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Updated July 13, 2014 - 11:27 PM EDT
Israel Launches Ground Attack on Gaza, 160 Dead
  Horror as Gaza Handicapped Care Facility Bombed
  Gaza Families Bear Brunt of Israel's 'Pinpoint Strikes'
Israel Warns Northern Gaza Residents to Evacuate
  Iron Dome: The Public Relations Weapon
Khamenei Remarks Show Both Sides Maneuver
  Spoiler Alert: Iran Hawks Take Wing Against Nuclear Deal
  Iran Negotiator Warns Tehran Ready to Quit Nuclear Talks
Iraq's Parliament Again Fails to Choose Leaders
  Middle-Class Baghdad Sunnis Say They Prefer Militants to Maliki
  Over 300 Killed Saturday in Iraq Security Ops and Militant Attacks
Merkel Doubts US Will Stop Spying on Germany
  German Suspect Was in Contact With State Dept Not US Spies: Officials
  Emails Contradict NSA Claims on Guardian Laptop Destruction
Russia Threatens Ukraine After Shell Crosses Border, Kills 1
  Ukraine Fog of War Produces Wild Casualty Claims
Docs: NSA Knew of Guardian Laptop Destruction
Emails Shed New Light on UK Link to CIA 'Torture Flights'
Iraq Will Solve Itself When We Leave It Alone  by Justin Pavoni
Thank You, President Obama. Love, Israel  by Chris Ernesto
I Am a Muslim-American Leader, and the NSA Spied on Me  by Nihad Awad
If Only the US Had Stayed Out of WWI  by David Stockman
Russia's Choice, in 1914 and Now  by Nebojsa Malic
Israel's Strategy and America's Mythology  by Ira Chernus

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Jordan Reluctant to Host US-Led Syria Rebel Training
US Navy Maintains Grounding Order for F-35 Fighter Jets
Bill Clinton Told to Avoid Indonesia
Russia Wipes Out Cuban Debt
US and Iraqis Try to Fragment Extremist Group
Germany Says Expulsion of US Spy Chief Was Inevitable
US Offered Berlin 'Five Eyes' Pact. Merkel Was Done With It
US Hints at Displeasure With Germany Over Spying Row
German Spy Scandal: When the CIA Keeps the President in the Dark
Rogers: Germany Throwing 'Political Temper Tantrum'
Civilians Pay a Price for Gains of Ukraine Forces
4 Civilians Killed in Artillery Fire in Ukraine
Donetsk Separatists Say They Shot Down Ukrainian Military Plane; Kyiv Denies Claim
Ukraine: Shells Hit Suburb of Donetsk
Ukrainian Authorities Struggle to Win Favor After Rebel Withdrawal From Slovyansk
EU Imposes Sanctions on More Ukraine Rebels
The War at Home
Civil Rights Organizations Demand Answers From White House on Surveillance of Muslim Leaders
Conservatives Freak Out After Mistaking Soccer Jersey for 'Muslim Prayer Rug' Left at Border
Lawmakers Seek Lower Price for Bill on Vets' Care
Man Sues Feds After They Target Him for Photographing Rainbow Art
US Military
Retirees Unlikely to Face UCMJ Charges for Smoking Legal Pot
IG Issues Scathing Report of Pentagon's MIA Accounting Agencies
The Airborne Panopticon: How Plane-Mounted Cameras Watch Entire Cities
DARPA Tests Bullet-Sized Homing Missiles
Kerry Announces 'Comprehensive Audit' of Disputed Afghanistan Election
Afghanistan Roadside Bomb Kills Eight Members of One Family
Militants Attack Near Pakistan Border, Killing 3 Soldiers
Blast in Karachi's Site Area Injures Three
Security of Pakistan Policemen Increased Amidst 'Militant Threats'
China's Top Paper Says No Place for a 'New Cold War' With US
Chinese Man Charged With Hacking Into US Fighter Jet Plans
Rivals Both Claim Victory in Presidential Election
Philippines Arrests Australian Over Ties to Militant Group ISIS
North Korea Fires Two Ballistic Missiles Into Eastern Waters: Japan
Mandalay's Chinese Muslims Chilled by Riots
Nigeria Police Warn of Suicide Attacks on Capital
Nigeria Police Say Uncover Plot to Bomb Abuja Transport Network
Businessman Linked to Terror Killed on Kenya Coast
Colombia Oil Pipeline Paralyzed by Rebel Attack
Putin Signs Nuclear Energy Deal With Argentina
Disabled Palestinians Unable to Escape Israeli Air Strike on Home
Gaza Civilians Pay Price for Combat Between Israel, Hamas
Naval Commandos Wounded in First Gaza Ground Battle
Report: Israeli's Targeted Haniyeh's Sister in Attack That Killed 6
Israel Launches Deadliest Single Attack, as UN Calls for Gaza Ceasefire
Two Major Palestinian West Bank Cities Hit by Rockets Fired From Gaza
Terror in Gaza: 57 Seconds After 'Warning,' Israel Destroys a House
Israeli Bombing Turns Gaza Into Ghost Town
Reports of Gaza Ceasefire Formula Emerge
Global Gaza Reaction
UN Calls for Israel-Gaza Ceasefire
Arab Foreign Ministers to Meet Monday on Gaza: Diplomat
About 300 Americans to Begin Evacuating Gaza
WHO Appeals for $60 Million to Avoid 'Collapse' of Gaza Health Services
Reporters Without Borders Condemns Israeli Army Attack on RT Office in Palestine
Over 300 Killed Saturday in Iraq Security Ops and Militant Attacks
Iraq's Sunnis Nominate Candidate to Head Parliament
Kurdish Officials Discussed Seizing Oil Fields in June
Once a Ghost Town, Halabja Now Home to Arab Refugees
Gunmen Kill at Least 33, Including 29 Women, in Attack on Baghdad Compound
Iraq Sending 4,000 Volunteers to Help in Ramadi
Iraq Headed for Chaos Unless Politicians Unite, UN Says
Iraqi Forces Repel Assault on Haditha
Iraq's Crisis Won't Be Resolved by Fighting, Sunni Leader Says
Where Is Kurdistan's Gold? Ask Baghdad
Egypt: Sisi Offers to Broker Iraq 'Compromise'
Kurdish Congress Condemns Iranian Interference in Independence Bid
Aleppo Rebels Caught Between Islamic State and Syrian Govt
Dead Canadian Jihadist Used in ISIS Recruitment Video
Fatal Attraction: Foreigners Who Fight in Syria
How the Crisis in Iraq Is Straining Aid Distribution in Syria
Lavrov's Absence Clouds Iran Nuke Talks
Iran Sees 'No Benefit' in Nuclear Weapon: FM
Tribesmen Bomb Yemen's Oil Pipeline, Halt Crude Flows: Officials
Shiite Rebels Say Ready to Evacuate Key Yemeni City
Shi'ite Group Hands Back Army Camp to Yemeni Government
Al-Qaeda Men Kill Yemeni for 'Sorcery'
Middle East
Lebanon on Edge Again After Spate of Bombings
Saudi Arabia Faces Increasing Terror Threats
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, There Were No New GI Death Announcements This Week
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Russia's Choice, in 1914 and Now

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The Problem With the American Press

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World War I, Rather than World War II, Is Key for Today’s Foreign Policy

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An Economist’s Case for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

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Targeting Iran

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Brother Karzai Leaves Election, Joins Another Ticket

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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