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Updated July 18, 2014 - 11:24 PM EDT
Much Hysteria on Downed Plane, Little Evidence
  At Least 20 Killed, Hundreds Wounded as Ukraine Shells Luhansk
  Russia Sees US Sanctions as 'Revenge' for Failed Ukraine Policy
  Foreigners Join Far-Right Militias in Ukraine's Fight Against Rebels
Israel Vows to Escalate Gaza Offensive: 299 Killed
  Crowd Cheers as Missile Hits Gaza, Then Threatens CNN Reporter
  Israeli Tanks Shelling Gaza Rehab Hospital: Director
  Gaza Invasion Isn't Meant To Oust Hamas: Israeli Army
  Israel Calls Up Another 18,000 Reservists for Gaza Invasion
  NBC Pulls Veteran Reporter From Gaza After Witnessing Beach Attack
US, EU Aid to Syria Flows Through ISIS Regions
  115 Syrian Troops, Guards Killed in ISIS Takeover of Gas Field
  ISIS Seizes Key Syrian Gas Field, Kills 23 in Offensive
  Northeast Syrian Kurdish Region Imposes Military Draft on Locals
  Hezbollah, al-Qaeda Fight Along Syria-Lebanon Border
Iran, US Signal Momentum on Nuclear Pact
  Amid Iran Extension Talks: US and EU Mull New Sanctions
  Covert War Against Iran's Nuclear Scientists: A Widow Remembers
I Spy: Edward Snowden Interviewed in Moscow
It's Not About Fighting Terror, It's About Having Power  by Lucy Steigerwald
How America's Policies Sealed Iraq's Fate  by Dahr Jamail
US Support Is Why We Should Single Out Israel  by Mehdi Hasan
Israel Kills – For the Fun of It  by Justin Raimondo
Israel Terrorizes Palestinians in Gaza  by Adil E. Shamoo
Foreign Aid Clobbers the Third World  by James Bovard

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DoD Officials Defend $60 Billion Wartime Request
Israelis Cheer Gaza Air Strikes (video)
UN Security Council Condemns North Korea Missile Launches
Inspector Probing US 'Cuban Twitter' Plan
Putin Denies Russia Plans to Reopen Spy Base in Cuba
Spying on Everyone
Edward Snowden Urges Professionals to Encrypt Client Communications
Snowden: NSA Employees Are Passing Around Nude Photos
Top American Spy in Germany Has Left Country
Canadian Telecoms Will No Longer Hand Customer Info to Police Without a Warrant
Downing of Jet Could Escalate Ukraine Crisis, Tension Between Russia and West
PM Hints at More Russian Defense Spending After Sanctions
Aiming at Russia's Iconic Arms Firms, US Sanctions Pack a Punch
FAA Warned Airlines to Avoid Crimea Because of Conflict
Seven NATO Countries End Black Sea War Games
UK Apologizes for Scheme That Let Irish Bomb Suspect Go Free
UK Summons Spanish Envoy Over 'Provocative' Gibraltar Naval Activity
Kosovo Lawmakers Struggle for Control of Parliament
US Commander in Afghanistan Sees 'Significant' Risk of al-Qaeda Returning
Afghanistan Begins Audit of Presidential Election
Militants Killed After Audacious Attack on Kabul Airport
Afghanistan Accuses Pakistan of Letting Haqqani Militants Escape Crackdown
Manila's Aquino Says Military Upgrade Not Aimed at Neighbors
Military: Two Germans Abducted by Filipino Extremists
Shootout in Pakistan's Lahore, Northwestern Bus Blast Kill Nine
Hong Kong's Leader Asks China to Allow Democratic Reform
Thai Junta Allows Ex-PM Yingluck Shinawatra to Leave Country
Sri Lanka to Investigate War Crimes; Appoints Foreign Experts
Cambodia Arrests More Opposition Members After Violent Clashes
The War at Home
Attorney Says Bergdahl Grateful to Obama for Freedom
Senate Votes to Extend Terrorism Insurance Program
Gaza Residents Scramble to Make Most of Five-Hour Truce
Hamas: Israel's Ground Offensive 'Foolish'
Israeli Military Hacks Prominent Gaza Websites Ahead of Invasion
IDF Intercepts Another Hamas Drone
Israeli Soccer Teams Barred From Hosting International Games
Israel Declares Slain Arab Teen 'Victim of Terrorism' as It Indicts 3 in His Death
Global Gaza Reaction
Jordan Calls for Security Council Meeting on Gaza
Teen Beaten by Israeli Police Returns Home to Tampa
British Deputy PM: Israel's Gaza Response 'Collective Punishment'
Turkey's FM Says He Has Never Taken Israel's Lieberman Seriously
Baghdad Blast Claimed by Islamic State, Suicide Car Bomb Kill Nine
Iranian Commanders on Front Line of Iraq's Fight
First Australian Suicide Bomber in Iraq Reportedly Kills Three People in Baghdad
ISIS Burns Thousands of Books in Mosul: Tribal Chief
Iraqi Kurds Start Pumping From Seized Oilfield: Official
European Parliament Gives Tacit Nod to Kurdish Independence
Gunmen Attack Yemen Police Camp, Kill Two
Libya Rebels Attack Tripoli's Main Airport
Libya Asks UN Security Council for Help Protecting Oil, Airports
Official Says Female Lawmaker Assassinated in Eastern Stronghold of Islamic Extremists
German Abducted by Suspected Extremists in Nigeria
Nigeria's Goodluck Jonathan Seeks $1bn to Fight Boko Haram
Tunisian Soldiers Killed in Attack Near Algerian Border
Counterterrorism Laws Intensify Somali Food Crisis, Experts Say
Meet the Journalist Who Accuses Mexican Presidents of Links to Drug Cartels
US Removes Terror Designation for Colombia Group
Honduras Wants 'Mini-Marshall Plan' for US Aid on Migrants
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Israel Kills – For the Fun of It

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It's Not About Fighting Terror, It's About Having Power

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Resolving Conflict in Artificial States

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Russia's Choice, in 1914 and Now

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An Economist’s Case for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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