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Updated July 28, 2014 - 10:56 PM EDT
Obama Wants Expanded Powers in Terror War
Children Killed as Israel Hits Hospital, Playground
  Israeli Military Confirms Nine Soldiers Killed Today in Gaza
  Israel Resumes Pounding Gaza: 1,139 Killed
  UN Security Council Calls for Immediate Gaza Ceasefire
  Netanyahu Vows 'Whatever Is Necessary' in Gaza Attacks
  Israel Admits Shelling UN School in Gaza, Claims No One Killed
Israel Focuses Anti-Ceasefire Rage on Kerry
  Gaza Tunnels: Used in War, But Built for Economy
  A Million People Take to the Streets to Protest Gaza Carnage
Pentagon to Help Ukraine Target Rebel Missiles
  US Releases Images Said to Implicate Russia
  Ukraine Offensive Grows Around MH17 Disaster Site
  White House Expects 'Strong' EU Sanctions Against Russia
Jihadists Swarm Syria Army Base, Behead Troops
  Shi'ite Militia Display Jihadist Bodies in Iraq City
  Iraq Edges Towards Collapse Into Rival Statelets
  Bloody Sunday in Iraq: 374 Killed, 78 Wounded
Taliban Regain Territory, Raising Doubts on Afghan Army
Libya Civil War Escalates, Foreigners Flee Country
Secret Report Helps Israelis to Hide Facts  by Patrick Cockburn
Claim That Hamas Killed 3 Teens Is the WMD of Gaza Onslaught  by Adam Horowitz & Phil Weiss
How Rightists Could Win in Ukraine Govt Shake-Up  by Will Freeman
End Torture, Shut Down the CIA!  by Ron Paul
US Media Distorts How Palestinians Are Viewed  by James Zogby
End Entangling Alliances in Asia  by Bruce Fein

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Gaza's Christians Bury Their First Casualty of the War
Norway Lowers Terror Threat
German Army Recruits With a Charm Offensive
'Please Stop!', Pope Francis Makes Plea for Peace
Man Seeks Video of 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing
Troops Move on Crash Site in Ukraine, Foiling Deal
EU, US Seek Putin Achilles' Heel on Ukraine
Study: Arms Embargo Wouldn't Hurt Russia
With No TV, Ukrainian Villagers Watch Fireworks in Night Sky
Russia Says Lavrov, Kerry Agree on Need for Swift Ceasefire in Ukraine
Australian PM's Military Mission to Ukraine Branded 'Nuts' by Officials
Armed Mission to MH-17 Crash Site 'Not Realistic': Dutch PM
Dutch Experts Cancel Ukraine Crash Site Trip
In Strife-Torn Ukraine, Soccer Is More Than Just a Game
Foreigners Urged to Leave Libya Amid Rising Violence
Still Torn by Factional Fighting, Post-Revolt Libya Is Coming Undone
UK Embassy Convoy Hit by Gunfire in Libya, No Injuries: Official
Bomb Attack on Church in Nigeria's Kano Kills Five
'Boko Haram' Abducts Cameroon Politician's Wife
Five Nigerian Police Hurt Foiling Female Suicide Bomber
Nigeria Military Bans Vehicular Movement in Maiduguri for 3 Days
Pakistan: One Killed, Dozen Injured in Quetta Market Blast
China to Hold Military Exercises in Southeast Coastal Areas
Battered and Broke, Vietnam Fishermen Bear Brunt of China Row
Bus Driver Accused in Attack on Nicaraguan Convoy
Aruba Releases Venezuelan Diplomat Sought by US
Middle East
At Least Six Dead in Attacks on Southern Yemen Army Posts
Lebanon: Palestinian Youth Activists Struggle Against Old Guard
'No More Deaths': Thousands of Israelis Protest the Gaza War
These Are the Names of Everyone Killed in Gaza and Israel Since the War Began (Through July 24)
Gaza Will Take Years to Recover From Israeli Attacks, Experts Say
1.2 Million Gazans Suffering From Disrupted Water Supply
Islamic Jihad: No Ceasefire Until Blockade Is Lifted
Hamas Chief: We Cannot Coexist With Occupiers
In Pictures: Gazans Return to Their Flattened Homes During Humanitarian Pause
Documenting Death: The Man Who Counts the Bodies in Gaza
Poll: 86.5% of Israelis Oppose Ceasefire
Gaza Campaign on Pace to Become Deadliest Israeli Conflict in Recent Years
Gaza and the US
Obama Presses Netanyahu: It Is Imperative to Reach Immediate Humanitarian Cease-Fire
Graham: UN Move 'Anti-Semitic'
UN Official Calls Out David Gregory for Using Unconfirmed Israeli Propaganda Video
Global Gaza Reaction
Egypt Army Destroys 13 More Gaza Tunnels
Somalian Jihadist Group Al-Shabab Calls for Attacks on Jewish Targets Worldwide

Second Turkish Gaza Flotilla Will Have Military Escort, Group Says

For a Few Injured Gazans, a Harrowing Lifeline to Jordan
Mumbai on Alert After Bomb Threat to 'Avenge Gaza'
Wake Held for Thai Worker Who Was Killed by Mortar Shell
Bloody Sunday in Iraq: 374 Killed, 78 Wounded
People in Mosul Kill Nine Militants in Retaliation for the Bombing of Prophet's Shrine
Islamic Militants in Iraq Destroy Another Historic Mosque
Abduction of Sunni Displays Gangland Edge of Iraqi Politics
Out of Mosul: How One Family of Iraqi Christians Was Forced to Flee From ISIS
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