From Ferguson to Fallujah

So you thought American militarism was a problem only foreign peoples had to deal with?

Americans are appalled by the invasion and military occupation of Ferguson, Missouri – but, guess what? This is something the peoples of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Donetsk have had to live with every day.

And now America’s war on the world has come home.

As images of tanks rolling down American streets and "police" armored up like soldiers point their guns at peaceful demonstrators flash across our television screens and social media, the stark reality of American militarism is right in our faces. All those MRAPs and that body armor came directly from America’s wars abroad – straight into the streets of a small American town, to be used against rebellious dark-skinned people.

We’ve been chronicling the militarization of US "law" enforcement for years – and warning of the domestic consequences of a foreign policy of unrestrained violence generated by imperial arrogance. Our regular readers aren’t surprised that Washington’s endless "war on terrorism" is now erupting on the streets of American cities.

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Updated August 15, 2014 - 11:21 PM EDT
Escalation: US Troops Headed Back to Fallujah
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