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Updated July 15, 2014 - 11:29 PM EDT
89 Killed in Suicide Blast in East Afghanistan
  Afghan Deal Will Include Power-Sharing, Weaken Presidency
194 Gazans, 1 Israeli Killed as Truce Effort Fails
  UN: 80% of Palestinians Killed in Gaza Have Been Civilians
  As World Pushes Gaza Peace, White House Cheers Ongoing War
  Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Stone-Thrower in West Bank
Iraqi Parliament Meets, Names Sunni Speaker
  ISIS Expels Rivals From Key East Syrian City
  Over 200 Killed on Republic Day in Iraq
  12 Bodies Found NE of Baghdad Amid Reports of Rebel Infighting
  North Africa al-Qaeda Spurns ISIS Caliphate
  Turkish Kurds Head to Aleppo to Defend Key City From ISIS
Germany Plans Further Crackdown on US Spying
  Germany Turns to Typewriters to Secure Spying Probe
  Hacking Online Polls, Other Ways UK Spies Seek to Control Internet
  NSA: Snowden E-Mails Exempt From Public Disclosure
  Federal Board Says NSA Data Mining Risks Privacy but Sees No Abuse
Ukraine Airstrike Kills 11 Civilians in Rebel Area
Iran Offers Concessions on Nuclear Deal
The Ex-CIA Asset Trying to Conquer Libya
Biggest US Arms Sale of 2014 Is to Nation With 250K Citizens
US Foreign Policy: War for Money  by Justin Pavoni
Resolving Conflict in Artificial States  by Ivan Eland
When Does the 'Cycle of Violence' Start?  by Aldo Guerrero
The Two-State Solution Is Dead  by Flynt & Hillary Mann Leverett
Time to Scrap the CIA  by Ryan Cooper
Outraged by Espionage  by Philip Giraldi

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Sen. Rand Paul: Rick Perry Is Dead Wrong
Saharan Remains May Be Evidence of First Race War, 13,000 Years Ago
Appeals Court Vacates Two Convictions of Osama Aide
Emerging Nations Plan Their Own World Bank, IMF
Bergdahl to Return to Active Military Duty
Over 200 Killed on Republic Day in Iraq
Pentagon Report Warns of Security Risks for US Advisers in Iraq
Iraqi Slaughter Swells Crowded Shi'ite Cemetery
Echoes of a Strongman in Baghdad Today
Jihadists Execute Four Syrian 'Spies' in Iraq
Iraqi Kurdish Leader in Turkey Amid Independence Moves
Iraq's Refugees Stuck in Jordan Aid Limbo
Hezbollah Suffers Casualties in Fight to Root Out Rebels at Lebanon-Syria Border
UN Security Council Authorizes Cross-Border Aid Access in Syria
UN: Syrian Refugees, Sectarian Tensions Endanger Lebanon
Kerry Holds 'Good, Serious' Talks With Iran FM as Deadline Looms
Iranian Dissident Freed on Health Grounds
Turkish Mayor Says Five Wounded in Attack on His Car After Erdogan Rally
Cypriots File War Crimes Complaint Against Turkey
UN Pulls Staff Out of Libya as Clashes Kill 13, Close Airports
Shelling of Tripoli Airport Destroys 90 Percent of Planes There: Libya Government
African Nations to Help Libya Control Its Borders
Sudan Anger at 'Church-Building Ban'
Sudan's Bashir Says 163 Troops 'Martyred' in Darfur, South Kordofan in Last 5 Months
Scores Killed as Boko Haram Invades Borno Villages
Ethnic Tensions and Warlordism Haunt Afghans Amid Election Dispute
In Taliban Heartland Where US Once Fought, Afghan Forces Triumph – for Now
5th Czech Soldier Dies After Blast in Afghanistan
North Korea Fires 100 Artillery Shells Into Sea
Suspected Militant-Linked Charities Help Pakistanis Displaced by Fighting
Japan Army Uses Female Pop Singer to Attract Recruits
Copter Crash Kills 2 Cambodian Military Generals
Thai Junta's Pledge to Send Back Myanmar Refugees Sparks Concern
Israelis Watch Bombs Drop on Gaza From Front-Row Seats
Human Cost of Israel's Onslaught on Gaza Towns Continues to Rise
Dread Is the Latest Ailment Afflicting Gaza's Sick, Elderly, and Infirm
Israel Says Three Confess to Revenge Slaying of Palestinian
Gaza Children Traumatized by War
Gaza Drone Intercepted by Israeli Military
Tel Aviv Residents Live Normally Amid Rocket Attacks
Lieberman: Ending Gaza Operation Now Will Only Mean More Fighting in Future
Israel's Far-Right Spreads From the Fringes
Gaza Under Siege: Naming the Dead
Israeli Arab MP Ejected for Insulting Police Chief
Gaza World Reaction
NYT Reports 'Deluge' of Complaints About Coverage of Israel-Gaza Fighting
New York Elected Officials Hold Rally for Israel
Rocket Launched From Lebanon Strikes Northern Israel: Army
Britons, Romanians Evacuated From Gaza
Erdogan Accuses Israel of 'Using Terrorism' in Its Operations Against Hamas in Gaza
Ukraine DM: Missing Plane Likely Shot Down by Russia
Ukraine Ends Rebel Blockade of Strategic Airport
Air Strikes Hit Luhansk Targets
Russia Says Has Invited OSCE Monitors to Ukraine Border Crossings
Editor of Russian-Language Newspaper Tortured and Killed in Eastern Ukraine
'Father Was Lying on the Porch With His Arm Blown Off' – Eyewitness to Ukraine's Shelling
BRICS Neutrality on Ukraine a Diplomatic Win for Putin
NATO Estimates Russia Has 10,000-12,000 Troops Near Ukraine Border
UK FM William Hague Steps Down in Surprise Move
ISPs Blindsided by UK Govt's 'Emergency' Data Retention and Investigation Powers Law
GCHQ Data Collection Safeguards Inadequate, Tribunal Told
UK Home Secretary: Data Slurp Law Is Fine, but I Still Need Emergency Powers
Honduras President Blames US Drug Policy for Migrant Surge: Paper
The War at Home
Marines Transfers Whistleblower Who Questioned Top General
Politico Cuts Live Feed as Protester With Handcuffs Tries to Arrest Dick Cheney
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