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  • When the neocons claimed they building Iraqi "democracy," we said they were inviting chaos – and will deny the accuracy of our prediction?
  • When NATO pushed eastward we warned of a new cold war was in the making. Hardly anyone else saw it – but we did.
  • When we said Israel was turning into apartheid South Africa, Israel’s amen corner went ballistic – but we were right about that, too.

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Updated August 14, 2014 - 11:28 PM EDT
Escalation: US Troops Headed Back to Fallujah
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  Yazidis Weren't Stranded, Pentagon Looks for Other Missions
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  Bombs and Airstrikes Kill Civilians in Iraq; 241 Killed, 74 Wounded
Highway Patrol to Take Over Security in Ferguson
  Tanks, Tear Gas: Police Crack Down in Missouri
  Pentagon Gave Ferguson Police Dept. Military-Grade Weapons
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Syria Rebel Commander Collaborated With Israel
  ISIS Seizes 2 More Towns on Syria-Turkey Border
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Ukraine Sets New Conditions for Aid Convoy
  UN: Nearly 1,000 Killed in East Ukraine in Past Two Weeks
Ed Snowden: The Most Wanted Man in the World
  Snowden: I Left the NSA Clues, but They Couldn't Find Them
  Monstermind: NSA Bot That Could Wage Cyberwar Autonomously
After Brief Flareup, Gaza Truce Extended 5 Days
Netanyahu Indicates Israel Won't Cooperate With UN Probe
US Hires Contractor Under Fraud Probe for Gitmo 'Support'
The American Response to ISIS: They're Patterns, Not Coincidences  by Ted Snider
Going Wild in the Gaza War  by Sandy Tolan & Tom Engelhardt
How World War I Led to Modern Propaganda and Surveillance  by John Maxwell Hamilton
Same Old GOP  by Philip Giraldi
Blowback in Iraq: How US Proxy Wars Led to the Rise of ISIS  by Joshua Cook
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Bombs and Airstrikes Kill Civilians in Iraq; 241 Killed, 74 Wounded
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US Has Nearly 1,000 Ground Troops in Iraq
Iran's Supreme Leader Throws Weight Behind New Iraq PM
A Letter From Sistani Turned the Tide Against Iraq's Leader
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British Forces on Their Way to Protect Refugees – but Officials Rule Out Military Action
Yazidi Survivors of Iraq Mountain Ordeal Demand More Aid
Czechs Looking at Ways to Supply Arms to Iraqi Kurds - Foreign Minister
France Plans Arms Shipments to Kurdish Forces in Iraq
Militants Heading to Iraq
900 French Jihadi in Iraq and Syria, En Route
Yemeni Qaeda Leader Hails Islamic State's Gains in Iraq
Woman Cleared of Smuggling Money for Syria in Underwear, but Faces 14 Years in Prison
State Asks High Court to Not Declare Operation Protective Edge a War
Israeli Tactic to Stop Soldiers' Capture Criticized After Its Use Kills Some 100 Palestinians
Italian Journalist Among Five Dead in Gaza Bomb-Disposal Accident
57 Palestinians Arrested in Jerusalem for Rioting
Palestinians Mull Egyptian Proposal for Gaza Truce
Lieberman: Israel Must Defeat Hamas, Even if It Means Escalation
Signs of Fascism in Israel Reached New Peak During Gaza Op, Says Renowned Scholar
Global Gaza Reaction
Palestinian Invitation to NY Governor Is Declined
Hillary Clinton Twists Herself in Knots to Avoid Blaming Israel for UN Bombing
Turkey Evacuates 18 More Wounded Palestinians
Middle East
Militants Kills Nine in Southern Yemen, 15 Die in Northern Clashes
Jordan to Activate Defense Ministry
Iran's Supreme Leader Says Interaction With US Limited to Nuclear Talks
Canada Wants to Scientifically Prove It Owns the North Pole
Brazil Presidential Candidate Campos Dies in Air Crash
Colombian Journalist Killed After Security Pulled
Has Prison Sentence Given Venezuela Opposition Leader López a Leg Up?
The War at Home
Civil War-Era Cannonballs Detonated in NY Quarry
Improperly Supervised DEA Informant Killed New Mexico Man, Lawsuit Claims
The Heroic Whistleblower
Clapper's Comments Pushed Me to Revelations, Says Snowden
Edward Snowden: 'I'd Volunteer for Prison' to Return to US
6 Things We Learned From Wired's Huge New Interview With Edward Snowden
Military Crackdown in Missouri
Police Dispense Tear Gas at Demonstrators on West Florissant Avenue
Police in Ferguson Fire Tear Gas on Protesters Standing in Their Own Backyard
Washington Post Reporter Wesley Lowery Arrested in Ferguson
Police Accused of Unnecessary Force as Third Night of Ferguson Protests End With Tear Gas
Police Shoot Another Man in Missouri Amid Protests Over Teen's Killing
Anonymous Posts St. Louis Police Dispatch Tapes From Day of Ferguson Shooting
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Pakistan Calls Modi's Remarks on Terrorism 'Unfortunate'
US Marine Deployment Raises Brows in China
Japan 'Strongly Protests' Russian Exercises on Disputed Isles
India Talks to Buy French Fighter Jets Still On: Minister
Egypt Junta: HRW Violated Our Sovereignty by Criticizing Massacres
One Child Killed and Two Wounded in Sinai Rocket Attack
Mubarak: I Would Never Order the Killing of Protesters
Libya Parliament Votes for Foreign Intervention
At Least Five Killed by Rocket Fire in Libyan Capital: Official
Libya's Parliament Challenges Militias, Seeks UN Aid
Military Wives Block Husbands' Deployment Against Boko Haram
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