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Updated August 22, 2014 - 11:29 PM EDT
US Preparing to Expand Iraq War Into Syria
  73 Killed in Shi'ite Militia Attack on Sunni Mosque in Iraq
  Hagel: ISIS an Imminent Threat to Every Interest We Have
  Many in Congress Wary of Escalating Iraq War
  ISIS Killings Raise Fears of Yazidi Backlash Against Arabs
  Escalating Iraq War Is Increasingly Kurd-Centric
Ukraine Cries 'Invasion' Over Russian Aid Trucks
  Kiev in U-Turn Over Claim of Russian Troops in Eastern Ukraine
Syria Kills Scores of ISIS Fighting Over Air Base
  Rash of New Abductions of Foreigners in Syria
US: Israel Targeting Relatives of Murdered Teen
  Many Reasons to Doubt Hamas Vet's Claims on Kidnapping
  Hamas Executes 18 Alleged Collaborators in Gaza
  Israel Kills Three Hamas Leaders in Latest Gaza Airstrikes
  Israel Mobilizes 10,000 More Reservists for Gaza War
US Rejects Protesters' Call for Pakistan PM to Quit
  Pakistan Protest Leader Ends Talks With Government
The 'Unbelievable' Way US Misinterpreted Iran's Remarks
US Watchdog: Pentagon Broke Law in Bergdahl Transfer
Top General Is Named Thai PM, Sealing Military's Rule
I Trolled My Congressman On Twitter  by Justin Raimondo
Intervention? More Like Ceaseless Escalation  by Elliott Colla
Israel's Supporters: Where Do You Draw the Line?  by Fred Branfman
The American War Zone  by Jeffrey Tucker
Mission Creep in Iraq  by Sheldon Richman
Israel's Information Ops  by Philip Giraldi

More Viewpoints

Yemen on High Alert as Rebels Push to Overthrow Government
NSA and GCHQ Agents 'Leak Tor Bugs' Alleges Developer
Foley Captors' Ransom Demand Revives Debate Over US No-Pay Policy
UN Rights Chief Navi Pillay Rebukes Security Council
Across Iraq 68 Killed in Clashes, Airstrikes
'Terrorists' Help US in Battle Against ISIS in Iraq
Interpol Urges World Response to Iraq Extremists
Kurdish Oil Tanker in Limbo, Pending Erbil-Baghdad Agreement
Private Buyers Snapping Up US Weapons in Kurdistan
Syria War Toll Over 180,000: NGO
Syria Opposition: Deadly Chemical Attack Forgotten
World ISIS Reaction
Details Emerge About Ransom, Failed Rescue of Journalist Foley
LiveLeak Bans Future ISIS Beheading Videos
More British Muslims Fight for Islamic State Than Britain
James Foley Beheading: Hunt on for 'British' Jihadist
British Muslims Blame Jihadi Subculture After Beheading Video
ISIS a Danger to All Regional States, Says Tunisia
Indonesia President Says Islamic State 'Embarrassing' Muslims
Ferguson, Missouri
St. Louis Police Release Video, Calls From City Shooting
Governor Orders Withdrawal of National Guard From Ferguson
Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill to Head Militarization Hearing
NYPD Cops Appear to Beat Man During Solidarity Protest for Michael Brown
Ferguson Solidarity Protests Spread to Dozens of Cities Nationwide
The War at Home
Self-Styled Jihadist Admits to Killing 4, Calls It 'Vengeance' for US Actions in Mideast
Lockheed, Suppliers Brainstorm How to Lower F-35 Operating Costs
Boston Bomber 'Friend' Dias Kadyrbayev Pleads Guilty
Boko Haram Takes Over Another Nigeria Town
Nigeria Militants Seize Police Academy
Darfur Unrest: Sudanese Groups in Deadly Clashes
Children Used as Child Soldiers in South Sudan
Tunisia, Cairo Airport Cancel Libya Flights Over Security Fears
Ebola Crisis: Liberia Police Fire at Monrovia Protests
South Africa: Interpol Building 'Raided Five Times'
Somali Journalists Face Trial as Government Denies Torture
Egypt: Appeal Filed Over Jailed Al Jazeera Staff
Attacks Against Aid Workers in Central African Republic at Record High: UN
Argentina Debt Plan Ruled 'Illegal' in US Court
Charges Dropped Against Venezuelan Protesters
Mexico Increases Number of Missing to 22,322
Police Tear Gas, Water Cannons at Chilean Protest
Businesses, Policy Makers Worry Israel Faces War of Attrition
Netanyahu Slams Ministers Criticizing His Handling of Hamas War
Ya'alon: Israel Will Continue to Strike Hamas Leaders at Any Time and Place
IAF Kills Senior Islamic Jihad Commander
War Delays Start of Israeli Soccer Season
Devastated Gaza
Hope Fades in Gaza as Conditions Worsen
Gaza Experiencing Severe Water Shortage
The Unprotected: A Gaza Family Destroyed by Israeli Bombs
Militants, Weapons Transit Gaza Tunnels Despite Egyptian Crackdown
Global Gaza Reaction
Hold Up of US Missile Shipment to Israel Reportedly Resolved
Some US Colleges Calling Students Back From Israel
European Nations Discuss UN Gaza Truce Resolution
Israel-Based NGO Asks US to Extradite Top Hamas Leader
Egypt's Air Sinai Halts Tel Aviv Flights Over Security Fears
Turkey Intelligence Chief Assures Ocalan That Peace Process Will Continue
Davutoglu: Controversial Architect of Turkey's Foreign Policy
Gunmen Shot Dead 3 Policemen in South Yemen
Afghanistan Elections: Nervous Citizens Fear Return to Violence Amid Ballot Deadlock
Afghanistan Defends Expulsion of a Times Reporter
NATO Soldier Stabbed, Killed in Afghanistan
Pakistan Protesters Face Possible Crackdown on Anti-Government Rallies
Pakistan Parliament Rejects Calls for PM to Quit
Pakistan Seeks Evidence of Afghan's Terrorism Allegation
Who Is US to Declare Nawaz a Democratic PM: Imran Khan
Thailand's Junta Upbeat on Economy, but Not Out of Woods Yet
Ukraine: Some Russian Aid Trucks Clearing Customs
Gazprom Says Ukraine's Unpaid Gas Bill Tops $5 Billion
Ukraine's Poroshenko Talks Tough Ahead of Meetings With Merkel, Putin
Kremlin Swings at a US Icon – but Hits a Russian Business
Russian Sanctions: French Pate Returned to Finland
Hunt for German Neo-Nazis Was 'Complete Disaster'
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There's No Proportionality in American Law and Order

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Blowback from More Intervention in Iraq

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Covering for the KLA

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Yet Another War of Deceit

David R. Henderson
An Economist’s Case for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

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