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Updated July 11, 2014 - 11:10 PM EDT
Escalation: 114 Gazans Killed, Mainly Civilians
  Israel Warns 100,000 Gaza Residents to Leave Ahead of Invasion
  ABC News Tells Viewers That Scenes of Gaza Destruction Are in Israel
Israel Escalates: Says Gaza Goal Is Not Ceasefire
  Obama Offers to Broker Gaza Ceasefire, But Has No Plan
  Rumor and Leaks Fill a Void as Israel Silences Media Over Killings
ISIS Fights Its Way Into Army Base NE of Baghdad
  As Shi'ite Militias Hit Iraq's Front Lines, Their Death Toll Rises
  It's Hellfire Missiles – Not F-16s – That Iraq Is Ready to Use Now
Accusations Fly Between Kurds and Baghdad
  Kurds Boycott Cabinet After Maliki Blocks Cargo Flights
  ISIS Presses Offensive Against North Syrian Kurds
  Mideast's Stable Monarchy Comes Face to Face With Extremist Threat
  Militants in Lebanon Seek to Emulate Islamic State
Germany Expels Top CIA Official Over Spy Row
  Anger Over Senate Torture Report Fades to Silence
  DOJ Declines to Pursue Charge CIA Monitored Senate Intel Staff
  Army Leaders Defend Flawed Intelligence System
23 Ukraine Troops Killed in Rebel Missile Attack
US Drone Strike Destroys House, Kills Six in N. Waziristan
Before Senate, US General Sees Only Afghan 'Good News'
ISIS and the Futility of a Military Solution to Terrorism  by Branko Marcetic
No, There Are Still No WMDs in Iraq  by Hayes Brown
First Amendment's Religious Tumult: Why Greenwald's Latest Revelation Matters  by Marcy Wheeler
Pro-Israel Media Bias: It's As Easy as ABC  by Justin Raimondo
The Problem With the American Press  by Lucy Steigerwald
Palestinian Victims Deserve American Attention  by Tamara Essayyad

