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Updated July 17, 2014 - 11:25 PM EDT
Israel Begins Gaza Ground Invasion
  Israeli Tanks Shelling Gaza Rehab Hospital: Director
  NYT Soft-Pedals Israel’s Slaughter of Children, Shifts Blame to Victims
  NBC Pulls Veteran Reporter From Gaza After Witnessing Beach Attack
  Hamas Offers 10-Year Truce With Israel
  War or Blockade: Desperate Gazans See Little Reason to Hope for Better
US Says Missile Downed Airliner in East Ukraine
  30 Civilians Killed in East Ukraine Offensive
  Ukraine Military: Hundreds of Slain Rebels Buried in Slovyansk
  East Ukraine Rebels Retake Key Border Village of Marinyvka
Lawmakers Challenge Billions More on Wars
  A Few Thousand Dollars: Price of Life for Civilians Killed in War Zones
  Spreadsheets List Prices Paid for an Afghan Life, a Cow and a Car
Offensive Fails, Iraq Military Retreats From Tikrit
  Weeks of Combat Show Shi'ite Militias Lack Offensive Capabilities
  Iraq Sunnis Play Down Islamic State Role in 'Popular Revolt'
  Pentagon Seeks $500 Million for Syria Rebel Training
  Buildup of Saudi Troops on Iraq Border as ISIS Threat Looms
US Drones, Pakistani Strikes Kill 55 in Waziristan
Western Powers, Iran Agree To Work for Talks Extension
US Taxes Pay for Israeli War Crimes  by Ida Audeh
Does Bowe Bergdahl = 5 Taliban Commanders?  by Jessica Pavoni
NSA Surveillance: What the Govt Can't See  by Sue Halpern
The Rise of ISIS: Iraq and Beyond  by Doug Bandow
Frightening People into Silence  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Israel Runs Up the Score  by Scott McConnell

More Viewpoints

Hagel: 6 Gitmo Detainees Will Be Sent to Uruguay
Swedish Court Upholds Assange Detention Order
Morocco Warns of Terror Plot From Syria, Iraq
UN: Nations Hide Rise in Private Digital Snooping
UN Rights Commissioner: Snowden Shouldn't Be Tried
Russia Said to Be Reopening Havana Listening Post
Another Grand Ayatollah Rejects Maliki; 51 Killed in Iraq
Iraq's PM Welcomes Electing New Parliament Speaker
Fugitive Iraqi Leader Warns Against Third Term for Al Maliki
Why Hezbollah Is Playing a Smaller Role in This Iraqi Conflict
Maliki to Arab Nations: 'Do Not Allow Iraq's Division'
Iraqis Poke Fun at Alleged ISIS 'Passport'
Kurdistan Merchants Worry About Iranian Threat to Close Borders
Legendary Marine Maj. Zembiec, the 'Lion of Fallujah,' Died in the Service of the CIA
Assad Is Sworn in for Third 7-Year Term in Syria
Syria's Assad Says Foreign States Will Pay for Supporting 'Terrorism'
Neglected Tripoli Finds Strength in ISIS Flag
Lebanon Arrests 2 Palestinians for Rocket Fire at Israel
Boko Haram Creeps Further Into Nigerian Life and Politics
Nigeria Seeks to Borrow $1 Billion for Military
Nigeria Parents Deny Playing Politics Over Chibok Girls
Mali Peace Talks Start in Algiers After Prisoner Swap
Egypt Court Jails Seven for Life Over Sexual Assaults
At Least Five Tunisia Soldiers Dead After Militant Attack
Refugee Survey Suggests Higher Death Toll in Central African Republic
UN Monitors Allege 'Conspiracy' to Divert Somali Assets
Four Dead in Burkina Faso Explosives Cache Blast
UN Security Council Threatens Action Against South Sudan
Negotiator Says Hundreds of Hostages Held by Separatists in Eastern Ukraine
Next Stop Russia for Those Fleeing Rebel-Held Donetsk
US Imposes More Sanctions Against Russia
Germany Says Russia Failing to Meet Ukraine Commitments
Court Finds Netherlands Responsible for Srebrenica Deaths
Shootout in Central Athens as Police Arrest Wanted Guerrilla
'Living Death' Under Blockade, Gazans See No Point in Ceasefire
Gaza Militants' Rockets: Fewer, Less Accurate Than Last Hamas-Israel Conflict
Israeli Military on Killing Children: Tragic but Hamas' Fault
Nowhere to Go for Gaza Civilians Urged to Evacuate
Israel Should Negotiate With Hamas, Says Former Mossad Chief
IDF's Gaza Assault Is to Control Palestinian Gas, Avert Israeli Energy Crisis
FM: West Bank Can Be Model for Gaza Reoccupation
Israelis Scrawl the Names of the Gaza Dead on Their City Walls
Senior IDF Source: Rocket Fire Insufferable, Military Can Seize Gaza
ACRI Protests Excessive Force by Police During Jerusalem Riots
Global Gaza Reaction
Israel's Bombardment of Gaza Earns Thumbs Up From New York Politicians
Israel Envoy to US Jews: Hamas Winning War of Public Opinion
Paris Bans Pro-Palestinian Protests Amid Tensions
Hamas Not Seeking to Draw Lebanon Into Gaza War: Official
Afghan Official Says Gunmen Attack Kabul Airport
Bagram Prisoners 'Carry Out Persistent Hunger Strikes'
Afghanistan Might Not Use All Those Planes the Pentagon Is Sending
Afghanistan Revises Down Death Toll From Market Attack to 43
China Moves Vietnam Row Oil Rig
Kashmir Protest Over Deadly Accident Near Srinagar
Cambodian Court Charges, Holds Opposition Lawmakers After Clashes
Indonesia's Jokowi Leads With 80 Percent of Votes Counted: Private Group
The War at Home
Lapses at High-Security CDC Labs Reveal Culture of Negligence
Texas Woman Who Sent Ricin to Obama Gets 18 Years in Prison
Robotic 'Cows' and Drone Vehicles Are Patrolling Jungles With Marines
Report: Manuel Noriega Sues Activision Over Call of Duty
Is That ID Real? TSA Agent Doesn't Recognize DC License
US Names Norwegian 'Specially Designated Global Terrorist'
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