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Updated August 7, 2014 - 9:45 PM EDT
Obama Authorizes Airstrikes Against ISIS in Iraq
  With ISIS Advancing, Kurds Prepare for Last Stand Outside Capital
  Locals Flee as Islamic State Takes Largest Christian Town
  Iraqi Airstrike Against 'ISIS Court' in Mosul Kills 60
  Westerners Are Flocking to Iraq's Top Terror Group
  938 Killed as Maliki Continues His Push to Remain Leader of Iraq
Hamas Armed Wing Rejects Gaza Truce Extension
  Israeli Demand for Demilitarization Seen by Palestinians as Red Line
  Netanyahu: Would Have Been 'Moral Mistake' Not to Attack Schools
  Before and After: Satellite Photos Reveal Extent of Gaza Destruction
US-Led Airstrike Kills Afghan Civilians
  US General's Death a Blow to Afghan Withdrawal Plan
  Afghan Policeman Fatally Shoots 7 of His Colleagues
  Where Do We Start? Afghan Unity Talks at Early Impasse
18 Ukrainian Troops Killed in Fights With Rebels
  NATO Resumes Warnings Over Russian 'Invasion' as Tensions Soar
US Drone Strike Kills Seven in North Waziristan
Obama Announces African 'Rapid Response Force' Plans
Fighting Erupts as Lebanon Troops Try to Retake Town
Snowden Receives 3-Year Russian Residence Permit
War Against War! and the Necessity of Graphic War Photos  by Lucy Steigerwald
The 3 Big Lies Supporting Israel's War in Gaza  by Damon Linker
An American Return to Peace  by Donald Devine
On Soldiers and Moral Principles  by Justin Pavoni
What if the Children Dying in Gaza Were Jews?  by Robert Bonomo
Spying, Lying, and Torture  by Andrew P. Napolitano

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Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl Questioned Over Capture
The Russian 'Hack of the Century' Doesn't Add Up
Homeland Secur. Contractor Reports Computer Breach
Venezuela Considers Selling US Oil Company Citgo
Them's Fighting Words! The Politics of Place Names
938 Killed as Maliki Continues His Push to Remain Leader of Iraq
Car Bombs Kill 51 in Baghdad Shiite Neighborhoods
Turkmen Town Holds Out Against Islamist Militants
Thousands of Yazidis Flee Homes in Northern Iraq
Kurds Want US to Drop Water to Refugees Trapped by ISIS
Yezidi MP in Iraq: 'We Are Being Slaughtered'
Saddam Hussein's Body Reburied in Secret Location
Women, Children Held Hostage for a Year
Two Italian Aid Workers Kidnapped in Syria
Lebanese Army Surrounds Border Town, Evacuates Refugees
Lebanon Ceasefire Falters; Saudi Arabia Offers $1 Billion to Army
Bomb Goes Off in Lebanon's Tripoli, Kills One
Yemen Army Says 18 Al-Qaeda Militants Killed
'Al-Qaeda Ambush' Kills 5 Yemen Soldiers: Security
Russia Calls for Humanitarian Mission to Ukraine as Poland Sounds a Warning
Canada to Send Military Equipment to Ukraine
Russia to Block US Agricultural Imports
A Third of Germans Fear NATO-Russia War Over Ukraine, Poll Finds
Obama: Egypt Should Release Al-Jazeera Journalists
Egypt Upholds Death Sentence for 12 for Murder of Policeman
'Dozens' Killed in Boko Haram Attack in Nigeria: Locals
Boko Haram-Linked Militants Kill 10 in Northern Cameroon
UN Evacuates Staff, Aid Workers in South Sudan
More Britons Leave Libya as Violence Worsens
Kenya Arrest Suspect From Somalia's Al-Shabab Group
The War at Home
Who's Behind Releasing the US Terrorist List?
US Intel Agencies Worried Snowden's Celebrity Status Inspiring Other Leakers
Justin Amash's Absolutely Amazing Victory Speech
For the Parents of the Fallen, a War That Never Ends
Gaza Reduced to Rubble
Children Pay Heavy Price in Gaza's War
Withdrawal of Israeli Soldiers Reveals the Shell-Strewn Detritus of Humanity
Loss and Destruction Along Gaza's 45km Desolation Road
After Conflict, Gaza Industry Lies in Ashes
How Israeli Attacks Have Decimated Gaza's Schools
Palestinians Finally Bury Their Dead in Gaza's Sands
Month-Long War in Gaza Has Left a Humanitarian and Environmental Crisis
Once a Haven for Daytrippers, Affluent Gaza Town Reduced to Rubble
Israeli Peace Movement Spat at and Marginalized in Climate of War
Benjamin Netanyahu: Deaths in Gaza 'Justified'
Israeli Airlines Seek Financial Aid Following Gaza Op
Global Gaza Reaction
Germany, France, Britain Propose EU Mission to Open Gaza Crossing

Turkey Seeks Air Corridor to Evacuate Wounded Palestinians

Shoppers Use App to Boycott Israel in Grocery Store Aisles
Obama Backs Egypt's Efforts to Extend Israel-Hamas Truce
Liberal Dems Turn on David Cameron Over Government's Stance on Gaza
Killing of US Major General in Afghanistan Revives Worries About Safety of Trainers
Soldier Who Killed US General Spent Three Years in Afghan Army
General's Killer Hid in Bathroom, Used NATO Gun
Obama's Lack of Plan for Electricity in Kandahar Could Aid Taliban, Watchdog Warns
Xinjiang City Bans Islamic Dress on Public Transport
Canadian Couple Detained by China Safe but Closely Watched, Says Son
Philippine Peace Deal in Jeopardy as Muslim Rebels Cry Foul
Outrage Builds in Army's Deadly Abuse of South Korean Soldier
Pakistan Braces for Wave of Protests, Army Secures Capital
Security Forces Arrest Indian Soldier Who Crossed River Into Pakistan
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