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Updated July 31, 2014 - 10:57 PM EDT
Israel and Hamas Agree to 72-Hour Ceasefire
  Israel Cabinet Says Intensify Gaza War: 1,442 Dead
  Israel Calls Up 16,000 More Reservists: 86,000 Since Start of War
  Crowded Gaza Marketplace Pounded by Israeli Strikes, Killing 17
  Israeli General Insists Strike on Gaza Power Plant an Accident
  Israel Defends Attacking Another UN School Full of Refugees in Gaza
US Sending Israel More Weapons to Attack Gaza
  Israel Lobby Galvanizes US Support for Gaza War
US Senators Push Lethal Military Aid to Ukraine
  Some Ukrainian Rebels Vent Frustration With Putin
  Germany Pushes Broad Plan to Settle Russia-Ukraine Dispute
Shi'ite Militias Execute 15 Sunnis North of Baghdad
  Suicide Bomber From US Returned Home Before Syria Attack
  Saddam's Body Moved Over Isis Fears; 149 Killed, 104 Across Iraq
CIA Admits It Spied on Senate Intel Panel
Afghanistan to Cost More Than Marshall Plan: Watchdog
CIA Initially 'Kept Colin Powell in the Dark' About Torture
75 Bodies, Mostly Soldiers, Found After Benghazi Firefight
Israel's Propaganda Machine Is Starting to Misfire  by Patrick Cockburn
Terrorism in the Israeli Attack on Gaza  by Glenn Greenwald
Blaming Russia as 'Flat Fact'  by Robert Parry
Back to Black and Back to the Stone Age  by Dan Sanchez
Back in Iraq?  by Doug Bandow
Parsing the East Asian Powder Keg  by Conn Hallinan

More Viewpoints

Israel Mows the Lawn
by Mouin Rabbani
Jeremy Scahill: White House Hiding What We Can Know About Torture Program
Ex-Blackwater Guard Testifies Against Colleagues on Iraq Killings
Banned Munitions Still in Use, Report Says
Britain Will Not Start WWIII Over Ukraine, David Cameron Says
Witness: More Oklahoma Bombing Videos May Exist
Czechs Oppose Broad Russia Sanctions, See New Iron Curtain
Russia Faces More Sanctions, Warns G7
Russian Officials Deny Violating Treaty
US Looks for Asian Cooperation on Sanctions Against Russia
Russia Bans Polish Fruit and Vegetables in Apparent Retaliation for Sanctions
Russia Says Confused by Obama's Accusations Over Malaysian Jet Crash Probe
Spain: Catalan Leader Insists on Holding Secession Vote
British Bank Shuts Down Accounts of UK Muslim Groups
Saddam's Body Moved Over Isis Fears; 149 Killed, 104 Across Iraq
Iraqi Kurdish Pipeline Stopped; Tanker in Limbo Off Texas
Hezbollah Commander Killed in Iraq: Sources
Gunmen Kill Two Militants at ISIS Checkpoint in Mosul
Tears, and Anger, as Militants Destroy Iraq City's Relics
Iraq Offers Aid to Those Displaced by Militants
UN Condemns Extremist Takeover of Parts of Iraq
In Iraq's Mosul, Resistance to Islamic State Rises From Rubble
Tunnel Explosions Strike Syria's Aleppo
Syria Using Barrel Bombs, Defying UN, Says Rights Group
Armed Men Blow Up Yemen's Oil Pipeline Halting Crude Flows
Army Breaks Up Protests as Yemen Raises Fuel Prices
Yemen's Fuel Prices Nearly Double After Government Ends Subsidies
Iran Frees US-Iranian, Three Journalists Still Held: Source
Benghazi March Protests Militias
France Evacuates French and British Expats From Libya
13 Killed in Mosque Bombings in Nigeria
Boko Haram Kills Eight, Blows Up Bridge in Yobe State
Fourth Female Suicide Bomber Hits Nigeria's Kano, Kills Six
Nigeria Finds 10-Year-Old Girl With Bomb Strapped to Her
Somali Woman Killed for Not Wearing Veil, Relatives Say
Thieves Hit Interpol Offices in South Africa
Death of Photo Journalist Rami Rayan – and Many Others (Graphic Video)
Loss of Shelter and Electricity Worsens a Crisis for Fleeing Gazans
In Gaza, 11 Members of a Palestinian Family Are Killed in a Single Strike
Israel Says Three Soldiers Killed in Gaza Fighting
Palestinian Youth Found Burned to Death in Hebron
Israel's War Puts Employees' Freedom of Speech to the Test
Three Jewish Men Arrested Over Assault of Two Palestinians in East Jerusalem
'Tomorrow There's No School in Gaza, They Don't Have Any Children Left' — Israeli Chant
Gaza and the US
US Has Sold Ammunition to Israel Since Start of Gaza Conflict
10 Israeli Media Attacks on Kerry
US to Israel: 'Limit Civilian Casualties' in Gaza
The Difficulty With David Frum's Apology for Bogus Photo-Fakery Allegations
Global Gaza Fallout
Iran Says Egypt Dragging Its Feet on Allowing Aid to Gaza
UN Chief Condemns 'Shameful' Shelling of School in Gaza
Bolivia Declares Israel a Terrorist State, Will Require Visas for Israeli Visitors
Israel 'Disappointed' by Latin American Envoy Recalls
Xinjiang: Tight Security After Deadly Violence
China Charges Prominent Uyghur Scholar With 'Separatism'
Uighur Congress Disputes Beijing's Account of Xinjiang Clash
US Blacklists North Korea Shipping Firms Over Arms Shipments
Japanese Search US Archives for WWII MIA Info
US Imposes Travel Ban on Venezuelan Officials
Venezuela Opposition Head Aveledo Resigns
Latin America's Militaries Are Making a Frightening Comeback
Guatemalans Bury Victims of 1982 Civil War Massacre
US Military
Air Force Stands by A-10 Retirement
To Stop Cheating, Nuclear Officers Ditch the Grades
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