence' in Palestine?

Ivan Eland
World War I, Rather than World War II, Is Key for Today’s Foreign Policy

Lucy Steigerwald
The Perfect Arrogance of the Warmongerer

Nebojsa Malic
US-Russia Forum Seeks Way Out of New Cold War

David R. Henderson
An Economist’s Case for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

Philip Giraldi
Targeting Iran

Kelley B. Vlahos
Brother Karzai Leaves Election, Joins Another Ticket

Ran HaCohen
Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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