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Updated August 10, 2014 - 11:28 PM EDT
Iraqi PM Maliki Deploys Troops to Prevent Coup
Obama Vows 'Long-Term' War in Iraq
  ISIS Welcomes US Intervention and Western Jihadists
  Fighters Ditch Other Groups to Join Islamic State
  CIA Warns: Release of Torture Report Will Spark Mideast Violence
  US Airstrikes Continue; 151 Killed, 60 Wounded Across Iraq
Israel, Palestinians Okay 72-Hour Gaza Ceasefire
  Gaza Mosques Fall to Airstrikes, With No Groundswell of Outrage
  Antiwar Protesters Gather in Tel Aviv, Defying Police Ban
NSA Tried to Delete Court Transcript Over Deleting Evidence
  Leaked Docs Show Spyware Used to Snoop on US Computers
Ukraine Rebel Leader Asks for Aid, Ceasefire
US Drone Strike Kills Suspected Yemen Fighters
US Silently Continues Apache Shipments to Egypt
US 'Humanitarian' Bombing of Iraq: A Redundant Presidential Ritual  by Glenn Greenwald
Covering for the KLA  by Nebojsa Malic
ISIS Brings Its War to Lebanon – and It Could Be Key to Masterplan  by Robert Fisk
Obama's 'Limited' Mission in Iraq  by John Cassidy
The Long Reach of Vietnam War Deceptions  by Todd E. Pierce
The Collapse of America's Great African Experiment  by Nick Turse

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US Urges India to Step Up as Regional Power
Nagasaki Mayor Questions Japan Defense Policy on A-Bomb Day
50 Years On, Fateful Vietnam Vote Resonates
Putin Begins Effort to Defuse Armenia-Azerbaijan Tensions
Obama: Netanyahu Will Compromise Only if Pressured
Hamas Threatens Major Escalation in Rocket Strikes on Israel
Palestinians Reached 'New Understandings' With Egypt in Truce Talks
Israeli Official: We Will Not Negotiate Under Fire
Gaza Carnage
Israel Deliberately Attacking Medical Workers in Gaza, Amnesty Says
Constant War in Gaza Make Donors Wary of Funding Reconstruction
UNRWA: Gaza Blockade Must End to Enable Strip's Reconstruction
Psychotherapists Treat Gaza Children Victimized by Israeli Offensive
Paralyzed Gazan Girl Witnesses War, This Time From Israel
Global Gaza Reaction
Are US Millenials Turning Away From Israel?

Pro-Palestinian Activists March to UN Headquarters

Tens of Thousands of Stop the War Protesters March in London for Gaza
Demonstrators Marched on Israeli Embassy in Dublin to Protest Continuing Violence in Gaza
Aymara Women in Bolivia March for Gaza
Tens of Thousands of Protesters March for Gaza in Cape Town
Gaza Protests Held in Sydney and Melbourne
Venezuela Takes in Injured Palestinian Children, Sends Aid to Gaza
Russia: Apparent US Sub Driven From Barents Sea
Donetsk Rebels Surrounded, Commander Says
Russia's Lavrov Discusses Humanitarian Mission in Ukraine With Kerry
Ukraine Says Stops Russian Troops Invading, Moscow Calls Statement 'Fairy Tale'
US and Germany Threaten Russia With 'Additional Consequences' Over Ukraine
Poland Asks US to Import Apples Banned by Russia
Egypt Court Bans Muslim Brotherhood's Political Wing
Egypt Burns Books It Says Promote Violence, Brotherhood Ideas
Irish Rebel Fighter Elected as Mayor of Tripoli in Libya
Survivors of Boko Haram Attack Stranded on Mountain With No Food
Somali Shebab Say 18 Dead in Attack on Government Troops
Central African Republic Militia Fighters Clash in Bangui as Thousands March for Peace
Mugabe's Wife Poised to Take Role in Zimbabwe's Ruling Party
1,500 Troops Deploy for Sierra Leone Ebola Quarantine
Venezuela to Close Colombia Border at Night to Slow Smuggling
Americans Still Dying
US Two-Star General (NY) Killed in Kabul Insider Shooting
Fort Bragg Green Beret From Lumber Bridge (NC) Dies in Afghanistan
US Airstrikes Continue; 151 Killed, 60 Wounded Across Iraq
Kurds Rescue Yazidis From Iraqi Mountain
Video: This Is What the Airstrike in Iraq Looked Like
Report: Islamic State Militants Tell 300 Yazidi Families: Convert or Die
Iraq Supplies Kurds With Ammunition in Unprecedented Move, US Says
Kurdish Forces Regroup on Frontlines After US Airstrikes
'Wish You Were Here': Western Jihadis Unmask to Lure Others to Fight
Iraq Kurds Say Oil Production Unaffected by Islamic State Incursion
America and Iraq
As Bombs Fall Over Iraq, Old Emotions Rise in US
Rhode Island Congressman Opposes Expanding US Bombings in Iraq
McCain Says Limited US Strikes on Militants in Iraq Are Not Enough
US Drops New Aid to Iraqis Fleeing Militant Surge
Toddler Breaches White House Security, Delay's Obama's Speech on Iraq
Iraq and the World
Turkey Says No Turkish Military Strike Against ISIS
UAE's Emirates Airline Suspends Flights to Iraq's Arbil
David Miliband: The Iraq War and Its Aftermath Contributed to Current Crisis
16 Killed in Aleppo Violence
Women Stoned to Death in Syria for Adultery
Lebanese Villagers Repel Fighters Who Crossed From Syria
Lebanese Army Enters Arsal in Full Force
Hariri Holds Talks With Foreign Envoys
Turkish Elections Could Shift President's Role
Turkish Journalist Critical of Government Arrested
Afghan Rivals Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah Differ on Deal
Afghanistan Entering 'A New Phase': Abdullah
India to Build Cricket Stadium in Kandahar
Protesters Clash With Pakistani Police, Four Dead, 500 Arrested
Police Abducted in Pakistan Clashes
Tribesmen Refuse to Leave North Waziristan Town
Pakistan Says Taliban Command System 'Crippled'
4 Killed in Militants Attack From Afghanistan in Upper Dir
Philippines Renews Arbitration Push in South China Seas Dispute
US Call for South China Sea 'Freeze' Gets Cool Response From China
Rare Diary Gives Details of Life Under Khmer Rouge
American Military
Spouses of the Fallen Face System That Traps Them in Grief, Taxes
Informant Debate Renewed as Air Force Revisits Cadet Misconduct
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An Economistís Case for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

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