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A Nation of Cowards?
by Rebecca Gordon & Tom Engelhardt
Knesset Member 'Clarifies' FB Post Calling Palestinian Kids 'Little Snakes'
'Why Did They Kill My Entire Family?' Asks Gaza Bombing Survivor
Five Sue After Being Targeted in US 'Suspicious Activity' Database
Brazil's Rousseff Lets Obama Off the Hook for NSA Spying
US: Important That German Cooperation Continue Despite Spy Row
Arbil and Baghdad Ratchet Up Tensions as 151 Killed Across Iraq
UN: No Danger From Stolen Nuclear Material in Iraq
Sunnis Sending Sons Abroad as Baghdad Sectarian Killings Escalate
Bruised Iraqi Army Leans on Shi'ite Militias, Volunteers
Insurgents Enter Military Base Northeast of Baghdad: Officials
Iraqi Govt Official Concedes Troops at Refinery Are Cut Off, but Disputes How Many
ISIS Has Added a Lucrative New Business Line in Iraq: Oil Smuggling
Iraqi Kurdistan
Kurds Resist Iranian Pressure to Step Up Fight Against Militants
Maliki 'Hysterical,' Claim Iraqi Kurds
Iraq's Kurds Demand PM Maliki's Resignation
Iran Wants Return to Kurdish-Shiite Alliance, Says KRG's Tehran
After Weeks on the Run From Militants, Thousands of Turkmen Arrive in Kurdistan
Syria War Toll Tops 170,000, One-Third Civilians
Mother, Father, Sister, Brother: The Roles of Syria's Refugee Women
Russia Hopeful of Iran Nuclear Deal Despite 'Difficult' Talks
Kerry, Ministers to Join Iran Nuclear Talks in Vienna: Official
Middle East
Bahrain Charges Opposition Leader Over Meeting With US Diplomat
Turkish Parliament Gives Legal Recognition to Kurdish Peace Talks
Yemen to Clamp Down on State-Owned Companies, Public Spending
Ukraine Forces Clash With Separatists at Donetsk Airport
Ukraine Rebel Commander Says Will Not Pull Out of Donetsk
Three Ukrainian Soldiers Killed in Further Clashes in the East
Russia Protests to Kiev Over Shelling of Border Checkpoint
Rifts Appear Among Ukraine's Pro-Russian Rebels
Russia Says 'Unfriendly' EU Sanctions Will Hinder Ties
Russia, France. and Germany Want New Ukraine Truce: Kremlin
UK Emergency Surveillance Law to Be Brought in With Cross-Party Support
Merkel Says Spying on Allies Is a Waste of Energy
Different Attackers in Benghazi?
Libya Prepares to Move Parliament to Benghazi
UN Evacuates Dozens of Foreign Staff From Libya
Morocco Ramps Up Security Faced With 'Serious Terror Threat'
Tunisia's Voter Registration Disrupted by Hackers
EU Imposes Sanctions on South Sudanese Military Leaders
Sudan Aid Mission Finds 'Dire' Conditions in Darfur Town
Central African Republic 'Killers' Named and Shamed
Algeria Seeks Meeting on Mali Crisis Next Week: Minister
13 Killed in 2 Shootouts in Southern Mexico Town
Police Rescue 165 Kidnapped Migrants in Mexican Border State
200 Ghanaian Soccer Fans Request Asylum in Brazil
Clashes at Donetsk Airport as Military Aims to Blockade City
Obama to Netanyahu: US Willing to Mediate Israel-Hamas Truce
Five Children Among Seven Palestinians Killed in Israeli Air Strike: Ministry
Critics Blast Israel for Strikes on Gaza Houses That Claim Civilian Lives
Gaza Hospitals Ill-Equipped for Israeli Onslaught
Hamas Drifts Into Gaza Fight It Doesn't Know How to Finish
Heavy Gaza Rocket Barrage: Direct Hit on Vehicle in Ashdod
Israeli Condolence Visit to Family of Murdered Palestinian Teen Meets Wall of Distrust
Palestinians Flex Legal Rights; UN Condemns Rockets, Civilian Deaths
Lebanon Exports to Iraq to Decline as Security Deteriorates
US Imposes Sanctions Against Hezbollah-Affiliated Consumer Electronics Company
Kerry Arrives in Afghanistan for Talks on Resolving Disputed Election
UN Proposal Fails to Ease Crisis Over Disputed Afghan Election
Taliban Kill Six De-Miners in Western Afghanistan
Afghan Interpreters Who Served US Are in Limbo as State Department Runs Out of Visas
Taliban 'Fled' Pakistani Offensive 'Before It Began'
Pakistan Army Seizes Most of Key City From Taliban
Pakistani Taliban Group Allegedly Joins ISIS
A Rare Look Inside Pakistan's Militant Haven
Crime Spree Helps Pakistani Taliban Squirrel Away Cash Before Raids Begin
Karachi Airport Attack: Sketch of Mastermind Released
China, US to Boost Security Ties, but No Breakthroughs
China Seeking Israeli Counter-Terror Experts
China, US to Avoid Disorderly, Competitive Currency Depreciation
China Says More Than Half of Foreign Aid Given to Africa
China Dismisses Planned Macau Democracy Vote as Meaningless
Japan Cyber Attacks on Govt Sites Surge, Govt Mulling Steps to Respond
Japan Denies Report on North Korea's Abduction Survivor List
Philippines Says Friendly Fire Killed 6 Soldiers, Not Muslims
Indonesia Deadlock: Court May Decide New President
5 Journalists Jailed 10 Years for Myanmar Stories
North Korea Files Complaint to UN Over Kim Jong-UN Assassination Comedy
US Military
Pentagon Paid Over $8,000 for a $445 Gear, Defense Report Shows
Pentagon: F-35 Fire Likely an Isolated Incident
Bergdahl 'Captivity Photo' Surfaces
Military Brass Backed Bergdahl Prisoner Swap
The War at Home
FBI Monitored Nelson Mandela in 1990s Over Perceived Communist Threat
US Man Gets 15 Years for China-Linked Espionage
Girlfriend Says She Told Accused Boston Bomber's Friend to Dump Backpack
Phil Donahue's Vindication: Media Icon Unloads on Fox, Cheney and What Happened at MSNBC
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Justin Raimondo
Pro-Israel Media Bias: It's As Easy As ABC

Lucy Steigerwald
The Problem With the American Press

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World War I, Rather than World War II, Is Key for Today’s Foreign Policy

Nebojsa Malic
US-Russia Forum Seeks Way Out of New Cold War

David R. Henderson
An Economist’s Case for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

Philip Giraldi
Targeting Iran

Kelley B. Vlahos
Brother Karzai Leaves Election, Joins Another Ticket

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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