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Updated July 10, 2014 - 11:16 PM EDT
90 Gazans Killed; No Reports of Israeli Casualties
  ABC News Shows Scenes of Destruction in Gaza – Says It's in Israel
  Israel Warns 100,000 Gaza Residents to Leave Ahead of Invasion
Israel Escalates: Says Gaza Goal Is Not Ceasefire
  Israeli Army Says the Killing of 8 Gazan Family Members Was in Error
  Egypt Ambivalence Gives Israel Free Rein to Escalate in Gaza
Maliki Claims Kurds Are 'Sheltering ISIS in Arbil'
  53 Blindfolded Bodies Dumped in Iraqi Shi'ite Village
  ISIS Surrounds Iraqi Troops in Key Refinery Battle
  From Baghdad to Samarra: An Iraq-ISIS No Man's Land
  What Life Is Like in Iraq's City of Mosul Under ISIS Rule
Pentagon Mulls Drone Strike Against ISIS Leader
  Iraq Warns UN: ISIS Seized Nuclear Materials in Mosul
Germany Expels Top CIA Official Over Spy Row
  NSA: Non-Denial Denial on Surveillance of Muslim-Americans
Files on UK Role in CIA Rendition 'Accidentally Destroyed'
UN: Afghan Civilian Toll Rose a Quarter in Last Six Months
Fox News and Terrorist Propaganda  by Dan Sanchez
Obama's Failure and Perle's Whitewashing of the Iraq War  by Ramzy Baroud
One Thing Americans Should Know About Iraq  by Nan Levinson
Open the Files on the Iran Coup  by Roham Alvandi
Spying on Innocents  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Senators Clueless About NSA Bombshell  by Tim Mak

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Unprepared US Officials Missed Baghdadi's Likely al-Qaeda Connection in 2004
Edward Snowden Applies to Extend His Stay in Russia
GAO: Afghan Embassy Costs $150 Million Over Budget
5 Reasons the New Afghan Civilian Casualty Report Is Awful
I Filmed the LAPD Assaulting Me at Pro-Israel Demo
Dozens of Bodies Found Dumped in Iraq, Dozens More Killed in Clashes
Someone Is Launching Airstrikes on Iraq, but No One Knows Who
US Launches More Intel Flights Over Iraq
Iraqi Christians' Flee Violence, Fear End of Long History
No Iranian Regulars on Ground in Iraq, Pentagon Spokesman Says
France Proposes Anti-Terrorist Travel Bans
The Georgian Roots of ISIS Commander Omar Al-Shishani
Iraqi Kurdistan
Kurdish Ministers Boycotting Baghdad After Maliki Lashes Out at Erbil
Push for Kurdish Independence Divides Iraqi Kurds
As Kurdistan Ponders Independence, Kurds Wonder About Own Currency
Kurds Threaten Legal Action Against Iraq Oil Buyers
Syria Rebels Storm Sunni Village, Kill 14
Syrian Government Forces Squeeze Insurgents in Aleppo
Syria Air Raids Kill 20 Jihadists: NGO
How Syria's Ancient Treasures Are Being Smashed
Diplomat to Replace Brahimi in Syria UN Role
Britain to Destroy Extra 50 Tons of Syrian Arms Chemicals
Middle East
Bahrain Questions Opposition Leader After Expelling US Diplomat
Yemen Shi'ite Rebels Take Govt, Army Buildings in Amran
Turkey's Kurds Prefer Peace Prospects at Home to Perilous Statehood in Iraq
800,000 Flee Operation Against Terrorists in North Waziristan
Foreign Financing: Pakistan Needs $10.8 Billion to Meet Expenses
China Puts Prominent Writers Under House Arrest as Kerry Visits
Xi Says US-China Confrontation Would Be 'Disaster'
Kerry Presses China to Abide by Maritime Laws to Ease Tensions
US and China Strike Conciliatory Tone as High-Level Talks Begin
Sri Lanka Bans Activist Groups From Contact With Media
US Lawmakers Criticize Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar
North Korea List of Japanese Abductees Contains 30 Names
The War at Home
White House: Racial Slurs in NSA Intel Material 'Unacceptable'
VA Whistleblowers Describe Culture of Retaliation
The Govt Has Asked Verizon for Customer Data 149,000 Times This Year. and It's Only July
US Counterterrorism Chief to Step Down
Muslim Rep. Ellison Hits Feds Over 'Profiling'
New York Court OKs $1.75 Billion Award in Iran Terror Cases
US, Cuba Hold Migration Talks in Washington
Ex-Guatemalan Leader Portillo to Be Freed From US Prison in Feb.
Obama Administration Defends Israeli Airstrikes but Cautions Against Ground War
Top IAF Officer: Israel Struck More Hamas Targets in 2 Days Than Entire 2012 Operation
Almoz: Israel Has Thousands More Targets in Gaza
Israel Bombs Media Car in Downtown Gaza, Kills Driver: Medics
Israeli Drones Hunt Hamas as Militants Fire Rockets Deeper Into Israel
Hamas: We Attempted to Hit the Nuclear Reactor in Dimona
Report: Kidnapped Israelis Shot 10 Times With Silenced Gun
Cop Who Beat US-Palestinian Teen Could Face Charges
Israeli Arab MPs Expelled for Complaining About Deaths of Gaza Children
US-Funded Iron Dome Racks Up 90% Success Rate So Far
Gaza and the World
Israel Has a New Weapon Against Hamas: International Indifference
US Calls on Israel, Palestinians to De-Escalate Gaza Tensions
US Embassy in Tel Aviv Closes Due to Rocket Fire
Arab Nations Call for Emergency UN Meeting on Gaza
Palestinians Appeal to UN Over Israel's 'Protective Edge'
Jordan, Iran Condemn Israel's 'Barbaric' Gaza Operation
Lebanese Politicians Blast Israel's Gaza Offensive
Rebel Ukraine Governor Losing Hope of Russia Intervention
Sanctions 'Very Soon' if Russia Stays Course on Ukraine: US
Ukraine Accuses Russia of Abducting Woman Army Officer
Ukrainian Charged With Russian Journalists' Deaths
Patchwork Makeup of Rebels Fighting Ukraine Makes Peace Talks Elusive
Crimean Airspace Belongs to Ukraine, Aviation Group Says
Ukraine Threatens to Retake Territory From Defiant Rebels
EU to Sanction 11 More People Over Ukraine
Dagestan Ex-Mayor Jailed for Plotting 'Terrorist' Attack on Rival
Russia's Angara Rocket 'Makes Debut'
Russia Gives Green Light for Next US Ambassador
Swiss Ex-Banker Charged With Giving Data to WikiLeaks
Swiss Banks' Tradition of Secrecy Clashes With Quests Abroad for Disclosure
North Africa
Egyptian Soldier Killed in Sinai Explosion
Production in Libya's Sharara Oilfield Resumes
Somali Security Chiefs Sacked After Al-Shabab Attack
Ethiopia Confirms Arrest of Missing Opposition Leader
Dutch Special Forces in Mali Tackle Changing Threat: Minister
US Will Broaden Sanctions to Deter Violence in Congo
South Sudan President Urges Rebel Leader to Resume Talks
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The Perfect Arrogance of the Warmongerer

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An Economist’s Case for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

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Targeting Iran

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Brother Karzai Leaves Election, Joins Another Ticket

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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