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Because the "mainstream" media won’t

And the truth is that Gaza is an open air prison turned into a shooting gallery: Israeli air strikes are killing primarily civilians. Israeli snipers are targeting civilians. And the Israeli political class no longer believes in the very concept of civilians, as prominent political figures call for all-out war against the Palestinian people. Hospitals, UN schools, basic infrastructure like water and electrical facilities – all are being deliberately targeted. Yes, even kids playing on a beach.

These war crimes are being committed while the whole world watches – except, of course, for the Western media, which "spins" each and every atrocity as Israeli "self-defense."

Yet Americans and people across the civilized world are waking up, thanks to the Internet – and is playing a key role in that awakening. As our media and elected officials continue to shill for the rampaging Israelis, our coverage of the horrific reality is making a real difference. But we can’t continue to make that difference without your financial support.

That’s why it’s vitally important for us to make our fundraising goal this time around. Your tax-deductible donation means that we can bring the truth about Gaza – and the plight of the Palestinian people – to the country and the world. Please – make your donation today.

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Updated August 19, 2014 - 11:28 PM EDT
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