Ö but you can act to stop it now!

Itís amazingly depressing that one has to even make arguments against the US going back into Iraq. After many years of pointless bloodshed and folly, you would think our leaders have learned something.

But no. The idea that we can police the world didnít die Ė it merely rested before reasserting itself yet again in the words of a President who campaigned against what he called a "dumb war."

The same people who lied us into war in Iraq are now joined by many of their former critics for a second go at it: both parties in Washington are now united for intervention.

The air is thick with lies and half-truths, but donít let it get you down Ė because thereís to provide clarity and truth.

However, our existence isnít guaranteed.

We depend on you Ė our readers Ė to give us the support we need to continue telling the truth to the American people. We donít have millionaire oligarchs and foreign governments to fill our coffers with gold Ė we just have you.

At this crucial moment, we are cutting through the miasma of misinformation and making the case for peace. But we urgently need your help right now.

We canít let the War Party drag us back into Iraq. Please make your tax-deductible donation to

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Updated August 12, 2014 - 11:29 PM EDT
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