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Updated August 28, 2014 - 11:08 PM EDT
Obama: No Strategy Yet for Iraq-Syria War
  Syria: Another Stop on Endless Mission Creep
  In Expanding War to Syria, US Could Attack Assad Too
  Syrian Rebels Seize Israel Border Crossing
  West Struggles to Contain the Draw of ISIS
  Military Skill and Terrorist Technique Fuel Success of ISIS
Truce Holds, Netanyahu and Hamas Claim Victory
  Why Israel's Assault on Gaza Neighborhood Left US Officers 'Stunned'
  Gaza Residents Say Israeli Soldiers Used Them as Human Shields
Ukraine Reports Russian Troops, Little Evidence
  East Ukraine War Escalates: Rebels Seize Key Port
  NATO Vows 'More Visible Presence' in Eastern Europe
Abdullah Withdraws From Afghan Vote Process
Iran Complying With Deal, IAEA Still Not Satisfied
Advocating the Next War Means Forgetting History  by Lucy Steigerwald
The Reclamation of Torture  by Joseph Margulies
Israel's Decades-Long Effort to Turn the Word 'Terrorism' Into an Ideological Weapon  by Rémi Brulin
ISIS, the Neocons, and Obama's Choices  by Scott McConnell
Obama's No-Win War on ISIS  by Shamus Cooke
Fearing Political Islam: Why Arabs Betrayed Gaza  by Ramzy Baroud

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The Executive Order That Led to Mass Spying, as Told by NSA Alumni
For Kentucky Town That Gave Much, New Worries Over Iraq
US Moves Prisoners From Afghan Prison to Pakistan, Yemen
Factory and Lab: Israel's War Business
Skirmishes Put Feeling of Wartime on India-Pak Border
Inspector General Censures Senior FBI Official for Remarks About Disabled Vet
US Facing Intelligence Challenge in Syria
Lebanese Army Shells Militant Positions in Syria Border Zone
Syria's Assad Appoints a New Cabinet
CBS Releases Outtakes From Ex-Hostage Interview It Held Back
Executions a 'Common Spectacle' in Jihadist-Held Syria: UN
Most Victims of Syrian Cluster Bombs Are Civilian: Campaign Group
168 Killed Across Iraq as US and Militiamen Focus on Rescuing Turkmen in Amerli
Video: Islamic State Fighters Appear to Fire Us-Made M198 Howitzer Artillery
Iraq Forces Ready Bid to Break Jihadist Siege of Shi'ite Town
Baghdad Operations Denies the Crash of an Israeli Reconnaissance Plane
Iraq's Maliki Criticizes US Vice President Over Federalism in Iraq
Iraq Conflict: US 'Plans Aid Drop to Iraqi Turkmen'
13 Militants Killed in Accidental Explosion in Iraq
Iraqi Victims Tried to Flee Blackwater, US Says as Case Goes to Jury
Czech Government Approves Supply of Ammunition to Kurdish Forces
Global ISIS Reaction
Sen. McConnell: Congress Will Back Obama on ISIS
Australian PM Leaves Door Open for Role in US-Led Iraq Strikes
US Poised to Ask Britain to Join Airstrikes in Iraq
Obama, NATO to Huddle on Response to ISIS
Berlin Won't Join Any Military Action in Syria: Foreign Ministry
Germany to Decide on Military Aid for Iraq on Sunday: Minister
The Draw of ISIS
US on Alert Amid Claim of New American Killed Fighting for Extremists in Syria
Why Are So Many Britons Fighting for ISIS?
UK Terror Laws Leave Imams Afraid to Tackle ISIS
15 Australian Fighters Killed in Iraq, Syria: Spy Chief
Australia Puts Counter-Terrorism Units in Airports
UN Investigators Fear for Children in ISIS Training Camps
Libya Warns United Nations of Possible Slide Into Civil War
Libya's Oil Recovery May Be Short-Lived as Country Risks Falling Apart
Cameroon Says Kills 27 Boko Haram Militants in Border Clashes
South Sudan Rebels Deny Shooting UN Helicopter
UN Asks Sahel Countries to Set Up Border Patrols
Egyptian Soldiers Kill Palestinian Man Entering Via Tunnel From Gaza
US Military
F-15 Military Jet Crashes in Virginia
Army Knocks 2-Star Down to 1-Star Rank
Tulsa's Army National Guard Base Accidentally Covered in Foam
Israeli Source: US Will Back Israel in Security Council
Charity Steps Up Gaza Food Aid After Egypt Opens Rafah Crossing
FM Lieberman Slams Gaza Truce: No Accord With Hamas
The Children Killed in Gaza During 50 Days of Conflict
As Truce Holds, Dazed Gazans Get to Work
Gaza War Was a Trial by Fire for Palestinian Unity
Gaza Fighting Is Over, but Many Business Sectors See Damage Stretching Into 2015
Qatar Says Ready to Rebuild War-Battered Gaza
Deadline Passed, No Sign of Breakthrough in Iran Nuclear Probe
Iran Says Purported Israeli Drone Came From North
Iran Redesigning Reactor as Part of Deal
Yemen's President Warns Rebels Over Show of Force
Three Qaeda Suspects Die in Clash With Yemen Troops
Houthi Leader Vows to Continue Anti-Govt Protests in Yemen
Middle East
Saudi Arabia Jails 23 More Men for Militancy in Security Crackdown
Turkey's Incoming Prime Minister Says Country Needs New Constitution
Captive Russian Paratroopers Say They Didn't Realize They Were in Ukraine
Ukraine Expects 'Practical Help' From NATO: PM Yatseniuk
Volunteer Battalion Leader Says Ukraine Soldiers See 'Betrayal' in Military Strategy
Ukraine Warns Europe of Russian Gas Cut-Off, Moscow Denies
Swiss Outline New Measures to Stop Bypassing of Sanctions on Russia
Luhansk Firm Moves Factory to Russia
Sanctions Headache for Foreign Executives at Russian Firms
Abdullah's Withdrawal Deals 'Heavy Blow' to Afghan Election Audit
Afghan Vote Audit Restarts Without Candidates' Observers
Afghan Forces Battle for Control of Symbolic Kunduz Province
Pakistan's Prime Minister Resolved to Ride Out Protests Crisis
Imran Says No More Talks Till Pakistan PM Quits Office
Canadian Cleric Declares Tomorrow Pakistan's 'Day of Revolution'
China Says Wants to Mend Ties With Vietnam
Japan PM Shinzo Abe Marks War Criminal Ceremony
Thai Premier Tells Foreign Investors: 'We Are Not Dictators'
Ecuador Police Jailed for Correa Assassination Attempt
Relatives Criticize Mexico's New Number on Missing
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Advocating the Next War Means Forgetting History

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Empire's Murderous Fruits

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Yet Another War of Deceit

David R. Henderson
An Economist’s Case for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

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