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Updated July 14, 2014 - 11:24 PM EDT
Israel Cabinet To Meet on Gaza Ceasefire Proposal
186 Gazans Killed, 1,000 Hurt as Attacks Continue
  Israeli Military Still Waiting for Green Light on Gaza Invasion
  Israeli Jets Destroying Gaza Water and Sewage Systems: Officials
  Former Israeli DM Floats Plan for Gaza Demilitarization
  Israel Orders Gazans to Flee, But Most Have Nowhere to Go
Iraq's Parliament Again Fails to Choose Leaders
  How Saudi Arabia Helped ISIS Take Over the North Iraq
  ISIS Seizes Town North of Baghdad
  Pentagon Assessment: Iraqi Military Can't Be Trusted
Syria's Nusra Front Declares 'Emirate' in Aleppo
  US Fears Syria Islamists Have Ties to Yemen Bomb-Makers
Iran Nuclear Talks Fail, But Extension Seen Likely
  US Message on Enrichment Helped Open Iran Channel
Warns Ukraine Cross-Border Shelling Kills Russian Civilian
Israel's Dissenting Voices Get Lost in War Echo Chamber  by Neve Gordon
The Great Iranian Nuclear Swindle  by Arron Merat
The Ultimate Goal of the NSA Is Total Population Control  by Antony Loewenstein
Rick Perry, Neocon Tool  by Justin Raimondo
Implementing the Master Plan for East Jerusalem  by Amira Hass
Netanyahu Finally Speaks His Mind  by David Horovitz

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Was ISIS Chief Radicalized at a US-Run Prison?
ISIS Defector Speaks of Life Inside Brutal Jihadist Group
Amazon's Huge Cloud Deal With the CIA
Australian Jihadist Supporter 'A Fraud'
Behind German Spy Cases, Twists Worthy of Films
F-35 Investigation Finds No Fleet-Wide Design Flaw
Kurds Clash With Extremists in Northern Syria
Battle Over Syria's Aleppo Nears
Rocket From Syria Hits Israel-Held Golan, No Injuries: Army
Iraq Lawmakers Fail to Form Government as 105 People Killed
Gunmen Kill 29 Prostitutes at Baghdad Brothels
Purported Saddam Deputy Praises Jihadist 'Heroes'
Why Kurdistan Still Doesn't Have Its Oil Money
Iran FM: No 'Benefit' in Building Nuke Program
British Lawmakers Say Iran's Rouhani Should Be Trusted
Yemeni Leader Demands Shi'ite Group Give Up Captured City
Yemen Army Chiefs Sacked After Rebel Advances
Kurdish Challenger Steps Into Turkey's Presidential Race
Heavy Fighting Breaks Out Near Libya's Tripoli Airport, Seven Dead
Egyptians Fear Islamist Militants Gathering on Libyan Border
Eight Killed in Blasts in Egypt's Sinai Region
Egyptians Digest 'Bitter Pill' as Fuel Prices Soar
Cairo Power Pylon Targeted by Bombs: Security
Clashes in Northern Mali Kill at Least 30 Ahead of Peace Talks
France Ends Mali Offensive, Redeploys Troops to Restive Sahel
Boko Haram Claims Nigeria Attacks and Supports Iraqi Militants
In Nigeria, Boko Haram-Style Violence Radiates Southwards
Bomb Kills Seven Algerian Troops: Ministry
Kenya Issues Terror Alert Over Travel to UK Airports
Ethiopia PM Hailemariam Defends Opposition Arrest
Cuba Cracks Down, Arrests 100 Women Dissidents
Thousands of Gaza Civilians Flee After Israeli Warning
Netanyahu Giving No Indication When Gaza Operation Will End
No Support for Ceasefire Seen Among Israel's Leaders or Palestinian Militants
Defying Sirens, Jerusalem's Palestinians Are Rooting for Hamas
Israeli Airstrike Kills 18 Members of Gaza Family
As Darkness Descends, So Does Dread for Families Close to Israeli Targets
In Divided Jerusalem, Rail Line for Arabs and Jews Is Among the Fractures
Following Assaults on Antiwar Protesters in Tel Aviv, Parties on Left Demand Answers
Gaza World Reaction
American Among Volunteer Human Shields at Gaza Hospital
Palestinian-Americans, Dual Citizens Flee Gaza Strip in Droves
Abbas to Ask UN to Put Palestine Under International Protection
Kerry Asks Netanyahu to Avoid Further Escalation in Gaza
On Gaza's Southern Front, Egypt Offers Aid, Not Political Leverage
Clashes in Paris as Thousands March Against Israel Offensive
11 Afghan Security Force Members Killed in Attacks
Afghans to Empower Prime Minister in New Government
An Embrace and a Handshake: How John Kerry Brokered Peace Between Afghan Rivals
Pakistan: Shopping Secrets of the Taliban Revealed
Four Bodies Found in India's Volatile Northeast, Army Deployed
Fighting Flares Near City of Luhansk
Biden Tells Ukraine's Poroshenko US Will Press Russia
Amid New Spy Scandal, Kerry Calls US and Germany 'Great Friends'
David Cameron Pledges £1.1 Billion to Fight Cyber Terrorists
Georgia's Ruling Party Sweeps to Victory in Local Election Runoffs
Spain's Embattled Socialists Set to Elect New Leader
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