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Updated August 5, 2014 - 11:04 PM EDT
US General Killed by an Afghan Soldier
Netanyahu Vows 'Prolonged' Gaza Campaign
  Israel Withdraws Ground Troops as Gaza Ceasefire Holds
  Israel Bombs 'Exempt' Refugee Camp During 7-Hour Ceasefire
  If War Ends, What's Next for the Gaza Strip?
US Won't Halt Arms to Israel to Push Ceasefire
  NSA Supplies Gaza Targeting Data to Israel
Report: US to Give Air Support, Arms to Iraq Kurds
  Using Saddam's Tunnels, ISIS Aims at Baghdad From the South
  ISIS Seizes Key Iraqi Energy Infrastructure
  Kurds Mustering to Fend Off Islamic State Advance in Northern Iraq
  Fears of Yazidi Genocide Grow as Over 450 Killed Across Iraq
Lebanese Troops Battle Jihadists Over Key Town
New Leaker Disclosing US Secrets, Feds Conclude
  Inside Obama's Secret Terrorist-Tracking System
  Visit the Wrong Website, and the FBI Could End Up in Your Computer
  Senate Not Happy That the CIA Censored Torture Report
Obama's USAID Programs in Cuba Aimed to Start Rebellion
The Rise of the Petroyuan and the Slow Erosion of Dollar Hegemony  by Flynt & Hillary Mann Leverett
Trapped, Bloodied, and Besieged in the Gaza Strip  by Brian J. Trautman
Israel Still Lets Bombs Fall Where They May  by Jonathan Kuttab
Dismantling the Oath of Office  by Jessica Pavoni
World War One: Tragedy of Tragedies  by Eric Margolis
Washington Still Can't Pick Foreign Clients  by Ted Galen Carpenter

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Retired Officers to Obama: Declassify CIA Report
FBI to Monitor News Outlets, Rate Stories
Judge: 'Apparent' Duty to Release Gitmo Prisoners at Afghan War's End
Spain Detains 14-Year-Old Girl as Jihad Suspect
While Gaza Burns, Conflict Rages Across the Globe
Ukraine Closes in on Rebel Stronghold, Urges Civilians to Flee
Russia to Hold War Games in Show of Strength Near Ukraine
East Ukraine City Dying Under Siege
Ukrainian Soldiers Cross Border Into Russia
Germany Blocks Delivery of Military Parts to Russia
Many Russians Stranded as Tour Firm Labirint Fails
Switzerland Will Not Blindly Follow EU Sanctions Against Russia: Economy Minister
Belarus Says Ready to Supply Ukraine With Oil Products
Death Toll Rises in Azerbaijan-Armenia Conflict
Putin to Mediate Nagorno-Karabakh Crisis This Week: FM
Armenia Sees No Threat of War With Azerbaijan Yet Over Karabakh
British Troops Could Return to Afghanistan, Army Chief Says
Afghanistan Elections: Audit Process Resumes
Karzai Rejects Claim Deputy Was Involved in Vote Fraud
Pentagon Selling – and Scrapping – Equipment in Afghanistan
Bomb Kills Religious Leader and Guards in Northwest Pakistan
Protesters in Sri Lanka Disrupt Meeting on Civil War Missing
US to Press South China Sea Freeze Despite China Rejection
Egypt Army Says 11 Militants Killed in Sinai
Up to 10,000 Egyptians Stranded at Libya-Tunisia Border
Libya's New Parliament Calls for Unity as Rival Militias Clash
Somali Shebab Claim Killing of Senior Police Chief
New Nigeria Videos Show Abuses: Amnesty Report
250 Hostages of Ugandan Rebels Freed in DR Congo
South Sudan Peace Talks Resume in Addis Ababa
UK Summons Ethiopian Diplomat Over Opposition Official's Arrest
Groups: US Political Effort in Cuba Hurts Aid Work
Cuba Abuzz Over News of US Travelers Program
Two Canadians Suspected of Stealing State Secrets in China
Colombia Probes Soldiers' Poisoning in Arauca
The War at Home
USS Cole Attack Suspect Presses US for Secret Records
Military Services Seeking Innovative Ways to Attract Highly Skilled Recruits
Dozens of Innocents Killed in IDF's 'Hannibal' Protocol
Israel Not to Attend Gaza Truce Talks in Cairo
In Fatal Flash, Gaza Psychologist Switches Roles, Turning Into a Trauma Victim
Police: Excavator Driver Attacks Jerusalem Bus, One Killed
Both Sides Prepare for New Gaza War Crimes Probe
British National Reported Killed in Gaza
'We Come in Sadness, We Go in Sadness': Gaza Family Briefly Returns Home
Gazan Patients Hospitalized in East Jerusalem, Looking for Hope and Answers
Hamas Approves Law to Execute Pot Dealers in Gaza
Global Gaza Reaction
Obama Signs Funding Package for Israel's Iron Dome
Greenwald: 'There's a Racist Element' to Media's Gaza Coverage
Spain Freezes Arms Exports to Israel Over Gaza Op
Britain Says Reviewing Arms Exports to Israel Over Gaza Conflict
France: Gaza War May Require 'Imposed' Solution
Google Play Offers 'Bomb Gaza' Game That Lets You Kill Muslim Women and Children
Israeli Leaders Hung in Effigy in Hungarian Town
UN General Assembly to Meet Informally on Gaza War
Yazidi Leaders Claim Thousands Killed in ISIS Takeover
Thousands Flee as Islamic State Pushes Back Kurds
Turkish PKK Militants Urge All Kurds to Fight Islamic State
Sunni Militants Target Iraq's Two Biggest Dams
The Doubt at the Heart of Iraq's Sunni 'Revolution'
Yezidis: Living in the Shadow of the Islamic State
Shi'ites in India Waiting for Call to Volunteer in Iraq
Kurds Ask US Court to Scrap Seizure Order, Allow Crude Delivery
Lebanese Exodus After Syrian Rebels Raid Border Town
Fearing Backlash, Lebanon Army Deploys Heavily Nationwide
Near Syrian Border, US Troops Guard Against Missiles – and Monotony
New Brawl Erupts in Turkey's Parliament
Suspected al-Qaeda Militants Kill Nine Yemeni Soldiers: Local Officials
Yemenis Angry Over Fuel Price Hike Demand Govt Ouster
Yemen Fuel Crisis Ignites Street Riots
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